Sugar Plum & Golden Palette for Joanne & Stuart's Magical Winter Wedding Day at Romantic Bartle Hall

We absolutely loved working on this 'Bordeaux' plum golden wedding at one of our all time favourite venues the fabulous Bartle Hall Hotel.
Joanne & Stuart had some spectacular plans for their big day, their beautiful mood board really inspired our designs, both of them had a clear vision for their family wedding, bags of romance, tons of rich warm colour, a plethora of fresh flowers and an abundance of candlelight.

 We got together with Joanne & Stuart just a few weeks before their wedding to present a collection of sample bridal designs to them, we'd made Joanne a beautiful Wedding Bouquet, we'd blended the colours to ensure a perfect match the the Bridesmaids fabric Dessy's 'Bordeaux Plum'
 We included lots of wintery textures and materials, Velvety Blueberry, Mentha & Black Baccara Roses, Silky Plum Calla Lilies, Glossy Berries and Leaves, Fluffy Astilbe, Prickly Eryngium Thistles and felt like Classic Hydrangeas with Evergreen foliages and fresh fragrant herbs including fresh Rosemary the herb of Remembrance
 We made a sample Boutonniere for Stuart featuring a beautiful Black Baccara Rose, a tiny Fir Cone, Eryngium Thistle and Berries, we'd bound the stem with string to compliment Stuarts tweed jacket
We decided on a combination of high and low table designs all in golden vessels, we love this gorgeous golden pineapple vase filled with fresh flowers to compliment the bridal bouquets
Our Golden Byzantine Candelabras provided the taller design ensuring rhythm and the flickering candlelight would add movement around the room
On the big day, Chloe and I were at Bartle Hall in one of their magnificent suites presenting the Bridal Party with their box of floral treasures
We always love the big reveal, peeling back the tissue and revealing their beautiful bridal bouquets is always a joyous moment.
Like a Jewel box of floral Rubies, Garnets, Sapphires and Black Pearls, these gorgeous wedding bouquets not only looked wonderful but their fragrance was heavenly
I handed the beautiful Joanne her gorgeous bouquet

We showed everyone how to carry their bouquets perfectly and we introduced them to the flowers we'd used.

We'd attached a beautiful brooch to the handle of the Joanne's wedding bouquet so she could carry her lovely mum close to her as she walked down the aisle.

We attached Joanne's Dad's Boutonniere to his jacket, we'd clustered together a Black Bacarra Rose with fresh Rosemary, Skimmia, Viburnum Steel Berry, Thistle and foliages to create a beautiful Buttonhole.
In the Balmoral Suite at Bartle Hall the scene was set for ceremony
Two of our Byzantine Candelabras framed the ceremony space, posies and candles dressed the Registrars table and the ledge just behind the Registrars table
We'd lined the aisle with our golden Hurricane Lamps and fresh fragrant Rose Petals

Golden vessels filled with fresh flowers decorating the Registrars table
Our Magnificent Byzantine Candelabras were stood on pedestals on either side of the Registrars table

The ledge just behind the Registrars table was dressed with candles and posies of fresh flowers

Fresh flowers on the end of the bar next to the 'Gluhwein'

Dressing the ledges around the bar and the dance floor more gorgeous posies of fresh flowers in golden vessels
We lined up all of the Boutonnieres on the bar ready to pin them on to our Bride Groom Stuart and all of the special guests
The Groom's Men's Boutonnieres in shades of plum and burgundy
Special Ladies Ivory Rose Boutonnieres
The Groom's Mum's Corsage of pale blush Bombastic Roses
First to have his seriously special boutonniere pinned to his lapel was our super handsome Bride Groom the very lovely Stuart
The Bride Groom's Rustic Boutonniere had a flavour of the 'Country Gent' about it, featuring a beautiful Black Baccara Rose, a tiny Fir Cone, Eryngium Thistle and Berries, we'd bound the stem with string to compliment Stuart's tweed jacket

All of the Boutonnieres looked festive and seasonal, Chloe pinned each one on to ensure perfect positioning

The Groom's Mum Gill looked super glam and her corsage of Bombastic Roses complimented her ensemble perfectly

The Bridesmaids started to make their way down the main stair case over in the Manor House at Bartle Hall, they looked delightful

The shades of plums, nudes and burgundy looked so elegant with the Bridesmaids gowns
The Bridesmaid's gowns were by Dessy from Susan Craig Bridal Wear 

Our stunning Bride Joanne looked absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, we loved her Mark Lesley gown from Lacy Days in Ramsbottom

All of the magic was being recorded by Jo Gendle Films

Huge Congratulations to Joanne & Stuart from all of the team here at Flower Design

First to congratulate our Bride & Groom was the very lovely Heather who does a great job of looking after operations on the day and ensuring the Bride & Groom have the most perfect day xxx

The Naked Wedding Cake by Eat Cakes by Susan was dressed with matching fresh flowers and fruits

The Balmoral Suite had been completely transformed from ceremony to reception whilst all of the guests were enjoying the drinks reception
The tables were dressed with a combination of high and low candlelit table designs
Our Golden Byzantine Candelabras looked magnificent on the dining tables

The top table looked wonderful dressed with a series of golden vessels filled with fresh flowers and golden candlesticks and votives

Each table design was quite unique, all of them looked romantic with a rosy golden glow


The dining chairs and golden table cloths were provided by the great folks from Creative Cover Hire

The blend of colours worked so perfectly creating the overall Plum and gold vibe our  Bride & Groom had worked towards

How completely gorgeous are these two!!!xxx
Beautiful Bridal Bouquet in wintery plum shades

Huge thanks to Joanne & Stuart from all of the team here at Flower Design Events, we're so delighted that you chose us to create your wedding flowers for you xxxxxx


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