Winter Pinks and Snowy Whites for Kirsty & Neil at Christ Church Fulwood and Bartle Hall

We had the best of times with this heavenly pair, what a great couple they are, fabulous taste too for a truly wintery wedding with the palest of pinks and snowy white colour palette.
Our fabulous Bride the lovely Kirsty mid hair do having a quick lesson from Ruby on how to carry her Wedding Bouquet
Ruby headed off to a Church we've visited before Christ Church in Fulwood where the welcome is always a warm one
We dressed the doorway with a series of candlelit lanterns and Rose Petals with two fragrant Bay Trees framing the door perfectly
The Bay Trees were studded with Sweet Avalanche & Avalanche Roses

Just inside the door we'd placed baskets of fresh Rose Petal confetti to shower our Bride & Groom as they left Church as Mr & Mrs
Ruby also lined up all of the Boutonnieres ready to pin them onto the all important guests as they arrived
The Bride Groom's rather special Boutonniere featured a perfect Sweet Avalanche Rose with White Lilac, Hydrangea florets, a Snow Flake Rose Bud, some Viburnum Tinus Berries and Blue Spruce with the tiniest hint of Snow flake Gypsophilia completing the design
Each of the Boutonnieres was quite unique, all of the created from the palette of flowers used to create the Bridal Bouquet, this one includes a Metalina Rose with Blue Spruce, Paper White Narcissus and Snow Flake Gypsophilia
This Bouqtonniere included a Safi Blue Rose with a White Ranuncula, Blue Spruce and Snow Flake Gypsophilia
A Ladies Avalanche Rose Boutonniere with a Ranuncula, Blue Spruce and Snowflake Gypsophilia
The Groom's Mum's Hand Bag Corsage was designed to compliment her lilac ensemble and included Hyacinth Pips, Freesia, Rolled and whole Roses with Calla Lilies and Ivy leaves
Kirsty's super handsome Bride Groom the very lovely Neil was of course first to arrive and first to have his Boutonniere pinned in place
I have only one word...Adorable!!!
The very proud Bride Groom's Parents
The Hand Bag Corsage matched the Groom's Mum's lavender ensemble perfectly
Ruby pinned on everyone's Boutonniere or corsage ensuring perfect positioning

Very proud Grand Parents too were presented with Boutonnieres

Inside this beautiful Church we'd arranged four of our Baroque Candelabras on Pedestal stands, two were at the foot of the aisle and two were at the head of the aisle framing the ceremony space perfectly

The Baroque Candelabras were dressed with a voluptuous garland of fresh Hydrangeas, Sweet Avalanche & Avalanche Roses from the Meijer Rose Nursery and from the David Austin Nursery some fragrant Patience and Keira with scented Paper Whites and Snow Flake Gypsophilia all framed by some luscious and seasonal Spruces and Evergreens

The Bridesmaids looked gorgeous in their shell pink gowns with fir shrugs, their Bouquets toned perfectly with their gowns
The Bridesmaid's Posies included David Austin's Keira and Patience Roses with Safi Blue and Metalina and Sweet Avalanche & Avalanche Roses amid a collection of early Spring blooms including Paper White Narcissus, Lilac, Hyacinths and Ranunculas

The Wintery Pinks and Snowy Ivories looked perfectly heavenly against the pale blush pink Bridesmaid's gowns
The Flower Girl's Posies were slightly smaller and simpler than the Bridesmaid's Bouquets, they looked completely in proportion with the beautiful young ladies carrying them

Our Fabulous Bride took everyone's breath away as she arrived at Church looking utterly stunning

The beautiful Bride's Mum was wearing a very pale almost nude pink and we'd dressed her handbag with Hyacinth Pips, Rolled Rose Petals, Metalina Roses, 4Good Roses, Senecio and Ivy, our Hand Bag Corsages are designed individually and are created in such a way as to ensure that the handbag doesn't get marked.

So gorgeous

The brilliant photographers on the day were Steve and Stephanie Ashton from Ashton Photography they are brilliant to work with and produce the most stunning images, we can't wait to see their images from this gorgeous wedding
Huge and Ginormous Congratulations to Kirsty & Neil from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

This Wintery Wedding Bouquet included a blissful collection of seasonal blooms...sweet scented White Lilac, Paper White Narcissus, Eucalyptus, Hyacinth, Ranunculas, Roses from the Meijer Nursery; Sweet Avalanche & Avalanche, some fabulous English Garden Roses from the David Austin Nursery; Patience & Keira both seriously fragrant Roses in addition we'd included Metalina & Safi Blue Roses to ensure the tone of pink was perfect with our Bride's skin tones, the entire confection was completed with some frothy Snow Flake Gypsophilia a perfect addition for the time of year, we'd bound the handle in satin and lace to compliment her gown

Fresh fragrant Rose Petals were handed out by the Flower Girls...

Whilst Rose Petal Confetti was showered over our Bride & Groom, our intrepid team were hot footing it over to the brilliant wedding venue Bartle Hall where the front door was flanked by our two fragrant Bay trees dressed with Roses
The lovely seating plan was provided by +Charlotte Designs 
The celebrations were held in The Windsor Suite at +Bartle Hall 
We'd decorated the tables with a combination of Baroque and Regency Candelabras creating an atmosphere of opulence and elegance
The Cheese Tower was dressed too with fresh flowers

Our Baroque Candelabras are larger and have chunky pillar candles, they are tall enough to ensure a perfect view across the table, we included fresh Roses, Hydrangeas and Paper Whites which  created a fragrant atmosphere
Our Regency Candelabras are a little smaller but still allow a perfect view across the table, we use long slender candles in this design to create a feeling of elegance
The Top Table was dressed with a collection of Crystal vessels, candlesticks and votives with floating candles all set on mirrored squares, fresh posies of signature flowers filled the crystal vessels creating a sparkly and opulent effect

A Crystal Cake stand dressed with fresh flowers

I love this little cloche stands

The Chairs were all covered by the great folks at +Creative Cover Hire 

In the centre of the room we'd attached a huge bundle of fresh Mistletoe to the light fitting the perfect spot for a Christmas kiss!!!xxx

We'd surrounded the candelabras with our gold tea light votives to compliment the Bride & Groom's colour combination of silvers and golds

The combination of Candelabras looked fabulous stretching the eye from the entrance right through the room

Chris the manager at Bartle Hall was ready to greet the guests as they arrived back from Church

Our work here was done, huge thanks to Kirsty and Neil for choosing us to create their wedding flowers for them we loved working with these two and will miss them dreadfully!!!xxxx


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