Boho & The Bear

By special request I have added here more information about my now infamous Auntie Maureen, here is some pictoral evidence of her Bo Ho'ism.

As you can see she leads a very hectic, dog eat dog kind of life, seriously in the fast lane, she probably suffers an un-natural amount of work related stress, I am absolutely certain that she is never sperated from her "Blackberry" or "Lap Top"
Many of you have sent me e-mails, wanting to know more about her. So here are some answers to your questions.... No I can't tell you where this heavenly venue is (It's top secret), no they didn't film Mamma Mia here, this is Spain not Greece, No she didn't do a "Shirley Valentine" she's lived here since the sixties, yes you can buy her work off her web-site I think but I'll check it out and get back to you on that, yes she does do exhibitions here in the UK and I promise I'll tell you when and where as and when, No I couldn't possibly tell you her age, but probably older than you think (It's the difficult life style she endures).
More about the bear another time...


Anonymous said…
What a life!!! They're just so happy all the time, how wonderful would that be?

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