Antony & Dawn's Spectacular Outdoor Wedding at Home

Many of you lovely readers will know Dawn as the un-stoppable force behind Creative Cover Hire but for one day only she was the equally un-stoppable Bride marrying the love of her life Antony at their family home. It was the Flower Design Events Team's huge honour and privilege to create their Bridal flowers for such a special day.
Jason and I were on site bright and early setting up for both ceremony and reception, alongside the exceptional Twelve Event Management Team.
 The bit that get's the adrenalin pumping is of course the presentation of the Bridal Bouquets, but before that a bit of back story...

Dawn's brief had been more complicated than our usual and though there had been a series of texted images and an ever changing Pinterest Board as is Dawn's way, to quote Ernest Hemmingway 'A Moveable Feast' ensued, we'd gone from 'Enchanted Trees' and full on rustic to 'Sequins and Gilding', 'Voluptuously Floral' to 'Golden Candelabras', soft faded hues with rich autumnal influences a la the bridesmaids gowns to deep and vibrant jewel tones. Finally a decision was reached for a 'Rustic and Autumnal' look for the ceremony and 'Byzantine Glamour' for the reception, with one or two (or three or four) other elements thrown in for good measure (Vikings & Air Hockey to name but two), only Dawn & Antony could create one seriously magical 'Multifarious Cornucopia' of a wedding like no other...
As a result I was more than a little nervous about the hand over of these glorious Bouquets after all I wasn't entirely sure I had interpreted the latest set of instructions correctly, as an effort to create a tranquil atmosphere I'd included a plethora of calming blooms with aromatherapeutic qualities, designed to relax the recipient instantly, fresh Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender , Poppy Seed Heads (in honour of Dawn's beautiful Granddaughter Poppy) were teamed with a whole host of sweet scented blooms and berries in deeply romantic shades, surely this heady combination couldn't fail to woo our stunning Bride...
Phew!!! that bit went well, Dawn and her Bridesmaids adored their Bouquets....
The fantabulous team from Flossy & Leigh were looking after the hair and make up for everyone
I showed everyone how to carry their Bouquets perfectly including Jason who'd replaced Dawn's lovely Sister Lindsey as a Bridesmaid just for a moment
Dawn's super gorgeous and super proud parents
We'd made Frances a wrist corsage to tone with her pale gold gown, Rolled Rose Petals and tiny Snowflake Buds were clustered with ivory Hydrangeas and tied with satin ribbon to a pearl bracelet

The ceremony was at the bottom of Dawn & Antony's garden, where stylishly dressed chairs were lined up ready for the guests to take their seats
Two huge white pillars stood like sentries at the foot of the aisle, each one topped with CCH's lanterns, I'd arranged swags of fresh flowers on each one to complete the look and the CCH team had lined the aisle with more of their lanterns, I sprinkled a few fresh fragrant Rose petals to pull the colours through the ceremony space, leading the way up to the floral arch and the illuminated LOVE

At the head of the aisle we'd dressed CCH's arch with a garland of fresh Autumnal foliages, flowers, Berries and Branches

The magnificent Marquee was by the lovely Ken from CK Marquees
A Fairytale book greeted the guests as they made their way to the ceremony...
Team Twelve were busy with the finishing touches these guys really are all about the details

We lined up the Boutonnieres ready to pin them on to their all important new owners, Antony's Boutonniere included fresh Lily of the Valley, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Blackberries, Rosehips and Viburnum Berries with rolled Rose Petals and Eucalyptus
Each Boutonniere was individually created with it's own unique combination of Berries and Blooms gathered together and bound with jute

Dawn's seriously handsome Bride Groom Antony with his rather special Boutonniere
I have to tell you we do love Aaron, Dawn's eldest son he looks after the Yorkshire branch of Creative Cover Hire and is an all round top guy

The guests started to arrive Hayley, Tracey & Jessica were amongst the first and very gorgeous they all looked too!!!xxx
Sarah & Vicky looking super glam

Vicky & Stephanie looking seriously lovely too

The Groom's Mum looked far too young and very beautiful, we'd made her a wrist corsage to match her green and pale gold ensemble

Uncle Eddie 'The Viking' was the most splendid celebrant
Milo Antony's handsome son was handing out the order of service

Dawn's middle son the lovely Connor

The spectacular team from The Great Hall at Mains 
Catherine & Robin from Dance Floor Couture who'd provided both dance floors for the day

The completely adorable Page Boy Mason, Dawn's youngest

We absolutely love these guys... Chantelle and the team from Sing Out  Music Gospel Choir

Uncle Eddie was now in position

All of the guests were seated...
Down at the house the debonair Steve Ashton was loading up his Defender with a bevvy of Bridesmaid beauty
The Bridesmaids looked utterly breathtaking
Their Bridesmaids Bouquets were in rich vibrant tones punctuated by blooms in the exact same shades as their gowns
In Lindsey's Bouquet we'd included David Austin's Kate & Darcey with Dahlias, Zantedeschias, Hydrangeas, Eucalyptus, Blackberries, Viburnum Tinus, Trailing Amaranths, Champagne Grass and Oak Leaves

The totally brilliant Tobiah Tayo  was capturing all of the magic

The beautiful Flower Girl Poppy

The ridiculously brilliant Caroline from Twelve Event Management was ensuring that everything was running to schedule

Back down the lane at the house our phenomenal Bride Dawn was all ready to go and very beautiful she looked too...

A seriously typical Dawn moment as she hitched up her skirt and rode on the foot plate of Steve Ashton's Defender all the way up to the ceremony

She arrived not even slightly ruffled and still looking breathtakingly beautiful in her Sophia Tolli Gown

The owl was ready with the rings

The lovely Laura Tayo of Tobiah Tayo Photography

Huge & Ginormous Congratulations to Dawn & Antony from all of the team here at Flower Design

Over at the super sumptuous marquee the scene was set with our Golden Byzantine Candelabras dressed with a luscious collection of fresh Phalaenopsis Orchids, Grand Amore, Black Baccara, Kate & Darcey Roses, Rose Hips, Viburnum Tinus,  Classic & Fresh Hydrangeas
The heart shaped Top Table had been made by Uncle Eddie and was dressed by CCH with a gold sequined table cloth we'd arranged a fresh Heart of Hydrangeas, Roses, Orchids, Dahlias and Amaranthus
The guest tables were dressed with deep purple sequin table cloths

The beautiful Byzantine Wedding Cake was created by the lovely Kelly-Dee of Pink Frosting Cake Company

The totally brilliant Fay from Team Twelve

Jonny Cocktail was working brilliantly hard creating cocktails for the guests

Our work here was done it was time to head for home and leave the party in full swing, huge thanks to Dawn & Antony for choosing to use Flower Design Events to supply their wedding flowers for them


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