Apricot English Garden Roses with Blue Forget Me Nots for Gemma & Scott's Beautiful Bartle Hall Wedding Day

We first met up with Gemma & Scott almost a year ago, they'd been to see another florist but were having heebie-jeebies about their provisional booking. I always think this is a really tricky situation, to be compared to other florists! in my opinion, florists are a really genuine and honest bunch (no pun intended), it's impossible for any of us to provide a 'like for like' quotation (it's not like buying a washing machine or a car) as we all have a different image in our heads of what we intend to create, the designs may be bigger or smaller, with a different collection of flowers in different grades, the skill set & service each florist offers may be poles apart, I am pretty certain you get exactly what you pay for and cheaper is quite simply less, less good, less full and generally less beautiful!
But here's the thing with Gemma & Scott, it wasn't about the cost it was about the style, were they going to get what they wanted? did the florist share their vision? in the end they decided that the florist didn't and they cancelled their provisional booking in favour of Flower Design, this doesn't make us feel great, it just makes us realise how fragile bookings are and how important it is to communicate clearly, for us to meet often & ask the right questions of our Bridal couples, to explain clearly what information is needed on the mood board, to take time to understand the brief and to make beautiful sample designs, in short make sure we are all on the same page...
Gemma & Scott's fabulous mood board, beautifully presented, clearly labelled and most importantly it included all of the essential information we needed to create a set of sample designs
 A sample of a small section of the design for their Top Table
 We'd used a collection of jam jars and bottles set on a collection of slices of tree, contorted branches, mosses with Succulents illuminated with tea light votives

 An idea for some of the guest tables one of small bulb crates filled with fresh flowers

 Small jars were filled with hand picked posies as a an option for the guest tables
 Fresh succulents finished off all of the designs
 The sample Bridal Bouquet of exquisite Juliet Roses from David Austin, White Peonies, Forget Me Nots, Apricot Lissianthus, Dill, Scabious Seed Heads and Eryngium
 Apricot Lissianthus & Juliet Roses
 White Peonies and blush Ranunculus
 Blue Eryngium 

 At long last Gemma & Scott's wedding day arrived and our Chloe made the presentation of the Bridal Bouquets, Chloe showed 'Team Gemma' how to carry their bouquets perfectly.
Our lovely Bride Gemma & little Harlow
Gemma's beautiful Wedding Bouquet of exquisite Juliet Roses from David Austin, White Peonies, Forget Me Nots, fresh fragrant Lily of the Valley, Ranunculus,  Astilbe, Sweet Peas, Wax Flower Blossom, Apricot Lissianthus, Dill, Scabious Seed Heads and Eryngium
The adorable little Flower Girl Harlow had a tiny 'Magic Wand Posy' to carry
We'd included fresh Lily of the Valley, Forget Me Nots, Ranunculus and Rose Buds in the Flower Girl's posy
The Bridesmaids all carried smaller, simpler versions of the Bride's Bouquet

Gemma's beautiful wedding bouquet not only looked gorgeous it was super sweet scented too
The Bride's Mum the lovely Alison was wearing a soft peach jacket over a navy lace dress, she'd decided that having her hand bag dressed with fresh flowers would be the prefect accessory
The Bride's Mum's Handbag Corsage in pale peach and blue shades

The very lovely and super talented Sonara Parker mua was busy making Alison even more beautiful

The Groom's Mum Jackie also chose to have a hand bag corsage designed to compliment her coral hand bag and her floral print dress

Bartle Hall is such a splendid setting for a Spring wedding, it's one of our all time favourite venues and is just down the road from FD HQ
Inside The Windsor Suite the scene was set for the ceremony, we'd lined the aisle with candlelit Hurricane Lanterns, Mosses and fresh fragrant Rose Petals, the chairs were covered by Creative Cover Hire

The Registrars table was framed by stacks of 'Bulb Crates' dressed with fresh flowers and lanterns

The Registrars table top was decorated with a random collection of jars and bottles filled with posies of fresh flowers

Scott, Gemma's super handsome Bride Groom was first to have his Boutonniere pinned to his lapel

The Bride Groom's Boutonniere included a Juliet Rose with Forget Me Nots, Sweet Peas, Eryngium and a Scabious Seed Head
Jackie looked fabulous and her handbag corsage matched her ensemble perfectly

The beautiful Bride's Mum Alison looked wonderful and her handbag corsage matched perfectly

Harlow the adorable little Flower Girl looked just perfect

The Flower Girl's Magi Wand Posy was the perfect choice to compliment her 'Fairy' like frock
Gemma looked breathtakingly beautiful as she descended the stairs at Bartle Hall, Gemma was wearing an exquisite  'blush peony' Stella York gown from Emma Louise Bridal 

The Bridesmaids were wearing navy blue multiway gowns their bouquets looked simply perfect with them

Huge Congratulations to Gemma, Scott & Harlow from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

The fabulous wedding photographer on the day was the very talented Andy Hirst, we can't wait to see his images of such a magical day 
The celebrations moved on to the Balmoral Suite where the tables were dressed in a rustic style with collections of recycled glass bottles and jars filled with posies of fresh Flowers, Succulents & Candles all set on slices of tree, seed trays, mosses and branches
A Posy of fresh Lily of the Valley
Roses & Ranunculus set amid the wood and Succulents

On the guest dining tables the posies of fresh flowers looked beautiful in the bottles and jars dressed by the bridal party
Sweet scented Apricot Stocks

Each table had a unique design in the centre of the table
Our Crates looked wonderful as centrepieces 

Beautiful Blue Forget Me Nots
White O'Hara Rose

Apricot Lissianthus

Posies of Juliet Roses, Peonies & Ranunculus
Fresh Ranunculus & Thalaspi

We even found a home for Harlow's Magic Wand on the top table

Our work here was done it was time to leave the party in full swing huge thanks to Gemma & Scott and both of their families for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers for them


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