Gillian & Marc's 'Senbazuru' Colourful Cranes & Flowers for their Wedding Day in the Garden's of Gibbon Bridge

I received an email today asking me to 'get a move on' in posting their son's wedding flower blog (their wedding was in November, so it won't be for ages yet), I explained these posts really do take me a good few hours sometimes days to put together, I post on every full wedding we do (by full I mean Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Ceremony & Reception flowers), I miss no-one out, unless they don't want us to share their flowers with our readers (very rarely does this happen but it does). 
I love re-visiting their beautiful days, recalling our discussions, remembering just how important the flowers were to them, reflecting on the choices we made, the effects of the decisions we made, I love sharing our wonderful flowers and our even more wonderful Brides & Grooms, I love that I can show you just how intricate and considered our florist's work is, in short this is a labour of love, not something to be rushed, moreover something to be savoured and enjoyed.
I mention all of this because these two beautiful people Gillian & Marc embarked on their very own 'Labour of Love' they hand made a 'Senbazuru' which is a group of a 1000 Origami cranes held together by strings, our Bride & Groom set about folding their own Cranes for their wedding day, not an undertaking you do without serious consideration, throughout their relationship Marc has made origami animals as tokens of love for the beautiful Gillian, so he knew how tricky it would be. Here's a bit of back story, in Japenese culture the Crane is the traditional symbol for love as they remain with one partner for life, it's said that couples who work together (It can take months to complete this task) to fold their wedding cranes learn how to communicate better, to support each other through their endeavour in turn strengthening their compatibility and so promising a lifetime of happiness, I love this!!! 
The colours were significant too 
Red: Endless Love
White: Purity of Heart
Green: Long Health
Yellow: Overflowing Creativity
Blue: Unwavering Loyalty
Purple: Deepened Spirituality
Needless to say all were included...
Their Senbazuru

These two were already on our radar, we'd created flowers for Marc's sister's (Caroline & Joe) wedding back in 2012 and had, had a wonderful time doing it, so we hoped and had everything crossed that when Marc popped the questioned, we'd be asked to do the flowers too, what a privilege it is to be invited back by a family, that really does mean an awful lot to us so thank you!!!
Marc & Gillian had made this beautiful mood board, featuring the colours, the cranes and the gardens, we couldn't fail to be inspired...
 We invited them back to FD HQ to see a set a sample designs we'd created for them, we'd taken on board their ideas and their budget. We'd made a sample wedding bouquet, a sample boutonniere and some ideas for their tables and ceremony...
The sample Groom's Boutonniere created for Marc

 A low table design suggestion 
 The beautifully relaxed bridal bouquet incorporated a riot of vibrant summer colour, the colours intensified in the real bouquets as we headed into high summer for their big day xx
Super tall table design suggestion
 Jason & I were lucky enough to be together for this glorious day, Jason did the presentation of the bridal bouquets in one of the suites at Gibbon Bridge
Jason showed our fabulous Bride and her Bridesmaids how to carry their bouquets perfectly, even little Amber on the end joined in 
Gillian looked radiant and loved her colourful wedding bouquet
Our talented friend the lovely Mairead from Wedlocks was doing a great job of the hair
 It was lovely to see Katie Holt mua doing a wonderful job of making lovely faces even lovelier
Outside in the summer sunshine, Jason pinned on the rather special Groom's Boutonniere on to Marc's lapel
The Groom's bright and colourful Boutonniere, a clustered design featuring Veronica, Craspedia, Larkspur florets, Rolled Rose Petals, Rose Buds, Daisies and Forget Me Nots, we'd bound the stem in pale blue ribbon 
Jason pinned on all of the boutonnieres ensuring each one was positioned perfectly, the super proud Groom's Dad Andy 
All of the Boutonnieres were unique created individually from a rich and vibrant flower palette

So lovely to see Joe againxx

The gardens at Gibbon Bridge are quite remarkable, truly magnificent and the scene for Gillian and Marc's marriage ceremony.
We'd arranged two glorious garden style pedestals filled with English Garden flowers and foliages

Posies of fresh garden flowers in clear glass column vases decorated the registrars table

Deep pin Dahlias
Love in the Mist
Chamomile, Delphiniums, Larkspur, Peonies and Hydrangeas

These gorgeous corsages were ready to be fixed to some beautiful ladies

Super glamorous Groom's Mum & Dad Kath & Andy 

The Bride's Mum Dawn looked fabulous 

The beautiful Bridal party headed over to the ceremony

Our gorgeous Bride the very lovely Gillian was wearing a stunning gown 'Emma' by Maggie Sottero from The Bridal Lounge in Poulton

The lovely Caroline with adorable little Amber

The Bridesmaids were wearing pretty pale blue gowns, they each carried a unique and vibrant bouquet
The bridesmaid's bouquets were all different and created from a vibrant flower palette of English Garden flowers

The Bridal party made their way through the beautiful gardens heading to the Band Stand

So gorgeous...

Huge Congratulations to Gillian & Marc from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

The team from Bamboo Fontaine were entertaining the guests for the drinks reception
In the main dining room the tables were dressed with a myriad of fresh flowers in vibrant hues, our super tall FD Flower Bombs looked magnificent on some of the tables

Clusters of fresh posies dressed the top table which had a back drop of a 1000 cranes

The cranes were so beautifully crafted and looked as if they were flying

we'd mirrored the colours of the cranes in the colours of the flowers

The wedding cake was dressed with fresh flowers and paper cranes

Massive thanks to Gillian and Marc for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers for them we loved every second of it  xxx


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