'Gin Botanicals' For the 20th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations of Yvonne & James's Including Some Beautiful Images by Roger Moore Photography

So this was such a joyous event to be involved with we had the great pleasure of creating special flowers for Yvonne & James' 20th Wedding Anniversary, we also had the huge pleasure of working with some of our favourite event professionals too... the fabulous Roger Moore, who's supplied lots of the lovely images in this post and Typical Type, Creative Cover Hire, Rowley's Catering & Event Management & Amoretto Wedding
So where to begin...at the start, so Jason & I met up with Yvonne, James and Paul Rowley at their house, we had a big conversation about Gin amongst other things and decided on a 'Gin Botanicals' theme for the flowers, there was going to be a fabulous Gin Bar, James had, had his own Gin blended (I for one am very envious) so we did a bit of investigating, I shared a few images with Yvonne and Harriet from Amoretto wedding stationery and a plan was beginning to take shape. It was all about the details...

We met up at the converted Garage at the bottom of their beautiful garden to get a better sense of the space

A blank canvas you might say which is absolutely perfect

At last the big day arrived and Jason, Chloe, Tom and I were at the 'Gin Garage'  by 9am, we started where the guests would enter the 'stage' they had no idea by the way where the party was going to be held and had to follow the magical twinkly lights supplied by the great folks at Typical Type
A beautiful Tuscan Lemon tree was the first clue to the Gin theme...

Our Floral Heart of fresh fragrant Botanicals...Cinnamon, Rosemary, Crab Apples, Pepper Corns, Roses, Sedum, Hydrangeas, Dahlias, Snowberries, Peppermint, Juniper and Lavender, welcomed the guests to the 'Gin Garage'

Crap Apples
White Roses, Yvonne & James had those for their wedding day 20 years ago
Peppercorns and Roses
Bundles of sweet scented Cinnamon
Just inside the entrance we'd dressed one of our fabulous Enchanted Trees as a Lemon Tree with gorgeous plumes of Phalaenopsis Orchids

Smilax Fern's cascaded up the staircase illuminated with copper wire fairy lights provided by Typical Type

A sprinkling of fragrant Rose Petals on the ledges provided a delicate botanical fragrance as the guests headed up stairs

At the top of the stairs the fabulous 'Gin Bar' and the equally fabulous Oscar Rowley, we loved the Eddison Lights provided by Typical Type, on either end of the Bar we'd arranged groups of Gin Botanicals along with the bottles of Gin

Each of the fresh Gin Botanicals were presented in 'Apothecary' style flasks and vessels all labelled with their Latin and common names printed by Harriet from Amoretto

It was good to see enough Champagne on ice
On the dining tables we'd paced tall elegant table designs set on glass columns, topped with floral magnificence, we'd chosen Cafe Au Lait Dahlias, Exquisite Roses Hydrangeas, Stocks, Pink Peppercorn, Eucalyptus, Myrtle, Juniper, Dille, Angelica, Eucalyptus & Lavender Foliages
Each place setting include Rose Gold cutlery, a beautiful personalised menu card created by Harriet from Amoretto, a different posy of Gin Botanicals dressed each napkin

Every surface and sill was beautifully dressed with fragrant herbs and candlelit golden lanterns

Paul & Oscar Rowley of Rowley's Catering what a super brilliant team to have on board for such a special occasion

Around the base of each vase we'd arranged a collection of flasks and vessels each with a unique posy of  single variety Gin Botanicals

At tea time Jason and I headed back after we'd completed our respective weddings to light all of the candles and put the finishing touches to the designs, the Copper lights by Typical Type now looked splendid as the light was beginning to dim

In the corners of the room we'd stacked some crates and dressed them with Apples, Figs and Peppercorns set in amongst the candlelit lanterns

Typical Type's Light looked amazing as night  fell

A plume of fresh magnificently opulent Phalaenopsis Orchids was draped over the post at the foot of the stairs and welcomed the guests
The following stunning images were taken by the very lovely Roger Moore and capture the magic so elegantly, many thanks to him for providing them as they complete the full flower story so perfectly

Before Jason & I left we headed into the impromptu kitchen to see what Chef Paul Rowley was creating, beside's flowers my other passion is of course food... (you don't get this figure without effort I can tell you!!) we just took a few snaps of men at work... (my other, other passion)
Pak Choi
Thai Black Rice

Just a quick reminder of the menu...
These last few images are of course by the brilliant Roger Moore and show just how wonderful the food looked when finished

Massive thanks to Yvonne & James for choosing Flower Design Events to create their Anniversary Flowerrs we loved it!!!xxxxxx


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