Jennifer & Connor's Stunning Wedding at St Michael's Church and The Inn at Whitewell

Can't tell you how much Jason, I and all of the team have loved looking after this truly gorgeous couple, Jen & Connor are quite simply fabulous, their love for each other is obvious to see and is ridiculously infectious. 
Our meetings have been plentiful and thorough, filled with laughter and hilarious stories we really are going to miss them.
They'd booked a splendid team of wedding professionals to help ensure their day was perfect in every way, the venue really is seriously special, I adore working with Emma and Andrea over at The Inn at Whitewell, we hadn't worked with their lovely photographer Barnaby Aldrick and his co-photographer Hamish Irvine before but they were an absolute joy to spend the day with, their work is stupendous too link, we had a the pleasure of seeing our old buddy and brilliant entertainer Howard Wing for the second time that week, Jen Key had made a beautiful cake, the gorgeous gown was by Essense of Australia from the great folks at Ava Rose Hamilton in Barrowford, Hair & Make up was by the team from Triangles in Blackburn the boys suits were from the exceptional tailors Whitfield and Ward I can't recommend them highly enough!!!
Jen's exacting, detailed and clear instructions were displayed so beautifully on their stunning mood board, we were provided with a really good brief and an equally good budget to work with, plans were made for them to come back to our studio to view a set of sample designs we'd created just for them.
Jen's voluptuous and luscious sample wedding bouquet was a glorious floral confection including Coral, Ruby, Bowl of Cream, Sarah Bernhardt and Bucks Eye Peonies with English Garden Roses Darcey, Kate, Keira, White O'Hara and Bowl of Cream, some Carmine Stocks & Sweet Peas soft blush pink fluffy Astlbe, Alchemilla Mollis, Love in the Mist, Ivy trails and Thalaspi, with Jasmine,  Dancing Grasses & Ferns

We made Connor a gorgeous sample Boutonniere featuring a Quicksand Rose with rolled Kate Rose Petals Love in the Mist, Thalaspi, Ivy, Alchemilla Mollis and Asparagus Fern.
We also made a set of table design samples too, one of our golden 'Byzantine' Candelabras was dressed with a glorious collection of Peonies, Hydrangeas, Stocks and luscious foliages
One of our fabulously tall FD Flower Bombs featuring Peonies, Stocks, Roses, Hydrangeas, Astilbe, Sperengerii, Ivy trails and trailing Amaranthus, we planned for this design to be used in Church first
Our Beautiful Bridal party were getting ready in The Piggeries at The Inn at Whitewell when we caught up with them all to present the Bridal Bouquets
I unveiled the FD tissue to reveal not just the exquisite visual spectacle of these gorgeous bouquets but to also release the heavenly fragrance captured within the sheets of tissue.
I presented our Bride and each of her Bridesmaids with their bouquets
I introduced everyone to the fresh flowers we'd used

Jen's wedding bouquet really was a thing of great beauty, I'd included Coral, Ruby, Bowl of Cream, Sarah Bernhardt and Bucks Eye Peonies with English Garden Roses Darcey, Kate, Keira, White O'Hara, some Carmine Stocks & Sweet Peas soft blush pink fluffy Astlbe, Sweet Peas, Alchemilla Mollis, Love in the Mist, Ivy trails and Thalaspi, with Jasmine, Dancing Grasses 'Briza' & Ferns
I showed this bevvy of beauty how to carry their bouquets perfectly

The Bride's gorgeous Mum Julie, I pinned on her corsage so it'd be easy just to pop on the jacket when her getting ready preparations were completed
I pinned the Father of the Bride's Boutonniere to his jacket lapel

The Bridesmaid's bouquets were created as smaller versions of the Bride's Bouquet

Barnaby took the bouquets off for a private shoot...

