Wild & Wonderful Chris & Leanne's Outdoor Wedding at Sandhole Oak Barn

Regular FD blog readers please brace yourselves this is going to be one of those mammoth posts with a mega multitude of flower pics, there's just so many and I am, stupidly terrible at editing, I feel so tragic deleting images so I just don't!! apologies therefore for the scandalously ridiculous quantity!

 I hasten to add alongside the flowers, sometimes behind them, sometimes wearing them, sometimes carrying them, sometimes just admiring them there are an equally ludicrous number of the most beautiful people and the most gorgeous gowns, stunning suits, beautiful spaces, gorgeous scenery, all in all you can conclude this is without doubt a truly magical wedding...
So our flower journey with Leanne & Chris started way back in April 2016 when we first met up to talk through their plans, other than Sandhole Oak Barn nothing else was booked, so we arranged to meet up again about 6 months before their big day to see their magnificent mood board and hear how things had progressed.

We learned about their unique ideas for a truly beautiful wedding day, copper and slate were definitely featuring, as to was Eucalyptus, relaxed and wild shapes and a Floral Crown were now on the agenda.

By this time too they'd booked some of our favourite wedding professionals not least the amazing Dan Wootton such a brilliant photographer,  Daz & Megan from Typical Type were on board with their really special Edison lights, there was a sensationally simple and elegant Charlie Brear gown from our friends at Mears Ghyll, Salon Glo were looking after everyone's hair and the lovely Katie Bee was going to be making beautiful faces even lovelier, it was great to be working with the fab folks from Top Table again they were providing all of the catering, Mark Ford from Studio 54D would be recording all of the magic, and the brilliant Robin Kershaw from DFC Lancashire was hosting the whole day and providing all of the entertainment, there was a lovely cake by Helen from Say it with Cupcakes and our Bride & Groom were creating their own stationery, lets face it with all of those wonderful suppliers it was always going to be a cracker!!!
We met up again in June for us to present a set of sample designs, an out door wedding was the plan but we needed a 'Plan B' should this not be possible, so we came up with some 'moveable' indoor and outdoor suggestions
A suggestion for the Top Table and Registrars table
Ideas for the guest tables
We made Chris and Leanne sample Boutonnieres and a sample Bridal bouquet

Before we knew it their August wedding was on the horizon, the week before we took delivery of some pretty amazing Succulents that we planned to use for their ceremony and reception flowers
Banksia Coccinea

By the Wednesday before a whole host of interesting and unique materials had arrived in the Flower Design Studio

Poppy Seed Heads
Nigella aka 'Love in the Mist'

Protea Barbigera & Amnesia Roses

Protea Neriifolia 'Pink Ice' & 'Cream Mink'

Viburnum Berry & Protea 'Bridal Blush'

Two days before the big day we had the pleasure of having the lovely Leanne in our studio, we created her floral crown with her, our Shirl wired and taped and I added bits at a time and then tried it on Leanne's head so we could add to it or take away ensuring it was absolutely perfect
In Leanne' s Bridal Crown, we included a huge variety of textures, Berries, Proteas, Grasses, fresh Herbs, Rolled Rose Petals, Thistles and florets in a range of shapes sizes and colours, we made it so it was thinner at the back and more full and voluptuous at the front, we wanted some of the grasses to dance as Leanne moved so we allowed them to be longer.


We also made a miniature circlet for the beautiful Flower Girl

The Boutonnieres were also underway
On the wedding morning Jason & I were up and out early the bouquets were all boxed up and the van was loaded 
We arrived at Sandhole Oak Barn about three hours ahead of the ceremony time
Leanne's Bouquet really did look glorious, the Proteas really added so much to this gloriously wild and textured design, I'd included lots of fresh Grasses too, the ceremony was always planned to be by the side of the lake, so I really wanted to include some lakeside materials, such as Typha & Chasmanthium Latifolia, fresh trails of Amaranthus and the Sea Holly seemed to be perfect accompaniments too, adding a watery vibe to the otherwise 'dry weather' Proteas.
Our Bride's own heirloom brooch was attached to the handle of the bouquet
I showed the Bridal Party how to carry their bouquets perfectly
The Bridesmaid's bouquets were all unique and individual but created as smaller versions of the brides bouquet

Inside the Bridal suite we fitted the Flower Girls Headdress making it just the right size for her

I have to say this little one really was the perfect Flower Girl carrying out her duties with grace and pride, always a smile on her face and a willingness to help, I could probably hire her out!!! xxxx
Too gorgeous for words!!!xx

The Bridesmaid's were all having fresh flowers in their hair, but done to suit their individual hairstyles, this works best when you have a great hair dresser on the wedding the team from Salon Glo were exceptional.

Dan Wootton was capturing all of the magic, it really is a huge pleasure to work with Dan he manages to create a really relaxed atmosphere and never misses a trick xx
Such a gorgeous gown by Charlie Brear from Mears Ghyll, we adored the simplicity of this elegant gown, it really was breathtaking and our stunning bride had the perfect figure to carry it off xxx

The beautiful Bride's Mum Denise seriously rocking those pj's, I made sure her wrist corsage fitted her perfectly too.

