Manchester Town Hall Christmas Wedding Day For Kelly & Jon

This wedding truly is a 'Christmas Cracker', besides the fact that our Bride and Groom are utterly bonkers, totally gorgeous and completely into each other, which is always a bonus when you're getting married, they also had incredibly great taste and a fabulous mood board to boot!!!!
Their Mood Board was packed full with vital information, lots of Chinese influence a nod to Jon's heritage which sat alongside a plethora of traditionally English blooms and Christmas goodies.
Jason and I had the joyous task of presenting our lovely Bride with her Bridal Bouquets at The Macdonald Town House Hotel just around the corner from Manchester Town Hall

This fabulously festive Bridal Bouquet included a luscious combination of all that is great and good at this time of year, heavenly Christmas Roses, Succulents, Hyacinths, Gloriosa Lilies, Spruces, Berries, Evergreens and Fir Cones in all eight different varieties a luck number in Chinese culture
It was lovely to catch up with Phoebe from Flossy & Leigh , who did a great job of the hair and make up
Even the bedroom had been given a full on Chinese makeover...
I pinned on the rather lovely epaulette Corsage on to the Bride's Mum's hot pink ensemble

The Bride's Mum's Epaulette Corsage of tiny Rose Buds, Rolled Rose Petals and individually wired Gerbera Petals, Thalaspi, Hydrangea Florets, Ivy and Champagne Grass
We headed off to Manchester Town Hall, where the scene couldn't have been more festive, the Christmas markets were in full swing...

Inside the Conference Hall at Manchester Town Hall the scene was set 
Two of our magical Baroque Candelabras framed the ceremony space perfectly

A spectacular garland of fresh foliages, Red Roses, Oranges, Chillies, Fir Cones, Crab Apples and Berries was swathed across the Registrars table

I lined up all of the Boutonnieres ready to pin them on the guests as they arrived
Each Boutonniere was unique and individual, Avalanche and Red Elegance Roses with Chillies, Berries and miniature Fir Cones

Gorgeous Corsages of Roses with Hydrangeas, Berries and foliages
The Groom's Mum's Corsage of Calla Lilies, Astrantia, Rose Buds and foliages

The Bride Groom's Boutonniere of fresh Gloriosa Lily Petals, fresh Rosemary, Chillies, Fir Cones, Rose Buds, Rosemary and Viburnum Tinus Berries

We'd created a collection of fresh Wrist Corsages each one designed to compliment the outfit of the wearer.
A Wrist Corsage of Phalaenopsis Orchids, Roses and Hydrangeas
Ruby Red and ivory Wrist Corsage of Roses, Skimmia, Hydrangeas and Hypericum
A lovely Wrist Corsage of vintage pink Roses, Scabious seed heads, Albiflora and Hydrangeas
I loved this copper and creamy shaded one, it looked stunning on it's owner
Carol looked completely fabulous and her wrist corsage completed her look perfectly

The very beautiful Bride's Mum what a completely stunning lady!!xx

I pinned on all of the Groom's Men's Boutonnieres

The super handsome and utterly wonderful Bride Groom Jon, having his Boutonniere pinned on

I pinned on the Groom's Mum's Corsage
Jon's spectacular Mum

Christine looked great too with her red and ivory wrist corsage


The Groom's fabulous Grandma

The Groom's Dad

The Groom's Mum had made the 'Tea Ceremony Arch' and very magnificent it was too

I headed downstairs to meet the Bridal Party

Our Bride Kelly looked truly breathtaking...
Is there anything more lovelier than this heavenly Bride...

A very beautiful Christmas Wedding bouquet

The Bridal party gathered in the ante room

Seriously seasonal and festive Bridal bouquet of heavenly Christmas Roses, Succulents, Hyacinths, Gloriosa Lilies, Spruces, Berries, Evergreens and Fir Cones
The Bridesmaid's Bouquet was a smaller and simpler version of the Bride's Bouquet

Right on the dot of 4:30pm our Bride and her super proud Dad head up the aisle

Huge & Ginormous Congratulations to Kelly & Jon from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

After the wedding there was time for a quick change and then the Tea Ceremony...

In the Great Hall we'd dressed all of the tables with our Baroque Candelabras

The Bride Groom's own band the incredible Funtime Frankies were all set up on the stage 
Our fabulous Baroque Candelabras were filled with seasonal foliages, dried fruits, cinnamon sticks, Chillies and Red Roses

The Bride Groom had made the Wedding Cake and we dressed it with a floral topper and garlands of evergreens and seasonal goodies
Two Doves were flying around the topper

Along the length of the top table a magnificently opulent garland of fresh Roses, Berries, Herbs,  dried Fruits and fresh Gloriosa Lilies 
Candlelit lanterns and the Bridal Bouquets completed the top table design perfectly

The table fabours were these lovely Christmas Tree Ornaments

Some the Candelabras were dressed with smaller more compact designs that were jam packed full with seasonal loveliness

Huge thanks to Jon and Kelly for choosing Flower Design to create their Wedding Flowers for them


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