Fresh Vibrant English Botanicals for Cliff & Dani's Gin Infused Wedding Day at St James' Church Whitechapel & Leighton Hall

Epic Posting Alert!!! So be warned this posting is of epic proportions, one of those posts where I've struggled to edit down the images, so much so, I had to ask Jason to help me, he's far more brutal that I am, but he too struggled to 'trash' any of the images, and so dear reader, I leave you with a mammoth post, to wade through, to lose yourself in, to almost smell the flowers therein, ergo, take your time, don't embark on this post unless you have time to enjoy it properly....

Here's the thing, these two are now our friends (as is our way, I do love people you see), we love their taste, particularly in flowers and Gin!! They are the very best of people, who are madly in love and they know exactly what they are all about which was so clearly expressed in their plans for an amazing day!! Cliff is very exacting, he likes things to be done properly and he loves attention to detail, Dani too is a details kinda girl she's also a big flower lover (always a bonus), which is where my problems in editing these pics came a cropper, I didn't want to miss out any of those details we had all worked hard on creating, it'd all been considered you see, nothing left to chance, all i's dotted all t's crossed just how Cliff likes it!!!xxx
We loved their venue choices, St James at Whitechapel is a lovely Church we've decorated it before and received a super warm welcome from the ace Vicar and Vergers so we were looking forward to going back. 
The wedding Reception venue Leighton Hall set in the breathtaking countryside of Carnforth, it is quite simply sublime and we absolutely adore working with Suzie & Lucy and their fabulous team, the house is majestic, the gardens stunning and the atmosphere blissful, you really can't imagine a more perfect wedding venue...
Cliff & Danni's Mood Board was a work of art, it included everything we needed to gain a thorough understanding of their hopes and dreams for a wonderful wedding day, we were of course inspired and couldn't wait to invite this dynamic duo back to see a set of sample designs

We'd created a full set of sample bridal designs for Cliff & Danni to see, for them to 'Try out'

We made Danni a Wedding Bouquet and Cliff a Boutonniere
We made them a super tall FD Flower Bomb in a relaxed and country style
'Floral Gin' Cocktails to sit inside the base of the tall column vase
A low table design featuring some heavenly English Country Garden and Meadow flowers
Our Palette of fresh flowers included a collection of 'English Gin Botanicals'  we used Juniper, Angelica, Hibiscus, Oris, Roses, Dill, Rosemary, Lavender, Oregano, Pink Peppercorns, Aloe Vera, Roses, Bay, Nigella and tons more...

The evening before Jason & I headed up to Leighton Hall with a van loaded up with floral magnificence

We took advantage of the empty tables and the coolness of the evening to dress the tables, taking our time to place our designs perfectly
Bright and early on the wedding morning, Chloe and I were ready early with an FD box filled to bursting with the fresh fragrant Bridal Bouquet
Alway's a good way to start a wedding day a great big massive hug from our gorgeous Bride the lovely Danni
We unveiled the bouquets to reveal a plethora of vibrant country gathered bridal bouquets

I handed over the bouquet, rather like handing over my first born (sorry Rebecca)
Just love that moment, when our Bride's really look into their flowers, seeing all of the details, locking the memory in...

It was great to be working with the lovely photographer David Millington again and he was busy capturing all of the magic xx
I introduced our beautiful Bride to all of the special flowers in her wedding bouquet, Oncidium Orchids, Garden Roses, Peonies, Scabious, Chamomile, Brodea, Juniper, Monbretia, Sweet Peas, Scabious, Dill, Blushing Bride, Angelica, Oris, Freesia, Love in the Mist, Coriander, Craspedia, Pink pepper corns and oh so much more...

