Super Stylish Emerald & Ruby Wedding Day of Anna & Dale at Magnificent Samelsbury Hall, Featuring Some Beautiful Images from Lottie Designs

This is such a wonderful venue, it has such a magical atmosphere, Samlesbury Hall is steeped in history I always get a tingle when ever we do a wedding there (even more so since we did the ghost hunt in the Autumn).
Our fabulous Bride & Groom live in London so we'd had a long distance relationship but had managed to arrange for them to both see a set of lovely sample designs inspired by their stunning Mood Board.
Thank you so much to the brilliant Charlotte Boothman from Lottie Designs who provided the following stunning images
The ceremony was held in The Whittaker Room which used to be the old Chapel it's perfect for wedding ceremonies, we'd framed the Registrars table with two fabulous Baroque Candelabras and dressed the table with collections of glass and crystal vessels each one filled with posies of fresh flowers and sprinkled fresh fragrant rose petals on the floor just in front of the table
Emerald green Hydrangeas and Ruby Roses with clusters of Blackberries filled the vintage crystal vessels, images by Lottie Designs

We'd filled pots with Succulents and flowers

Our Baroque Candelabras were overflowing with fresh luscious blooms and herbs we used Poppy Seed Heads, Roses, Dahlias, Rosemary, Dill, Peppermint and Hdrangeas
images by Lottie Designs
The aisle was lined with candlelit Hurricane Lamps surrounded by fresh fragrant Rose Petals
Our snaps follow...

We lined up all of the Boutonnieres ready to pin them on to the all important Bride Groom and his party, each boutonniere was unique 
The Bride Groom's Boutonniere Velvety Black Bacarra Rose with fresh Rosemary, Rolled petals, Blackberry and Hydrangeas

The super handsome Bride Groom Dale
Dale's rather special Bride Groom's Boutonniere
The Best man's nude Rose Boutonniere with Blackberries
Mum's Blue & Ivory Corsage

We pinned on all of the boutonniere ensuring each one was positioned perfectly

Corsage of Lavender Roses and Pepper Mint

The Bridal Bouquet's were being presented to our Bride and her Maids when they arrived at Samlesbury Hall
Anna's beautiful Bridal Bouquet of Patience, Mentha and Black Bacara Roses with Dahlias, , Poppy Seed Heads, Love in the Mist Seed Heads, Blackberries, Dill, Rosemary, peppermint, Hydrangeas, Veronica and Lily of the valley, the following images are by Lottie Designs Ltd

Our snaps...

The Bridesmaids looked gorgeous in their Emerald Green gowns and their bouquets toned perectly

The very fabulous Charlotte Boothman from Lottie Designs ltd
Josie handed over the bouquet to the stunningly beautiful Anna

The following shots are Lottie's

Back to ours...

Huge Congratulations to Anna & Dale from all of the team her at Flower Design Events

The cake was dressed with a beautiful Cake Topper created as a miniture verion of the Bride's Wedding Bouquet, Lottie's shots...

Our Baroque Candelabaras looked magnificent now as table designs, they were sat on tree slices and surrounded succulents and logs with tea light votives in between
Some of our Candelabras were dressed with flowers around their base
Low Verdi Gris Bird Baths were filled with fresh flowers tumbling over the sides and illuminated by floating candles and tea light votives

Candlelit Hurricane Lanterns were surrounded by wreaths of fresh flowers

The Top Table was dressed with a romantic design featuring seed trays, slices of tree, roots, succulents and bark with floating candles, 

Back to our snaps now..

the final beautiful image by Lottie Designs ltd
Thank you so much to Anna & Dale for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers for them


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