Emma & Richard's Wedding Celebrations at Browsholme Hall & Tithe Barn

Emma & Richard were married a few weeks ago in Santorini but had chosen to celebrate their marriage with all of their friends and family back in the UK at the wonderful Browsholme Hall & Tithe Barn.
We'd been sent over all of the details of the original Bridal flowers from the florist in Santorini, Emma wanted to carry a replica of her original bouquet and for us to re-create some of the designs they'd had over in Greece.
Vicky & Chloe had the enormous pleasure of presenting the bouquets of Mediterranean Herbs, Foliages and flowers to Emma & Richard in the Bridal Cottage at Browsholme 
The fragrances must have taken Emma right back to Santorini I'm sure, we'd included fresh Olive, Lavender, Peppermint, English Garden Roses Patience, Chincherinchees, Dill and Viburnum Opulus

A fabulous Pedestal design reminiscent of the pedestals that had framed their ceremony in Greece, greeted the guests as they arrived
Fresh Delphiniums, Hydrangeas, Roses, Stocks, fresh Jasmine & Mediterranean Herbs & Foliages created a wonderfully warm welcome for the guests
Inside the lower barn we'd dressed the tables with a collection of high and low table designs
Our tall elegant table vases were topped with magnificent plumes of fresh Delphiniums, Roses, Hydrangeas and Stocks
The lower designs featured collections of jam jars filled with fresh Lavender, Mint, Gypsophilia, Chincherinchees and Dill

Collection of candlelit votives illuminated each table perfectly

In the Upper Barn the tables were also decorated with fresh and fragrant designs

Massive Congratulations to Emma & Richard on their marriagexxx


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