Outside on the lakeside the sun was shining the sky was blue and the scene was set for the ceremony, we found everyone at Sandhole Oak Barn to be hugely helpful, they seemed to thoroughly enjoy the flowers and took a real pride in their venue, it was a huge pleasure to work there.

Posies of fresh flowers decorated each alternate chair lining the aisle

The Registrars table was framed by some pretty incredible fresh flowers, Proteas and Succulents, we designed the Registrars table design to reflect the back drop, we'd arranged the flowers, foliages and grasses in a 'vegetative' style grouped and clustered to mirror the planting around the lake just behind.
Clusters of fresh Proteas, Grasses and Succulents with candlelit hurricane lanterns framed the Registrars table

Copper vessels filled with fresh Succulents were the perfect contrast to the more natural materials 
The backdrop to the Registrars table is possibly one of the best I've ever seen
We lined up the boutonnieres ready to pin them on the Groom's party as they arrived

Chris Leanne's super handsome Bride Groom was first to have his rather special Boutonniere pinned to his lapel

The Groom's rather special Boutonniere featured Rolled Rose Petals both Quicksand & Amnesia with fresh Rosemary, Ferns, Thalaspi, Blushing Bride Protea, Rose Hips, Viburnum, Astrantia, Hydrangeas, Eucalyptus and Ivy leaves all bound with copper wire, the design was created as a miniaturised version of his Bride's bouquet
Jason pinned on all of the boutonnieres ensuring each one was positioned perfectly

We loved the ties
Each of the boutonnieres was unique designed to suit the height and build of each Groom's Man and all included a collection of fresh textured materials

In the Bridal preparation room, gowns were on and the headdresses were being attached
This 'Floral Crown' had a feeling of 'Titania' about it, all of the natural flowers and berries appeared as if they could have been picked from the grounds surrounding Sandhole Oak Barn, we'd tied the back simply with shoelace ribbon to add an element of naivety and innocence to the design.

Leanne looked incredible, the Bride's Floral Crown was so much more layered, many elements were used to add facets and layers of interest, with the dancing grasses creating movement and a magical feel, I wish too that you could take in the fragrance of the headdress it really was a heavenly thing, fresh and herby, clean and cool, sweet like fresh cut grass.

Absolutely perfect...

The Bride's Mum Denise looked perfect too...
The Bride's Mum's Wrist corsage featured a beautiful cluster of 'Snowflake' Rose buds with Lacey Astrantia and Thalaspi to match her dress

Outside Chris and his Best Man Mike waited patiently...

Team Bride got into position just around the corner

The Bridesmaid's bouquets matched the blush shade of their gowns perfectly

Too cute for sure...

Oh me oh my, utterly breathtaking!!!

Massive Congratulations to Chris & Leanne from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

Fresh fragrant Rose Petals were handed out by the beautiful Bridesmaids ready for when our Bride & Groom headed back down the aisle

Don'y you just love a shower of fresh fragrant rose petal confetti

Brushing up the Rose Petals the team from Top Table, they were absolutely amazing on the day xx
Fresh Plants on step ladders provided the seating plan
Inside the main Barn the scene was set for the reception
Typical Types fabulously atmospheric Edison light bulbs looked just wonderful

Each table was dressed with fresh fragrant Eucalyptus, posies of fresh flowers in a variety pf random containers and vessels

Wooden trays of fresh Succulents looked so beautiful

The beautiful cake created by Helen from Say it with Cupcakes looked stunning, we'd dressed it with fresh flower corsages

All of the napkins were dressed with a sprig of fresh fragrant Rosemary

I love the Russian Roulette of these little video snippets I honestly can't remember who it was singing on the end of this one but I suspect Dad Wootton xxxx

The canapes looked delicious

Our Verdi Gris Candelabras provided height, texture and flickering illumination on the tables

Crates of fresh flowers sat on the top table at either end framing the Bridal party so beautifully

Bouquets of fresh flowers ready for presentation during the speeches

Our little verdi gris urns were filled with fresh flowers

Robin from DFC was ready to take to the microphone

The very gorgeous Mr & Mrs Bromage

Now for all those folks who ask if their hair flowers will last, let me re-assure you this snap was taken on my phone at about 1am when we went to do the clear down and Leanne and her hair flower still look as good as they did at 1pm, sadly I am looking rather bedragled!!!xx
The fresh flowers were all left for our Bride & Groom to distribute amongst friends and family before heading for home the following morning
Massive thanks to Leanne & Chris for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers for them we loved every second xxx


The Bromage's said…
Dear Jane, Jason and your incredible Flower Design Team!

We can not thank you enough for this beautiful write up, you put so much time and effort into every wedding and you all work so hard. Our flowers and the decorated venue were WAY beyond our expectations. We (I 😂) knew exactly what we wanted and although it was hard at first to hand over the reigns, you and your team are the experts and you absolutely nailed every last detail. You are just the loveliest bunch and you are all worth your weight in gold. From the real rose petal confetti to swapping those chairs 👌 you make sure that everything is just perfect. The flowers were perfectly arranged and everyone complimented them and the bouquets. My flower crown is one of the most beautiful things I have ever worn and once it is fully dried it is going to be framed. I could go on and on but in short... you are the best and we are SO glad we chose you and we would not hesitate in recommending you!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Lots of love The Bromage's xxxx

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