Love, Love, Love for the Double D's Wedding Day, Diane & Dave at Christ Church Parbold & Bartle Hall

To say this wedding was a joy and a privilege to be involved in is an understatement, to say Diane & Dave LOVE each other would be an understatement too, to say they also have a passion for fresh flowers well I'll let you be the judge of that dear reader...
I was lucky enough to be presenting these exquisite bouquets, collections of glorious Spring blooms in heavenly Spring shades
The totally fabulous Diane mid hair do, learning how to carry her wedding bouquet perfectly
A plethora of fresh fragrant Spring gloriousness was included in this luscious cascading bridal bouquet, Lemon & Blue Hyacinth, Lilac, Forget Me Nots, Narcissus, Freesia, Viburnum Opulus, Creme de La Creme Roses, Paper Whites, Sweet Peas, White Wax Flower Blossom, White Peonies, Purple Symphony Floribunda Roses, Ginesta Broom, Lissianthus and Ferns

After all of the excitement (and there was plenty) Jason & I headed off to Christ Church in Parbold to dress the Lytch Gate with garlands of foliages and blossom, our Floral Heart welcomed guests as they arrived
The Floral Heart had the Double D made of moss across the centre

Jason and I had such a lovely day working together, it's a rare treat!!!xx
On the steps leading to Church LOVE scratched into the stone

More LOVE hanging from the ornamental blossom tree in the entrance porch

We lined up all of the boutonnieres ready to pin them on 
Inside this glorious Church we'd dressed the pew ends with posies and at the head of the aisle two of our huge pedestals framed the ceremony space majestically
Posies of fragranced blooms Stocks, Sweet Peas,  Freesia, Hyacinths and Roses
Heavenly Spring Pew End Posies each one unique and beautiful

The Pedestals of Tulips, Antirhinnums, Hydrangeas, Roses, Waxflower, Stocks, Ranunculus, Lissianthus and plumes of Asparagus Fern

Even More LOVE on the kneelers 

Can you have too much LOVE, I think not...

The Bride Groom's rather special Boutonniere feature Muscari, Narcissus, Lissianthus, Rose, Viburnu, Opulus & Wax Flower

Each Boutonniere created for the Groom's Men was as unique as the gentlemen themselves
Ranunculus Boutonniere for one of the three Junior Ushers
Guests were also treated to Boutonnieres

In the words of the first hymn LOVE was prolific...
The super handsome and completely lovely Bride Groom Dave complete with his special boutonniere

Jason & I pinned on the boutonnieres ensuring the right folks had the right boutonniere

The lovely Sheila "acting Bride's Mother' had arranged for us to decorate her handbag with a corsage of blooms to match her ensemble and the Bride's bouquet

The beautiful Flower Girls and Bridesmaid's were next to arrive looking very gorgeous

Their Flower Girl's Posies were heavenly a collection of Spring blooms

The fabulous Photographer for the day was the lovely Joel Penn, he was an absolute pleasure to work with

Sweet scented Sweet Peas

The Vicar Simon Glynn is fabulous I loved his sermon about the Five 'ingredients' for a happy marriage, but more of that later...
The Beautiful Bridesmaid carried a smaller posy shaped version of the Bridal Bouquet to match her violet gown
The great folks from Malvern Cars were responsible for delivering our beautiful Bride to Church

Diane arrived at Church looking breathtakingly beautiful she was being given away by the super proud Tony 

Huge & Ginormous Congratulations to Diane & Dave from all of the team here at Flower Design

Just loved Simon's sermon it was just so relevant to modern marriages, I had heard it before and was prepared to videod it but couldn't work out how to post it on here, if I do I will add it in. xxxxxxx
Our stunning Bride & Groom signing the register

Our Floral Heart was hanging outside the front door of the Balmoral Suite at the totally fabulous Bartle Hall to welcome the guests back from church
Inside the Balmoral Suite the scene was set for a magnificent banquet
Tall elegant Crystal Candlesticks toped with floral magnificence and surrounded by small posies of Spring blooms and candlelit votives
More LOVE.....
Crystal Cake stands were topped with floral delights again surrounded by candlelit votives
The Top table was dressed with posies of fresh blooms set on mirrors

Each of the tables were named after fresh flowers

The beautiful cake was dressed with fresh flowers

Once all of the guests had arrived and the heavens opened I moved the Floral Heart inside to have pride of place on the fireplace ledge behind the top table

Our work here was done huge thanks to Diane & Dave for filling the day with LOVE and choosing Flower Design to create their wedding flowers for them xxx


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