I showed our Bride and her Bridesmaid's how to carry their colourful bouquets perfectly

Chloe and I headed off to St James' Church in Whitechapel to dress the ceremony space and to meet up with Cliff and his Groom's Men to pin on their boutonnieres
The vibrant boutonnieres were all lined up ready to be pinned on, ensuring perfect positioning
Each boutonniere was quite different but created in the same spirit of wild vibrant flowers and herbs
Cliff's rather special Groom's Boutonniere included fresh Veronica, Bumblebee Orchids, Rose Buds, Cornflowers, Love in the Mist, Astrantia, Brodea, Oregano, Mint, Rolled Rose Petals and Panicum

We used fresh Grasses and herbs to reflect the meadow and hedgerows around Whitechapel

The ladies corsages were designed to reflect the overall look of the wedding and to compliment their outfits

We do love detail and our wired corsage work really reflect this, they are perfectly balanced and sit lightly on jackets and tops alike

We'd framed the entrance to Church with two of our fragrant Bay Trees

All ready for after the ceremony two big baskets of fresh fragrant Rose Petals
Inside this lovely Church the scene was set for the wedding ceremony
Fresh Pew end posies dressed each alternate pew

Cascading Pedestal designs framed the ceremony space beautifully

Fresh Garden flowers filled huge tall garden urns and framed the marriage ceremony space

Wild posies of fresh herbs and meadow flowers decorated the windowsills in Church
We'd included fresh Dahlias, Craspedia, Roses and Lilac Freesia in the pew end posies

Cliff, Dani's super handsome Bride Groom was the first to have his Boutonniere pinned to his lapel

The pale blue Hydrangea 'You & Me Together' matched the Bride Groom's bow tie beautifully

We Pinned on all of the boys Boutonnieres
Completely adorable!!

The Groom's super glamorous Mum Debbie, her corsage matched her aubergine and oyster ensemble perfectly

Here come the girls...
The sensational Bride's Mum Joy, her sage green and ivory corsage complimented her green outfit beautifully

The gorgeous Bridesmaids were wearing a lavender/Wedgewood blue shaded gown from the great folks at Amelias Bridal Boutique
Their bouquets were all unique but gathered from the same palette of fresh English Botanicals

The Bridesmaids were all wearing fresh flowers in their hair to match their bouquets

Our beautiful Bride was next to arrive with her super proud Dad John

Dani looked absolutely breathtakingly beautiful her gorgeous gown was from Amelias Bridal Boutique

Huge & Ginormous Congratulations to Dani & Cliff from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

Chloe and I hot footed it over to the magnificent wedding reception venue of Leighton Hall

Our fragrant Bay trees took up position outside the grand entrance to Leighton Hall

Just inside the doorway we'd provided one of our vintage suitcases for the cards to be collected, posies of fresh flowers decorated the side table

Just into the main hall way and a full Gin & Tonic Bar was set up, we loved the way Dani & Cliff had put this together with all of the 'right' addtions...

The Tonic Table with all of the accessories

Even the canapes by Karen Rhodes Catering  were designed to compliment the Gin & Tonic, delicious Cucumber sandwiches the perfect accompaniment to a Hendricks and tonic in my view!!

We dressed all of the spaces around Leighton Hall with simple posies of fresh English Garden Flowers

The Brides changing room was dressed with posies of fragrant flowers

In the family dining room, which would later be used for the evening buffet a massive central display of Delphiniums, Roses, Orchids, Hydrangeas, Angelica, Chamomile, Dille, Viburnum Opulus, Astilbe and foliages
The fabulous cake was by Specialized Cakes
The seating plan was Gin inspired with each table named after Dani & Cliff's favourite Gin Brand
Inside this magnificent dining room we'd dressed the tables with our Botanical FD Flower Bombs taking centre stage

In the adjoining library  the tables were dressed with lower Botanical designs
I do love the magnificence and grandeur of these rooms they are perfectly suited to wedding receptions

The Round top Table was set in the Bay Window, with the most magnificent view as a backdrop to the celebrations

We'd dressed the table with our 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon' design, we'd used more fresh botanicals including fragrant Hops, Artichokes, Roses, Orchids, Freesia, Sweet Peas, Angelica, Iris, Brodea and so much more loveliness besides

A bottle of the table's name sake Gin was placed in the centre as the table name

Inside the base of each Flower Bomb design was a 'Floral Gin Cocktail'

Good to see my my personal favourite Monkey 47 amongst the table names

All of the fireplaces were dressed with fresh flowers

Even a few flowers on the Children;s Tea Party table in the sitting room

Outside the party was in full swing and the Bride & Groom had just arrived back

Our work here was done it was time to leave the party in full swing massive thanks to Dani & Cliff for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers for them xxx


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