Coral Peonies & Sweet Peas for Katy & Chris at Singleton Lodge Country House

What a super splendid time we've had with Katy & Chris, getting to know them has been an absolute joy. The planning and preparations for this beautiful wedding have been simply sublime, they'd booked a brilliant venue the fabulous Singleton Lodge Country House, they had some terrific wedding suppliers lined up too, the super talented Samantha Broadley Photography and DJ Extraordinaire Gary Mills, we had such a great day working with these great folks.
Katy & Chris produced this wonderful Mood Board to help inspire our ideas for their wedding flowers, there was bags of informative detail, the board was crammed with fabulous Peony images and we were in no doubt about their vivacious coral colour scheme either this board is exactly the sort of board we love, in short it's perfect!! As I always say the best mood boards produce the best wedding day for the Bride & Groom.

Following the Mood Board meeting we made plans for them to come back in to see the sample bridal designs we'd created for them, in line with their Mood Board, brief & budget, we'd made Katy a glorious sample wedding bouquet featuring Coral Peonies, Juliet Roses & Sweet Peas
We'd made a sample Peony, Rose bud and Sweet Pea Boutonniere
 A sample table centrepiece featuring one of our golden candelabras dressed with Peonies, Roses & Hydrangeas
 A sample suggestion for their top table, a collection of golden vessels filled with fresh flowers and candles
At long last the big day arrived and our Chloe and Jason were looking after the fresh flowers, setting them up for the ceremony, pinning on boutonnieres and presenting the Bridal Bouquets.
The Bridal Bouquet was totally heavenly a cacophony of coral blooms assaulted the senses, a visual spectacle and a sweet scented slice of heaven I can tell you!!
Coral Peonies 'Coral Sunset' with Ivory Peonies Duchess de Nemours, with David Austin's exquisite Rose Juliet, alongside Floribunda Roses Gracia Creme and Barbados, Apricot Lissianthus and Coral & Peach Sweet Peas completed the beautiful coral bridal bouquet

Chloe had the huge pleasure of presenting the Bridal Bouquets to our gorgeous Bride and her beautiful Bridesmaids

The Bridesmaid's were all carrying smaller versions of the Bride's bouquet

The Bridesmaids were about a third of the size of the Bride's Bouquet
The Flower Girl's Bouquets were even smaller again and created to suit their size and age

The sun was shining and the sky was blue over Singleton Lodge
We'd decorated the front door with one of our beautiful FD Floral hearts
Shirl had included a plethora of sumptuous summer blooms in this Floral Heart, the Coral Peonies featured together with some white peonies, Roses, Stocks, Astilbe and Sweet Peas creating a gloriously floral welcome as the guests arrived for Katy & Chris' wedding

Inside the porch the boutonnieres were lined up ready to be pinned on to the Bride Groom and his Groom's men as they arrived
The Boutonnieres were all individually created using the same flower palette as the Bridal Bouquets
A simple yet elegant white Rose Boutonniere created for the Groom's Mum Janet

The Bride Groom's rather special 'Coral Sunset' Peony Boutonniere with Rose bud and Sweet Pea detailing
We'd bound the stem of the Groom's boutonniere with ivory satin to match his waistcoat

The lovely Chris, Katy's handsome Bride Groom complete with his rather special Peony & Rose Boutonniere
The Bride Groom's Coral peony Boutonniere
Our Chloe pinned on all of the boutonnieres ensuring each one was positioned perfectly

The Bride Groom's super proud parents

The adorable Page Boy Alex had a miniature version of the Groom's Men's Boutonnieres

The fabulous Bride's Mum Susan looking gorgeous
Chloe had made the Groom's Mum a beautiful wrist corsage designed to match the colours in her dress brilliantly

Inside the Ceremony Room the scene was set with our golden candelabras stood on pedestals framing the ceremony space and the Registrars table

The Registrars table was dressed with a series of golden vessels filled with Peonies, Roses and Sweet Peas

The utterly super cute Flower Girls were first to head for the ceremony

Too gorgeous for words these two are, the lovely Olivia & Emily!!xxx

The coral shades in the bouquets matched the Bridesmaid's dressed perfectly

Our breathtakingly beautiful Bride the very lovely Katy with her ridiculously proud Dad Nigel, Katy was wearing a beautiful gown by Morilee from The Bridal Collection in Lancaster

The Coral Bridal Bouquet looked absolutely perfect against the ivory Morilee gown

The Bridesmaid's were all wearing fresh Gypsophilia in their hair

Huge Congratulations to Katy & Chris from all of the team here at Flower Design

The fabulous Samantha Broadley doing what she does best, we can't wait to see her images of such a fabulous day

Beautiful Coral and Peach Bridal Bouquets

Our Jason collected up all of the Bridesmaids Bouquets to put them into vases of water after they'd finished having all of the photographs taken 

The ceremony room had been transformed into a magnificent banqueting suite
The tables were dressed with our golden candelabras dressed with coral and peach blooms

Our Golden Pineapple bowls were filled with Roses, Peonies, Astilbe, Lissianthus and Sweet peas
The Top Table looked stunning with posies of fresh flowers set in golden vessels set on a row of mirrors

The beautiful wedding cake looked gorgeous dressed with Coral Peonies created out of icing very clever indeed

Our work here was done it was time to leave the party in full swing, many thanks to Katy & Chris for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers for them xxx


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