Maria & Andrew's Blush Pink Peony Wedding Day at Wonderful Eaves Hall

So prepare yourself for a posting of epic proportions, I couldn't edit it down any more there was just too much loveliness on offer, we have had an absolute blast preparing for this gorgeous wedding day and I for one couldn't wait for the big day to arrive and finally see all of their ideas and plans come together at one of our all time favourite venues the fabulous Eaves Hall.
We had a whole host of great suppliers to work alongside too which all makes for a special day not least the lovely Ken Robson Pianist, the fabulous team from Flossy and Leigh, Catherine Spendlove's Wedding Cake Company, Michael Sewell from Weddings by Michael, Paul Edmondson Wedding Magician, Dave Harwood film maker,  Creative Cover Hire, there was a super stunning Sophia Tolli Gown from The Dressing Room Garstang like I said at the start so much loveliness...

I will start this wonderful wedding flower tale somewhere near the beginning, way back in the Spring we met up with Maria, Andy, Maria's Mum Maria and Andy's Mum Sue to chat through their lovely Mood Board, we met up again a few weeks later to present a luscious set of sample Bridal designs

On the big day we found our beautiful bridal party in the capable hands of Flossy & Leigh in the Bridal Lodge over at Eaves Hall

Renske & I had the huge pleasure of presenting the Bridal Bouquets ...

The beautiful Maria was treated to one of our all important Flower Design Bridal Bouquet holding tutorials

Bride's Mum Maria's handbag was dressed with a corsage of pearl grey and ivory fresh flowers
We left Flossy & Leigh to make beautiful faces even more lovely
Renske & I headed up to the main house at Eaves Hall which looked magnificent basking as it was in the summer sunshine
Inside this fabulous building we dressed all of the occasional tables with small posies and candles

We dressed the table in the room just ahead of the main ceremony room with a magnificent vase design, I lined up the boutonnieres there too
Inside the ceremony room the scene was set with candlelit lanterns and fresh petals lining the aisle, two of our FD Baroque Candelabras framed the start of the aisle

At the head of the aisle two truly magnificent pedestal designs in silver urns framed the registrars table which was dressed with a glorious 'Hanging Gardens' design of fresh Peonies, Dahlias, Roses, sweet scented Jasmine and Hydrangeas with a plethora of fresh herbs and foliages
The second Registrars table too was decorated with flowers as was the windowsill to the side 

I do love Sarah Bernhardt Peony it really is divine

The pedestal designs were created to be seen from all sides so that the reflection in the mirror looked beautiful too

There's a long table to the left of the ceremony room this too was decorated with fresh flowers
Ken's piano was even decorated with fresh flowers

The sun drenched windowsills around the ceremony room were all decorated with simple posies of fresh flowers

The Baroque Candelabras at the foot of the aisle

I had two heavenly Flower Girl's posies ready to hand over to Georgia & Alyssia
We'd created these heavenly little bouquets in different sizes to suit the heights of the two girls, we'd included small Peonies, Roses, Lissianthus and Sweet peas in shades of blush pink and ivory

The beautiful Boutonnieres were lined up ready to pin onto our Groom Andy and his Groom's Men

Gorgeous Corsage of Rose Buds, Phlox and Hydrangea florets

Maria's super handsome Bride Groom the lovely Andrew was first to have his rather special Boutonniere pinned to his lapel
As Andy was wearing a Tuxedo we'd bound the stem of his buttonhole in black satin so that it appeared to be floating on his lapel.
We pinned on all of the groom's Men's Boutonniere's ensuring each one was positioned perfectly, we'd created each boutonniere to size so that they looked the same on the Groom's Men who were all different heights

The view from the Registrars table

The adorable little Flower Girl Alyssia looked perfect with her little bouquet of heavenly blooms
Georgia too looked utterly perfect with her slightly larger bouquet of Peonies, Roses and Sweet Peas

The Groom's super glam Mum Sue with our Bride & Grooms gorgeous little dog Lady who was wearing a floral dog collar

Sue was wearing an all ivory corsage to compliment her multi pastel coloured ensemble

Patryk Manager at Eaves Hall was keeping the Flower Girls entertained
The Bride's Mum Maria looked stunning in her silver grey and ivory outfit, her handbag corsage matched beautifully
The lovely Tara from Eaves had headed down to the Bridal Lodge to lead the Bridal party up to the main house for the ceremony
Our Bride Maria really did take everyone's breath away she looked so beautiful

The Bridesmaids looked fabulous too and carried smaller versions of the Bride's Bouquet

The Bridesmaids posies included Blush Pink, Ivory and pale Pink Peonies with English Garden Roses, Sweet Peas and Lissianthus

Maria on the arm of her seriously proud Dad Patrick

I do love a veil, it's wonderful thing to see the world through a veil...


Such a great reading ...

Maria's brother did the most superb reading...

'The cat that got the cream' just sayin...

Love this!!!xxx

Huge Congratulations to Andrew & Maria from all of the team here at Flower Design

It was lovely to work with Michael Sewell he's such a gent

Tara was ready with the Champagne...

I love these Champagne saucers at Eaves Hall they look so elegant

Lady looked beautiful and her floral dog collar suited her perfectly

The canapes looked delicious

Maria's Bridal bouquet looked exquisite and included a fragrant collection of fresh Peonies, Lily of the Valley, Roses and Sweet Peas in delicate blush pink and ivory shades
I do love this heavenly wedding bouquet it includes all of my favourites, it really was an absolute joy to make, I can almost smell it as I type...

Too gorgeous for words!!!xxxx

Paul Edmondson Magician was entertaining everyone

Eaves Hall has so much to offer as a wedding venue I do love all of the details...

So beautiful the lovely Maria

Whilst the guests enjoyed the fizz and the canapes a transformation was taking place in the dining room, Patryk was ironing all of the table cloths
Renske and I arranged the fresh flowers onto the dining tables to create a truly magical atmosphere for the wedding breakfast
The dining tables were dressed with a combination of table designs, our FD Flower Bombs looked magical on the tables we'd used a combination of English Garden Flowers including Peonies, Roses, Stocks, Larkspur, fresh fragrant Jasmine, Dahlias and Hydrangeas . in shades of pale pink and ivory, the conical vases are by LSA and were filled with fresh fragrant Rose Petals
Our Baroque Candelabras dressed some of the other tables

Collections of fresh posies illuminated by tea light votives dressed the tables in front of the top table

The seating plan was set on a large framed Baroque style mirror we'd decorated with a swag of fresh Peonies and garden flowers to continue the theme

I always try to position the taller table designs in front of a mirror so that it creates an illusion of more

The wedding cake looked gorgeous created by Catherine from Wedding Cake Co
We'd created small cake corsages to decorate three of the tiers, I loved the miniature 'Lady' on the cake too, it's all about the details!!xx

The Top Table looked truly magnificent with fresh flowers and foliages tumbling over the front of the entire length of the table, the design was sweet scented but not too strong to affect the taste of the food but gorgeous enough that when you walked into the room your senses were overwhelmed with delicate fragrance and visual beauty
Glass Orbs with tea lights floated around the tall table designs creating a truly romantic atmosphere

Our work here was done it was time to leave the party in full swing, many thanks to Andy & Maria and both of their fabulous families we loved working with you all. xxxxx


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