Peonies All The Way For Lisette & Lee's Bashall Barn Evening Wedding

This was such a beautiful wedding, the very first properly evening wedding we've ever done, so after a full Wedding Day in St Annes, we headed off to Waddington to deliver the Bridal Bouquets to the lovely Lisette and her equally lovely Mum & Bridesmaid. 

We've had such a lovely time working on the flowers for this beautiful Bride, Lisette has such a good eye, she understood how important it was to get the colours just right, her choice of flowers the humble yet delicious Peony was quite simply first class and helped to create a dynamic and breathtaking look
The combination of flowers I used in the Wedding Bouquets was very much dominated by a plethora of luscious Peonies in rich deep shades from claret to corals and pink shades with English Garden Roses Juliet & Keira, Gloriosa Lilies, Helebores, Sweet Peas, Poppies,  Larkspur & Stocks together with a luxurious collection of foliages
On Thursday Lisette came into our studio for me to make her headdress with her, we made it together if you will, creating sections then trying them on Lisette, checking in the mirror and then making the next section, in my humble opinion the finished 'Floral Crown' was a thing of beauty and totally perfect for the truly beautiful Lisette.
The joy and pleasure in these hedonistic flowers was clear to see when I handed over the Bridal Bouquet

Lisette's gorgeous gown was in a glorious shade of soft apricot, the blooms complimented the shade magnificently
The Bridesmaid's Bouquet was smaller and simpler but very much in the same style

Jason & I headed off to Bashall Barn to meet up the Groom and his Groom's Men and Lady guests to pin on the Boutonnieres

Each Boutonniere was created individually, I unique combination of Bridal Flowers, in this first one, which I love incidentally Josie had gathered together fresh Rosemary, Panicum, Amaranthus, Gloriosa Petals, Poppy Seed Heads, Jatropha and Sweet Peas 
Lovely Ladies Corsage of a Gorgeous Keira Rose with Chasmanthium & Panicum Grasses, Pink Astilbe, Sweet Peas and Lydia Rose buds
A Boutonniere of Sweet William, Jatropha Fire Crack, Gloriosa Petals, Thalaspi and Ivy
The Bride Groom's Boutonniere featured a stunning Vuvuezela Rose with fresh Rosemary, Jatropha, Sweet Peas and Rose buds
Lee, Lisette's handsome Bride Groom was first to have his Boutonniere pinned in place
A beautiful White Peony Boutonniere for the Best Man

Two very beautiful Grandmas

Inside Bashall Barn the scene was set 
The Registrars Table was dressed with a natural and relaxed vibe, Mosses, Succulents, Jars & Vessels filled with fresh flowers
The Bride's & Groom's identical initials were created in Moss and formed the focal point of the Registrars table
Our Enchanted Trees framed the Ceremony Space perfectly

Our FLOWER Bottles filled with fresh blooms dressed the second Registrars table

Candlelit orbs were hanging from the branches of the trees

The Bride's Mum's Coral Peony Corsage
The super glam Bride's Mum
Our gorgeous Bride was next to arrive, a truly beautiful Bride, her 'Floral Crown' looking magical

We loved the beautiful Bridesmaid's gown, the colours were rich and beautiful, the Bouquet toned magnificently

Lisette met up with the Registrar before heading back outside for some twilight photographs

The Wedding Bouquet was truly glorious

Lisette's Wedding Bouquet included Peonies in rich deep shades from claret to corals and pink shades with English Garden Roses Juliet & Keira, Gloriosa Lilies, Helebores, Sweet Peas, Poppies,  Larkspur & Stocks together with a luxurious collection of foliages; Ferns, Ivy, Hostas and Spearmint

Bride & Bridesmaids Bouquets 

Huge and Ginormous Congratulations to Lisette and Lee from all of the team here at Flower Design

Bashall Barn is a really eclectic space the tables were a combination of shapes and sizes some with table cloths some without
The Top Table was just gorgeous, simple and random, lots of textures, lots of colour and candles
Our Enchanted Tree Seating Plan
The beautiful cake was created by 'Mrs Spendlove Cakes' we made garlands of fresh flowers and mosses to dress it

Each table had a unique design, the copper table numbers were an intrinsic part of each design

Loved the broken up terracotta with succulents
Protea and trailing Amaranthus in bark vessels

Lisette had hand made the Origami hearts
The Band were all set up ready for the party later

Our work here was done it was time to head for home, huge thanks to our lovely Bride & Groom for choosing Flower Design Events to make their Wedding Flowers!!xxx


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