The Inn at Whitewell In All It's Wintery Glory Dressed For Their Showcase Weekend

We all love The Inn at Whitewell, it really is one of our all time favourite places, we all love it in our off time too, Jason & I have celebrated our anniversaries there staying in their beautiful rooms (with no signal yeah!!) and eating spectacular locally sourced dinners, our team too have a special affinity with it, we've all got beautiful memories, personal anecdotes, childhood remembrances and all of us can in our minds flick back to someone's happy wedding day. A funny thing this, but every year without fail for at least the last 20 years, when we get to the end of the wedding season and are reminiscing over the year, an Inn at Whitewell wedding always comes out as being one of our favourite weddings of that particular year, there really is a good reason for it, it's real, it's authentic, jam packed with character and characters, it's eclectic, it's posh yet it's relaxed and homely, most of all it's welcoming and we feel like we're valued both as customers and suppliers...
Last weekend we had the happy task of creating flowers for the Inn at Whitewell's showcase
So we got together with Emma & Andrea at The Inn a few weeks ago and thrashed out some ideas (over the best sausage and mash ever), we got together with team Flower Design and thrashed out a few more ideas (over a bottle of red), all of our ideas were unique, unique to the individual who came up with it and unique to Whitewell, after all it's a pretty unique place...

Outside on the terrace the braziers were stoked up
The river was full to bursting
 Whatever the time of year I truly believe this is one of the best views from any wedding venue in the world!!xx
 Inside the marquee a warm cosy and tranquil atmosphere prevailed and our designs looked magical, we'd created our own Mood Boards for this event and instead of thinking about a Bride & Groom and all of their purchases and taste to take into account, we treated The Inn as if it were the client, we came up with a number of 'Story Boards' each one celebrating a different aspect of The Inn at Whitewell, we created wedding bouquets, boutonnieres and at least two table designs to compliment each story.
We adored the chandeliers provided by our great friends Megan & Daz from Typical Type they really enhanced our ideas and provided a finish and completeness to the marquee.

Our first story 'Woodland Nymphs & Flower Fairies' inspired by 'A Midsummer Nights Dream'

 Our enchanted tree table was inspired by 'childhood memories' of family picnics in the woods around Whitewell, stories of 'Flower Fairies', mystical, whimsical, using tiny magical flowers and mysterious materials, mosses, books, 'fire flies' and fairy lights...

 This table design was so detailed, so provocative, imaginative, we'd used a collection of January blooms: Californian Poppies, Oncidium 'Bumblebee' Orchids, Craspedia, Acacia, Cherry Blossom, Hypericum, Eustoma and Rose buds in a variety of shades.
 Fresh Proteas, Hellebores, Grevillia, Kiwi Vine, Hyacinth, Rose Buds, Eucalyptus, fresh Rosemary

 Books, wrapped in moss, Ranunculus, Jasmine, Astrantia, Limonium, Grevillia and glass perfume bottles filled with perfumed flowers
 We stopped short of some fairy foot prints but they were discussed!!! xx
 Fresh Ivy, hidden succulents, Albiflora, pea green Hypericum and candlelit votives

 A magical moss covered candelabra formed part of this table we'd dressed it with Angiozanthos, Tulips, Forsythia, Poppies, Grevillia, Jasmine and Mimosa

 We leave space between each placement on our table designs, my old floristry tutor always said "leave space for the butterflies" and on this table design that seems hugely relevant.
Our wild and whimsical wedding bouquet included a whole host of fresh magical flowers and was tied up with a trails of colourful ribbons.

 The Boutonniere designed to compliment the wedding bouquet included tiny mystical blooms, berries and materials

We'd also arranged this set of lower designs along the oval top table, the two higher designs would be too tall for a real top table and would probably be used on round tables in a real wedding scenario.
 I loved this design so much, the promise of magic is more than a suggestion, I could look at it for hours
 Details are so important, small motifs that sometimes repeat, bulbs and new beginnings are celebrated in this collection.
 More 'weird' and 'wonderful' flower shapes the Scabious seed head and Astrantia so mystical.

An old lantern left in the woods, fresh flowers growing through where they'd pushed the glass out.

 More Books, Birds Nests, Mossy mounds.

 Another favourite of mine this ancient old Bird Bath filled with Hamamelis aka Witch Hazel, Blossoms, Rose Buds, Craspedia aka 'Billy Balls', Oncidium aka 'Bumblebee' Orchids and so many more morsels of floral loveliness besides.

