Lavender, Pink & Lilac Shades for Rebecca & Christopher's Wedding Flowers at St James Church & Royal Birkdale

What a magical day this was, the sun was shining the sky was blue, we had a fabulous Bride & Groom in a gloriously iconic setting Royal Birkdale, with a dreamy gown by Daria Karlozi from Bride's Room of Birkdale, some heavenly Bridesmaids and handsome Groom's Men, two fabulous families all in all it had the makings of a truly spectacular day...
But firstly let me fill you in on the flower back story, way back in April on an equally glorious day we met up with Rebecca & her fab mum Jackie at St James' Church in Birkdale Southport
We figured out where flowers could be placed in this huge and historic building
We also headed over to Royal Birkdale Golf Club the venue for the Wedding Reception

We all met up again at FD HQ to go through their beautiful Mood Board and planned for their final meeting to present the sample bridal designs created exclusively for them in line with their brief and their budget.
We set up all of the sample designs in our studio, a collection of table, ceremony and bridal flowers
A sample Pew end posy
The sample wedding bouquet
Sample Groom's Boutonniere
Before we knew it the big day arrived and Jason and I were at the Bride's family home bright and early for the presentation of Bridal Bouquets, exquisite bouquets of English Garden Roses, Peonies, Dahlias, Sweet Peas, Hydrangeas and Lily of the Valley in shades of Lavender, pink and lilac, we'd transported them carefully enveloped in FD tissue paper...
I do love the big reveal, it's such a joy to pull back the tissue and release all of that heavenly fragrance...

I handed over the bouquets each one made to size to suit each Bridesmaid perfectly
I showed the lovely Rebecca and her beautiful Bridesmaids how to carry their bouquets perfectly, ensuring the perfect silhouette

The beautiful Bride's Mum Jackie had arranged for us to dress her handbag with fresh flowers

The Bride's Mum's handbag was dressed with fresh white Bubbles Rose buds, Oxypetalum, Hydrangea Florets, Senecio, Thalaspi and Eucalyptus 
Jason and I had arranged to meet the Church warden at St James' Church so that she could over see our placement of fresh flowers, we are hugely respectful in any of the venues we dress, after all it's their space and it's important to place our designs in a way that suits them.

We had two huge pedestals of Larkspur, Stocks, Hydrangeas, Roses, Dahlias & Peonies set on either side of the ceremony space but a little way back to allow the Minister space to conduct the ceremony

We arranged further pedestal designs around this huge and beautiful Church 
Fresh fragrant posies of Phlox, Astrantia, Roses, Stocks & Hydrangeas were placed on alternate pews lining both of the aisles

At the entrance to Church we'd lined up the boutonnieres ready to pin them on our Bride Groom and his Groom's Men
The Groom's Boutonniere was created to compliment his Bride's Bouquet and included elements from her bouquet: Roses both rolled and whole with Hydrangeas, Senecio, Acacia and Eucalyptus
Rebecca's super handsome Bride Groom Christopher was first to have his boutonniere pinned to his lapel and very smart it looked too!!

I pinned on all of the Groom's Men's boutonnieres ensuring each one was positioned perfectly

The super glam Groom's Mum Carole her lovely ensemble completed with a florally dressed handbag

The boutonnieres for the page boys were created as miniature versions of the Groom's Men's we'd used tiny floribunda Roses 'Silver Lace' and 'Purple Symphony'

Two of our fragrant Bay trees framed the entrance to Church
Here come the girls arriving in VW camper van
The Page Boys boutonnieres were perfectly sized to go on their waistcoats
The Bride's elegant Grandma Beryl had had her handbag dressed with fresh flowers too

The Bridesmaids looked gorgeous in their lavender gowns, their bouquets toned perfectly

The stunning Bride's Mum

Beautiful Bridesmaids Bouquets in shades of lilac, lavender and soft pinks

We had the pleasure of working with the lovely Matthew Rycraft Photography

Our Bride and her super proud Dad arrived in vintage style...

I do love a Bride's Dad that carries the wedding bouquet...

Rebecca looked truly breathtaking

Huge congratulations to Rebecca & Christopher from all of the team here at Flower Design

Time for the fresh fragrant Rose Petal confetti to be handed out

Love, love, love the magnificent shower of fresh fragrant rose petals, it's such a joyous moment filled with blissful romance and reckless abandon, it feels so cool, refreshing and silky soft, every newly married couple should know what it feels like, just close your eyes and embrace the feeling!!!xxx

The celebrations moved over to the magnificent and iconic surroundings of Royal Birkdale for the wedding reception
Inside Royal Birkdale fresh flowers welcomed the guests, again it was important to be respectful and place flowers in the allocated areas whilst ensuring the club looked and felt bridal...

We'd decorated the foot of the stairs with fresh flowers and lanterns

Posies of fresh flowers decorated the bar tables in the magnificent bar which overlooked the golf course

Upstairs in the dining room the scene was set for the wedding breakfast with a combination of high and low table designs decorating the tables
Our low designs were set on crystal cake stands, beautiful summer blooms Stocks, Roses, Hydrangeas, Dahlias, Peonies and Lissianthus looked and smelled perfect
Our magnificent FD Flower Bombs looked just wonderful filling the space with gorgeous colour and exquisite fragrance

The wedding cake was dressed with a Topper Posy of fresh flowers, we'd placed a vase next to it for the Bride to use for her wedding bouquet

The super long top table was set in the bay window, we'd arranged three placements all illuminated with candles

The view from behind the top table is pretty spectacular

Our work here was done, many thanks to our gorgeous Bride & Groom Rebecca & Christopher and both of their fabulous families xxxx


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