Helen & Jamie Palest Blush Pink & Ivory Wedding Day at St Annes Church Turton & Eaves Hall

I have been editing photographs and writing for my blog posts every day of this year (it's only 10th January) and if I'm honest I'm not made for sitting in front of a computer, but and this is a big but, I am having fun. It's January, it's cold, flowers are precious and scarce and here I am basking in the summer sunshine re-visiting these glorious weddings, re-living some of the very best moments of 2017 and I am loving every second. It's amazing how a few snaps bring back a flood of memories so good I can almost smell the flowers, it's wonderful too, to see our beautiful Brides and their handsome Groom's, to re-acquaint myself with their fabulous families, after all we invest a lot in our relationships with them all, it's how we manage to make our flowers so deeply personal.
 The flowers we make are steeped in personal stories, family history, traditions, heritage and of course personality, we can't figure all that stuff out with one appointment, there has to be at least three, so here's our tale of Helen & Jamie's wedding flowers, it's a long one so brace yourselves...
So the lovely Helen first Face Book messaged me back in August 2016, she sent me a list of designs she knew she wanted along with some images to help me understand her vision, I responded suggesting a get together to discuss  her ideas further and to work out some costings properly.
We met up again in February when Helen & Jamie had put together an extensive mood board, they had made some firm plans by this time and had a clearer idea of the direction they wanted their flowers to go in. Together we prepared a fully itemised quotation for them, an on line file that we could both add information to, we left no stone un-turned.
We put together a virtual flower palette for them, in line with their mood board and budget including Helen's beloved Peonies and some gorgeous English Garden Rose and Tea Roses with fresh white Hydrangeas
We got together again in April at their family Church St Annes in Turton, this time we met up with Helen, Helen's chief Bridesmaid and sister Elizabeth, her fabulous Mum Mary & Jamie's Mum Alma, we worked out logistics, we were introduced to the 'Church Flower Lady' discussed possibilities of dressing the huge Lych Gate and Helen's Grandma's pedestal stand.
At the end of June we invited them back to FD HQ to see a set of sample Bridal designs prepared exclusively for them, we'd made a beautiful bridal bouquet of Blush Pink & Ivory Peonies, 'Keira' English Garden Roses by David Austin, fresh Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Sweet Peas and Astilbe.
We made a sample Boutonniere for Jamie to see

We created some table centrepiece ideas too, all of them to fit their mood board, their brief and their budget
 Although they loved their sample designs, Helen was in a turmoil regarding the colours and by the end of this appointment it was decided that we should dilute the pink and concentrate the balance of colour towards the white and ivory shades with just the slightest hint of blush...

 On the big day, Shirl & I were in Bolton to make the bouquet presentation, a closed road as we came off the motorway had increased the tension and my nerves were jangling, I don't mind saying that following the colour change I was slightly trepidatious and when I pulled back the FD tissue to reveal Helen's wedding bouquets no-one was more relieved than me by her reaction!!!! ...

The FD box was filled to bursting with glorious bridal bouquets of pale ivory and blush pink Peonies, White Hydrangeas and Garden Roses from David Austin

This moment is worth all of the worry and all of the sleepless nights...

We'd finished the handle with our 'Lovers knot' binding

I showed everyone how to carry their bouquets perfectly, I do love a back garden FD bouquet carrying tutorial...
The beautiful wedding bouquet in palest shades of ivory and blush

My great friend the fabulous Duncan Fisher was responsible for doing the girls hair and what a spectacular job he did too. The lovely Danielle Entwistle MUA did everyone's beautiful make up too.