I do love this little Church right next door to The Inn at Whitewell, we dressed the gate with one of our super romantic floral hearts and placed two floral swags on either side
Our Floral Heart looked magnificent in such a stunning colour scheme rich plums, vibrant corals, carmine and magenta Peonies, Roses, Hydrangeas, Sweet Peas, Jasmine, fresh fragrant herbs and foliages

The floral swags looked super luscious too with fragrant Stocks, Jasmine, Roses, Peonies and Hydrangeas

In the Porch I'd lined up the boutonnieres ready to pin them to the lapels of the Grooms party
The rather special Boutonniere Chloe created for our Bride Groom Connor included a beautiful Quicksand Rose with Rolled Kate Rose Petals, fresh Jasmine, Love in the mist, Sweet Pea florets, Briza, Ivy, Thalaspi and Asparagus Fern
A lovely light corsage of Lissianthus, Love in the Mist and Hydrangea florets created for Grandma Agnes to tone with her turquoise outfit

The Groom's Men's Boutonnieres included an Amalia Rose with Astilbe, Love in the Mist and Sweet Peas with Alchemilla Mollis, Thalaspi and Ivy
Jen's super handsome Bride Groom Connor was first to have his boutonniere pinned on

I pinned each boutonniere to ensure perfect positioning

Really love the tie, waistcoat and pocket square combination with Connor's suit we'd endeavoured to make sure his boutonniere fitted with the look beautifully
James & Gib were next to have the FD treatment pinning on their boutonnieres to their own suits

Grandma Agnes looked amazing
Grandma Agnes & Grandad Mike

Thrilled as always to see our 'old' FD Brides & Groom's the super lovely Jo and Matt link
Inside this lovely little church we'd placed two magnificent FD Flower Bombs on the pedestals in church

Full, voluptuous and luscious, stone urns filled to overflowing with an array of Peony perfection with scented Stocks, Roses, Hydrangeas, Herbs, Brassica Foliage, Ivy and Ferns

I really do love, love, love these designs they are what Flower Design is all about, a celebration of fresh glorious flowers arranged naturally in a relaxed and celebratory style

Posies of fresh flowers decorated each alternate pew end lining the aisle
Posies and golden lanterns decorated the windowsills and porch area

Fresh flowers on the font greeted guests as they headed into church

A basket of fresh fragrant Rose Petal confetti
The super glam Bride's Mum Julie looked fabulous
Chloe had made her corsage to compliment her navy blue and grey dress and jacket
The little Flower Girl Mia looked absolutely adorable and carried a mini version of the Bride's Bouquet
The gorgeous Bridesmaids were wearing gold sequin gowns, the perfect backdrop for the flowers

So, so gorgeous Orla, Mia & Jamie Lee

The superb Vicar Fiona arrived at the gate to meet and greet our Bride

Jen looked breathtakingly beautiful as she arrived at Church

The best Bride's Dad ever the super proud David a dab hand with an uncooperative veil

Jamie Lee & Sophie heading in ahead of the Bride

Massive Congratulations to Jen & Connor from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

Absolutely gorgeous singing

So much joy, so much happiness, I love these too so much....

Love how the Rose Petals, look, how they feel, and how they smell xxxx

Next door at the fabulous The Inn at Whitewell the scene was set for the Wedding Reception
Our magnificent FD Flower Bombs looked so special, the colours were so vibrant the combination of flowers so spectacular and the fragrance, well that just blew us all away!!! xx

Posies in golden vessel dressed some of the tables alongside golden votives and floating candles

The Mirror seating plan dressed with a swag of fresh foliages
The beautiful cake by Jen Key was dressed with some lovely fresh cake corsages

Our gorgeous golden byzantine candelabras

The floral heart took centre stage just behind the oval top table that was dressed with beautiful Peonies, Stocks, Roses and Peonies
Howard Wing was in the building...

The Mr & Mrs sign from Brides Little Helper

Our super tall flower bombs looked really dramatic on the tables

Our beautiful Bride & Groom were celebrating out on the terrace with their friends and family as we bid them a fond fare well...

Our work here was done it was time to leave the party in full swing many, many thanks to Jen, Connor and their lovely family for choosing FD Events to create their wedding flowers for them xxx


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