Our second story 'Dutch Masters & Still Life at Whitewell'

Our next table design collection was in celebration of the art work around Whitewell, particularly in their 'Orangery' & 'Restaurant' we felt it celebrated the history here, we'd used a ridiculously heavy wrought iron urn and filled it with a arelaxed design featuring some heavenly wintery materials: fresh Anemones, Wax Flower Blossom, Astrantia, Hydrangeas, Hellebore, Viburnum Tinus and flowering Eucalyptus. We'd arranged some old Ginger jars, Candlesticks, Pomegranate, grapes, Pears, recycled bottles, goblets and jugs.

A recreation of a Dutch Masters Oil painting was our brief, I love this design so much! our Shirl had sourced us some fabulous fabrics for this set of designs.

 Our heavy 'Verdi Gris' wrought iron candelabra was the design we'd created to provide a tall option to go with the Dutch Master inspired urn.
We loved the wax running down the candles it seemed 'just right' for this candelabra dressed with Roses, Orchids, Hyacinth, Kochia & Hellebores.
 We'd set this design on a large silver tray swathed in a piece of velvet dressed with fruit, books, mini candelabras and silver tarnished goblets.

Our oil painting inspired Bridal Bouquet 

 Our third Story 'Country Pursuits at Whitewell'

A collection of designs inspired by 'Country Pursuits' synonymous with Whitewell, our Shirl had found us some superb tweeds to use with these designs and Jason had been over to 'Port of Lancaster Smoke House' for the pheasant feathers, Sam from 'Triggr'  a provider Clay Pigeon shooting days and experiences had given us the empty cartridges.
 We wanted these designs to look 'outdoorsy' using natural earthy materials, we'd chosen a mustard and bark brown palette for this collection and as we were driving over to Whitewell all of these shades seemed so prolific in the landscape.
 Fresh bulbs and foliages were growing out of the cartridges

 We'd used the cartridge shells to make mini flower vessels

The wedding bouquet created to match the themes of 'Country Pursuits' included 'Oberon' Freesia, Lotus Seed Head, 'Golden Mustard' Roses, Succulents, Grevillea, Cymbidium Orchids and Spring bulbs complete with their roots and some Pheasant feathers, the handle was bound with tweed.

 Our 'Country Pursuits' Boutonniere

 The lower design created to compliment the 'Country Pursuits' theme used a collection of wooden vessels and stands and included Forsythia and Succulents with daffodil bulbs.

 Succulents on tree stumps.

 Our fourth Collection 'Country House Banquet & Ball'

A little more glamour in these designs, inspired by the banquets and balls, wedding parties and celebrations we see all of the time at 'The Inn at Whitewell'

 Our beautiful 'Baroque Candelabra' dressed with fresh Roses, Hydrangeas, Dianthus & Calla Lilies set on a slice of tree a nod to the great outdoors.
 The candelabras were surrounded by posies of fresh flowers and mirrored tea light votives

One of our super tall FD Flower Bombs a brilliant design to choose if you're having a Church wedding the fresh flowers can be used on top of our pedestal and urn combinations to create a fabulous Church Pedestal and then after it becomes a superb table centrepiece.

 Inside the vase a stem of green Cymbidium Orchid creates interest low down

 Our fifth Story 'The Great Outdoors'

This set of designs is an ever changing collection inspired by the seasons, we love the silhouette the magnificent Magnolia Branches create,  it's so obviously a winter design, we used a collection of fresh bulbs set into the moss and creeping between the branches, trails of fresh ivy tumbling over the sides, imagine how different this design would be in he middle of Summer or in the Autumn, here at Whitewell the season is so obvious, the outdoors is every where you look, it seems very right to celebrate it.

 As with all of our designs there's a huge amount of fresh detail

We'd brought along a few fabulous Inn at Whitewell Mood Boards and had the pleasure of explaining to future Brides and Grooms how to put their own mood board together...

 Lots of Bride's and Groom's tried out our Bouquets and Boutonnieres
 This luscious and deeply rich bouquet was designed to compliment our oil painting inspired designs

  Exquisite details our oil painting inspired boutonnieres

 The beautiful magical and enchanted bouquet designed with a whimsical bride in mind.

 Trails of multicoloured ribbons

These last few images are close ups of the designs around the marquee and really celebrate the flowers


 Love this gorgeous voluptuous bridal bouquet

 Our work here was done many thanks to Emma & Andrea and all of the team at The Inn at Whitewell, we had a wonderful weekend and had the pleasure of meeting with some really fabulous Brides & Grooms.


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