A Celebration of Romantic Literary Heroes for Alexa & David's Winter Wedding at St Peter's Stonyhurst & The Inn at Whitewell, Featuring Some Beautiful Images from David Scholes Photography

We had such a wonderful time planning this intricate and detailed 'Winter Wedding', as a dedicated wedding and event florist we have the huge joy and privilege of getting to know our Brides & Groom's and getting to plan their flowers so personally that they are quite simply perfect for them and their story. 
Alexa and David had some beautiful ideas for their winter wedding at the historic venues St Peter's Church at Stonyhurst College, steeped in the history of Lord of the Rings author J.R.R Tolkien link and The Inn at Whitewell set in the heart of Lancashire. 
The wonderful Mood Board & Brief provided by our Bride & Groom included fresh flowers, foliages and herbs that are symbolic and feature in the Poetry & Prose of Alexa & David's favourite authors, our task was to include them in Alexa's Wedding Bouquet, David's Boutonniere and in the table designs, we loved the challenge and had a great time sourcing the different ingredients and learning the stories behind the blooms.

A few weeks before Alexa & David's wedding we had the great pleasure of presenting a collection of sample bridal designs for them to see and choose from all inspired by their beautiful mood board and their detailed plans.
Alexa's Bridesmaids were wearing pale grey Bridesmaid's gowns, we wanted to include the grey shades in the flowers and Alexa loved our choice of Earl Grey Roses, dove grey Senecio, Albiflora, pearl grey Eucalyptus and pewter grey Steel berries and of course all of the exciting materials with literary references.
We included fresh 'Daffadillies', 'Coronations' &Roses in honour of Spenser's poem 'A Ditty, In praise of Eliza Queen of the Shepherd', The berries of Mulberry to recall Ovid's literary lovers Pyramus & Thisbe in Metamorphoses, Lotus Seed heads from Homer's 'Lotus Eaters', sweet scented Hyacinth from 'Madrigal' by Drummond of Hawthornden, sprigs of fresh Cherry branches from 'Cherry Ripe' by Thomas Campion, Calla Lilies a nod to William Blake's poem 'The Lily', the Royal herb Myrtle is included in every royal wedding bouquet in honour of Christopher Marlowe's poem 'The Passionate Shepherd to his Love', Ivy from  Milton's 'Paradise Lost', Hellebores for John Keats '...As the leaves of Hellebore
Turn to whence they sprung before.' We included Moss and lichen covered branches to remember Emily Dickinson's 'All Overgrown by Cunning Moss' and of course the English Rose for our beloved Shakespeare from the most romantic play of all time Romeo & Juliet to name but a few.
We wanted all of the designs to 'feel right' with the underlying poetic themes, our Enchanted trees a nod to Midsummer Night's Dream and Blake's 'My Orcha'd in Linden Lea'
Poetry by Candlelight creating the perfect setting for reading Edith Sitwell's 'By Candlelight' making the inclusion of our florally decorated 'Baroque Candelabras' an essential choice
Each design we created had it's own story, a reason for being included, the upwardly striving fresh Pussy Willow a  symbol of Spring and brand new beginnings, arranged in our tall elegant vases were no exception, Xie Daoyun's comparison of snow and willow catkins is a famous line of poetry and is used to refer to precocious young female poets. On the table tops we arranged stacks of relevant books in the hope that the guests may just pick them up and read, just for a moment or two!!!
David's rather special Bride Groom's Boutonniere featuring all of the important floral elements, Rosemary for Remembrance from Shakespeare's Hamlet Link, a fresh Rose, Myrtle, Olive, Ivy, Ranunculus,  The rough burr-Thistle a nod to Robert Burns
The Top table design featured a collection of slender volumes of our Bride & Groom's favourite poetry anthologies, small candelabras and posies of meaningful poetic blooms
At last the big day arrived, Jason was over at The Inn at Whitewell to present the Bridal Bouquets bright and early, the totally fabulous Dave Scholes of David Scholes Photography was there capturing all of the magic and we are very grateful to him for providing us with a wonderful collection of his images from the big day.
Jason showed our beautiful Bride her bouquet and introduced her to all of her exquisite blooms
Jason showed Alexa and her Bridesmaid's how to carry their bouquets perfectly
Back to our Jason's snaps...

The beautiful blue wrist corsage created for the Bride's Mum included blue Delphinium florets, Blue Hydrangeas and navy blue Viburnum Steel Berry. Image Credit David Scholes Photography
The Bridal bouquet was much more refined than the sample and all of the elements were so beautifully crafted together, making an exquisite tapestry of meaningful textures and materials
The tiny white Daffodils, Moss branches, Roses, Cherry Blossom, Myrtle, Hyacinth, Peonies, Hellebores, Anemones can all be seen clearly in these lovely close up images, Image Credit David Scholes Photography
We'd attached a little photograph frame to the handle of Alexa's wedding bouquet. Image Credit David Scholes Photography

Jason headed off to St Peter's Church at Stonyhurst College, we'd dressed this huge Church with some beautiful fresh flowers on the pew ends and framing the Altar
Our beautiful Baroque candelabras were placed on pedestal stands framing the marriage ceremony space
Just behind the Altar a magnificent bank of Poinsettia and Cyclamen plants provided a magnificent backdrop to our hugely tall pedestals of fresh Pussy Willow, Cymbidium Orchids, Roses and Hydrangeas

It was great to work with the completely brilliant Roland from RT Productions and Wedding Films we can't wait to see his work
Jason pinned on the Bride Groom's very special Rose, Ranunculus & Thistle Boutonniere which also included so many important and symbolic elements not least a small sprig of fresh Olive the ultimate symbol of peace in almost all cultures and religions link 
We'd bound the stem with black satin so it looked as if the boutonniere was suspended against David's dinner jacket

Storm Barbara was an unwelcome guest but added to the drama of the setting, Image Credit David Scholes Photography

                                                Image Credit David Scholes Photography

Alexa looked absolutely breathtaking as she arrived at Church with her super proud Dad Peter,  Alexa was wearing 'Chandler' Wedding Dress by Maggie Sottero from The Bridal House at Aston Clinton

The two magnificent Church Pedestals stood like 'Guardian Angels' framing the ceremony space so beautifully. Image Credit David Scholes Photography
                                                 Image Credit David Scholes Photography

Massive Congratulations to David & Alexa from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

    Image Credit David Scholes Photography
The celebrations moved on to the magnificent surroundings of the illuminated marquee at The Inn at Whitewell, where the tables were dressed with floral loveliness and poetry books. Image Credit David Scholes Photography
We'd used a combination of heights and shapes and sizes of table design to add texture and rhythm to the marquee decorations.
 Image Credit David Scholes Photography
The Seating Plan, each table named after a Poet or author
Each of the tables were named after our Bride & Groom's favourite authors and poets sat next to the name card was a vase of the symbolic flower relevant to that particular author.
Our Baroque Candelabras looked wonderfully atmospheric in the candlelit and twinklelit marquee. Image Credit David Scholes Photography
Glass orbs illuminated by tea light candles hung from the branches of our Enchanted Trees.
Our super tall table vases created wonderful focal points in the marquee.
Cherry Blossom for Campion. Image Credit David Scholes Photography
Shakespeare's Roses, Image Credit David Scholes Photography
The romantic top table design with posies books and candelabras

Our work here was done it was time to leave the party in full swing many thanks to Alexa & David for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers for them, thank you also to the lovely Dave Scholes for providing such a beautiful collection of images.


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