Epic Posting Alert!!!!! Sharalyn & Phillip's Spectacular Wedding Day at Christ Church & at The Fisherman's Retreat

This wedding has been an absolute joy to work on from start to finish, not only have we got some wonderful memories captured here but we've also gained some completely fabulous friends. Way back in September 2014 we met up with Sharalyn and her wonderful, wonderful parents Sharon and Ken for the very first time. 
We all hit it off immediately and I for one looked forward to our many meetings, without exception they always ended up with us all in hysterics, we have laughed together and cried together, there have been so many ups and downs not least Philip's recent motor cycle accident, which had us all so desperately worried, thank goodness he's made such a fabulous recovery!!!
After an emotional roller coaster ride we finally arrived at the 'Big Day', Jason and I were up at 4am, finishing off the bridal bouquets and getting the van loaded up, we were ready to head off at 7:30am, we had a precious cargo and Berto was in the driving seat.
After dropping off some of the reception flowers in Ramsbottom we arrived at the Bride's house just after 10 am.
 I had the huge pleasure of presenting the Bridal Bouquets to our fabulous Bride. One of my biggest worries, the stuff of sleepless nights, was Sharalyn's desire for fresh Peonies in her wedding Bouquet (officially the Peony season ends at the end of June and this wedding was on 10th September), I fear I may have sold my soul to the devil to secure them with one of our Dutch growers, but I couldn't have been more delighted when they arrived at FD HQ last week!!!!xxx
 The big reveal is always a wonderful moment particularly when you know you've got those impossible to get Peonies in there!!!xxx

 Sharalyn's Bouquet included a plethora of perfumed garden Roses alongside her Peonies, Sweet Peas and Hydrangeas
 I showed our beautiful Bride and her lovely Bridesmaid's how to carry their bouquets perfectly, whilst our Chloe took some fab snaps

The chief Bridesmaid Kim was carrying a smaller version of Sharalyn's Wedding Bouquet
 The Bridesmaids; Shona, Jessica, Steph & Fran carried slightly smaller again bouquets to match the Bridal Bouquet perfectly

 The fragrance of the Roses was absolutely dreamy

 The legendary Ken, Father of the Bride, and one heck of a great guy, we pinned on his Boutonniere which matched his daughter's wedding bouquet beautifully
 The Father of the Bride's Boutonniere included a Sweet Avalanche Rose with a Mimi Eden Rose Bud, Sweet Peas, Hydrangea florets, Fern and Eucalyptus.
 Chloe & I headed off to Christ Church in Heaton where we lined the path with hooked lanterns

Fresh fragrant Bay Trees dressed with Sweet Avalanche Roses and Gypsophilia framed the front door to church

Once inside this magnificent Church guests were treated to the first two of four fabulous Pedestal designs
At the foot of the aisle stood two beautiful Church Pedestals, then all 34 pew ends were dressed alternating between fresh floral posies and wicker hearts

 The pedestal designs included fresh Hydrangeas in shades of ivory, blush pink and pink with Dahlias, Roses, Socks and Peonies

 A beautifully elegant remembrance posy and photographs of precious grandparents no longer with us sat at the back of church and came along with us to the reception afterwards

 Pew End Posies of Dahlias, Roses, Peonies, Hydrangeas and Sweet Peas in shades of pinks and ivories

 At the head of the aisle another two Church pedestals framed the ceremony space magnificently

 A Sweet Avalanche Rose with Hydrangeas

We lined up all of the Boutonnieres ready to pin them on the Groom and his Groom's Men and some very special guests too
 The Bride Groom's rather special Boutonniere
 Aunty Ann's very gorgeous blue wrist corsage
 The Bride Groom's Mum's Corsage created for Bev in pale blue, grey and ivory shades
 The close family and friends had beautiful Sweet Avalanche Rose Boutonnieres
 Sharalyn's super handsome Bride Groom Phillip was first to have his super special boutonniere pinned to his lapel

 We pinned on everyone' boutonniere ensuring each one was positioned perfectly.

 The Bride Groom's seriously proud parents
Flower Girl's posies were ready to hand over as they arrived at Church
The adorable flower girls Olivia, Amelia and Isabelle carried miniature versions of the Bridesmaids posies

 I included Peonies, Roses, Sweet Peas and Hydrangeas in the Flower Girls blush, pink and ivory bouquets

 The Bridesmaid's all looked so lovely they were wearing gorgeous grey gowns by Jim Hjelm from Bride to Be by Hannah Lois

 The Bride and her bursting with pride Dad was next to arrive in beautiful cars from Malvern Wedding Cars
 Sharalyn looked absolutely glowing...

The team from Flix 'n' Pix were capturing all of the magic

 Our fabulous Bride was wearing a Sophia Tolli gown from Glamour Bridal Bolton and a 'Kardashian' full length Veil
 Sharalyn's ginormous Wedding Bouquet of Pink Peonies, Roses, Hydrangeas and Sweet Peas was in a 'Flower Bomb' style and looked perfect with her gown

 The Chief Bridesmaid Kim was wearing an exquisite gown from Ghost

 Sharalyn with both of hr amazing parents made their way up the Church path

 Sharon the completely wonderful Bride's Mum and somewhat of a super star was wearing a wrist corsage to compliment her beautiful ensemble from Nigel Rayment

 Huge and ginormous congratulations to Sharalyn & Phillip from all of the team here at Flower Design

The celebrations moved on to The Fisherman's Retreat in Ramsbottom
Outside on the terrace the super brilliant Dax on Sax was entertaining everyone brilliantly

The dining room was dressed with a combination of high and low table designs
The lower tables featured posies of fresh flowers covered over with glass bells set on mirrors with floating candles and tea lights with smaller fresh flower posies  completing the look
Fabulously tall Flower Bombs provided the tall table design

 The Top table was dressed with a series of crystal vessels filled with fresh flowers, floating candles, candlesticks and tea lights all set on a series of reflective mirrors

 Exquisite Dahlia

 The wonderful wedding singer and entertainer Howard Wing was ready to get the party going in his own fantastic style

 The views are quite simply breathtaking

 At 6pm Jason & I were back to move all of the fresh flowers downstairs for the 'After Show Party'

By 7:30pm we were all done and ready to leave the party in full swing, we managed a quick dinner with my lovely Mum in 'Roch Vegas' before heading off on clear downs working throughout the night, after a couple of hours in bed we were back to clear down at The Fisherman's Retreat this morning leaving everything boxed up for them ready to enjoy for a few more days, many thanks to the wonderful Bride & Groom and all of the family for choosing Flower Design to be a small part of their very big day we have enjoyed every second of it!!xxx


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