Shirl & I headed off to St Annes Church in Turton and how different it looked with all of the leaves on the trees we'd decided that a couple of small swags on the gate would be perfect given the amount of foliage around the gate itself.
Swags of sweet scented Stocks, Roses and Hydrangeas provided a fragranced welcome for the guests as they arrived at Church
Inside this beautiful and huge church we'd framed the internal arch with two full and voluptuous pedestals of Roses, Peonies, Hydrangeas and sweet scented stocks
Helen's Grandma's pedestal stand in the foreground was also decorated with fresh Roses, Peonies and Hydrangeas

The pew ends were dressed with posies of Bombastic and Avalanche Roses with Hydrangeas arranged in our silver mercury vases tied on with ivory satin ribbon

In the porch area I had allocated some space for the boxes of Boutonnieres and Corsages
I lined the boutonnieres up ready to pin them on to Jamie and his Groom's Men
The Groom's Mum's Corsage created for the lovely Alma to tone with her ivory, grey and blush pink ensemble

For the fabulous Bride's Mum Mary we used her favourite flowers Freesia with Coral Sweet Peas, Bridal Blush and Rolled Sensation Rose Petals to match her coral and ivory dress and jacket
The Bride Groom's Boutonniere was now in all white instead of the blush pink sample we'd made xx

Helen's Bride Groom Jamie was first to have his Boutonniere pinned to his lapel
The Bride Groom's Boutonniere was designed to be in proportion and to compliment his scrunchie tie and pocket square, we'd included a sprig of fresh Lily of the Valley, an Akito Rose with Rolled petals, Bubbles Buds, white Hydrangea florets and Eucalyptus leaves to frame the blooms, the stem was bound with silver grey ribbon.
Lewis did a great job of his duties as junior Usher, every wedding should have a Lewis!!xx
We made Lewis' boutonniere as a smaller simpler version of the Groom's Boutonniere

The Groom's super proud Dad Colin

Seriously glamorous Groom's Mum Alma her ensemble completed by the addition of her bespoke corsage

Alma's corsage matched her dress and jacket perfectly
Everyone was outside enjoying the sunshine but Lewis managed to get all of the guests inside Church, just ahead of the Bridesmaids arriving...

Here come the girls...

The beautiful Bridesmaids arrived in style, their lovely gowns were by Alexia from Glamour Bridal in Bolton

The Bridesmaids really did look stunning, their bouquets complimented the shoulder ruffles of their gowns

Chief Bridesmaid the lovely Elizabeth was wearing a darker grey gown and looked fabulous

Our beautiful Bride Helen looked absolutely breathtaking in her Sophia Tolli gown from Glamour Bridal in Bolton

The beautiful Helen looked so relaxed and happy as she arrived at Church
The Bridal Bouquet of Peonies, Roses and Hydrangeas looked perfect set against her exquisite gown

The beautiful Bride's Mum Mary was escorted into Church by Lewis, her corsage matched her coral outfit perfectly

An emotional moment as our bridal party head into Church, Helen was being 'given away' by her brother Richard

Huge Congratulations to Helen & Jamie from all of the team here at Flower Design

The confetti both dried and fresh Rose Petals were ready to be handed out

I do love a good shower of fresh fragrant Rose Petal confetti

The celebrations moved on to the magical surroundings of Eaves Hall
The Paparazzi were ready and waiting for the arrival of our Bride and Groom In Love Wedding Films, Christopher Lewis Photography & Darren Heath Photography

Inside Eaves Hall the scene was set for a fabulous wedding reception, we'd arranged fresh flowers on the central table in the entrance

The seating plan was surrounded by fresh flowers and fragrant Rose Petals

Inside the main dining room at Eaves Hall we'd decorated the tables with a combination of high and low table designs
Huge spheres of Roses, Peonies, Stocks, Larkspur and Hydrangeas were set upon conical vases semi filled with fresh fragrant Rose Petals
Lower posies of fresh Roses, Hydrangeas and Peonies were arranged on large mirror plates with floating candles and tea light votives in mercury silver glass

The top table was dressed with a series of silver candlesticks and silver mercury glass vases filled with posies of fresh Roses, Peonies and Hydrangeas

The beautiful wedding cake was made by Kelly Dee from Pink Frosting Cake Company

Two hand tied bouquets all ready for presentation to the two Mums by our Bride Groom during his speech

Our work here was done it was time to leave the party in full swing massive thanks to Helen & Jamie and both of their amazing families we thoroughly enjoyed working with you all xx


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