Pheasant Feathers, Duck Egg Blues & Natural Wheat Shades For Alex & Victoria's 'Downton Abbey Shooting Party' Inspired Wedding Day at Stydd Chapel & Eaves Hall

This was such a special wedding, we loved, loved, loved working with these two, they had such a fabulous mood board, so many ace ideas and the most perfect venues, Stydd Chapel & the fabulous Eaves Hall. We decided on a working title for the designs... 'Downton Abbey Shooting Party' the all essential mixture of country house glam and rustic 'earthyness'
So what a joy it was on Saturday morning to be able to present the lovely Victoria with her Bridal Bouquets, they were a little wild, a little random but hey what can you expect when you've got such wonderful materials to work with
The floral collection in these wedding bouquets really was sublime they included.....The very first of this year's Christmas Roses Hellebores, Muscari, Forget Me Nots, Hydrangeas, Berries, Fresh Herbs including wild Thyme, Rosemary and Eucalyptus, Love in the Mist Seed Heads,  lots of Berries and Thistles, Grasses, Fir Cones and Pheasant & Partridge Feathers
Our Bride absolutely adored her bouquet...

I did the FD Events Bridal Bouquet carrying lesson

The Bride's Mum's gorgeous Corsage of Rolled Petals, Bombastic Roses and Berries
The Bride's Dad's rather lovely rustic Boutonniere featured Partridge Feathers and miniature Fir Cones

The gloriously rustic Wedding Bouquet in shades of blues and barley mist
We all headed up to Stydd Chapel which dates back to the 12th century to set up for the ceremony
Petals, fragrant herby Bay Trees and Posies of fresh flowers dressed the doorway leading into Church

Small Bottles and jars  filled with fragrant Muscari rested on the ledges

Inside this ancient Church we'd given it a very natural treatment , our Enchanted Trees framed the ceremony and small posies in natural bottles and jars dressed the windowsills and Font

Our Enchanted Trees stood like sentries on either side of the internal arch
We hung candlelit Orbs and Bulb Bottles with fresh flowers from the branches
Tea Lights and Hurricane Lamps illuminated the fresh flowers on all of the ledges
Posies of wild Rustic Herbs, Evergreens and fragrant Cinnamon were attached to the rather lovely  chairs lining the aisle

We lined up all of the Boutonnieres ready to pin them on to the all important guests as they arrived, each Boutonniere was quite unique and created in a very natural style, we'd bound them all with jute and included feathers in each one.

Our Bride Groom's seriously special Boutonniere was like a miniature version of his Bride's Bouquet

Ruby & I pinned on the Boutonnieres starting with Victoria's super handsome Bride Groom the completely gorgeous Alex
The Bride Groom's Boutonniere featured a piece of contorted Hazel,  fresh Evergreens to match his waistcoat shade, Rolled Petals and Rose Buds Bombastic and 4 Good, Chasmanthium Latifolium, Panicum, Forget Me Not, Thalsapi, Astrantia, Mini Fir Cone, Frsh Rosemary and a Feather
The very handsome Best Man complete with his special Boutonniere of Thistle, Rose & Forget Me Not

The super talented Bride's Mum had hand made the splendid waistcoats

The glamorous Bride's Mum with the two stunning Bridesmaids were next to arrive
The Bride's Mum's Corsage was attached with a magnet and matched her beautiful ensemble perfectly
The Bridesmaid's gowns were an unusual shade that was neither blue nor grey but some where in-between, it suited these gorgeous Bridesmaids perfectly

The Bouquets included lots of rustic materials, we wanted to evoke a feeling of 'woodland gathered', not too structured or contrived, the shades looked heavenly with the Bridesmaids gowns

Here come's the Bride....
Absolutely completely breathtaking the fabulous Victoria our gorgeous Bride

Huge & Ginormous Congratulations to Victoria & Alex from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

The celebrations moved on to the wonderful and magical surroundings of Eaves Hall where the team there headed up by the brilliant Hailey were all ready to meet them.
The Bay Trees and lanterns provided a warm and fragrant welcome

Just inside the entrance hall one of our magnificent Enchanted Trees provided an atmospheric back drop to the drinks reception
On the seating Plan Table our second Enchanted Tree was the centrepiece of the display surrounded by a plethora of vintage framed table plans

Inside the beautiful dining room our stunning Baroque candelabras surrounded by wreaths of fresh flowers, herbs and foliages looked wonderful on the tables, we wanted to strike the right balance between rustic and glam so these classic silver candelabras were placed on hessian squares and surrounded by Fir Cones and Grape Vines

Loved the cake
Clusters of Posies and Tea Lights decorated some of the tables

Along the length of the top table we'd created a 'Winter Walk in the Woods' design

We do love the detail in these designs there's always something new to see, a jumble of designs in a combination of eccelctic vessels

Our work here was done it was time to leave the party in full swing, that said when Jason & I went back to clear down at about 2am guests were still partying, now that's what you call a 'Bl**dy Good Do'!!!!xxxxx


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