Snowflakes & Orchids for Debbie & Pete's Spectacular Wedding At Ribby Hall

Team Flower Design were up and on it early this morning for Debbie & Pete's Ribby Hall Wedding,  we've all been looking forward to this Wedding so much, it was always going to be a super special day filled with more than it's fair share of beautiful people, exquisite flowers and tons and tons of love, so what an honour it was for us to bask in Debbie & Pete's reflected magic .....
So the day began with the Bridal Bouquets being wrapped carefully in tissue by our Josie

The Boutonnieres being labelled up by the lovely Ruby
Jason was getting the van loaded
 Before we knew it I was presenting our delighted and gorgeous Bride with her Bridal Bouquet of Orchids, Eryngium, Roses and Zantedeshias

 The exquisite cascading Bridal Bouquet
 I was showing these gorgeous girls how to carry their bouquets perfectly
What a joy is was to work with the lovely Damian Brandon of DSB Creative we can't wait to see his images
We headed down to the Rowan Suite to meet with our Bride Groom and his party to pin on all of the Boutonnieres
 Pete's rather Special Phalaenopsis Orchid Boutonniere complete with Snowflake

 Miniature Phalaenopsis Orchids were used to create all of the Boutonnieres and Corsages, each one finished off with a tiny Snowflake pin
 The Groom's Mum's Corsage Orchids and Dancing grasses

 The Groom's Men all looked super handsome

Debbie's super handsome Bride Groom the lovely Pete

Inside The Rowan Suite the scene was set for such a magical ceremony
 Our Enchanted Trees looked stunning dripping with Orchids, Jewels and Snowflakes

 Rose Petals and candlelit Hurricane Lamps lined the aisle
 Glass cubes filled with crushed ice effect jelly and topped with fresh flowers

 At both ends of the aisle stood a pair of our Enchanted Trees

 Christine the stunning Bride's Mum complete with her Phalaenopsis Orchid Corsage

 The Bridesmaids were wearing stunning black lace gowns and carried posy shaped Bouquets of Roses, Phalaenopsis Orchids and Eryngium

 The Bridesmaids Posies of Orchids, Roses and Eryngium were bound in lace and pinned with a crystal Snowflake

 How gorgeous are these too???

 The Bride Groom's super proud parents

 Here comes the Bride in the Ribby Roller...

 The fabulous cascading Black & White Bridal Bouquet
 Debbie looking utterly breathtaking with her lovely Dad Dave

 The Brides fantabulous parents we can't tell you how much we've enjoyed working with this truly brilliant family!!!xxxxxx

 Massive & Ginormous Congratulations to Debbie & Pete from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

Fresh fragrant Rose Petal Confetti shower


Inside The Garden Room which looked simply wonderful
Our Enchanted Trees looked just as wonderful on the dining tables
The Top Table was dressed with a series of glass cubes set on mirrors each cube was filled with fresh flowers, in-between candles, tea light votives and floating candles illuminated the table perfectly
Phalaenopsis Orchids, and Ranunculas

Some of the dining tables were dressed with Cubes in a variety of sizes each one filled with fresh flowers set on square mirrors and illuminated by votives and floating candles

The stationery and napkin ties were provided by the great folks at Charlotte Designs
The base of each tree was dressed with fresh Orchids, Roses and Thistles

 Each guest favour was a little bucket of mini eggs yummy!!!xx

 Gorgeous white Parrot Tulips

 Our work here was done it was time to leave the party in full swing, massive thanks to Debbie and Pete and both of their lovely families for choosing Flower Design to create their wedding flowers for them


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