The Super Splendid Wedding Day of Jennifer & Tristan at St Peter's Church in Finsthwaite & Silverholme Manor Graythwaite

This was always going to be a fabulously styled affair, our wonderful Bride & Groom have spectacular taste and are just so cool, they were fortunate enough to have the brilliant Bride Groom's Sister Sophie's artistic help and guidance too, their collaboration created exciting and dynamic colour and texture choices which were great fun to work with and created breathtaking results.

I was sadly over ruled in my desire to attend this wedding not least because when we met up with our Bride & Groom at the Church & Silverholme way back in February Jason loved them and thought the venues were ace he put his name on it there and then, he also has a secret passion for the Groom's Mum's cakes which are delicious and if all that wasn't enough a huge number of Jason's favourite people were also going to be there too.
So Jason & Rebecca headed up to the Lakes at the crack of dawn,  Jason presented our beautiful Bride and her four fabulous Bridesmaids with their Bridal Bouquets, he showed them how to carry them

 Jen looked so beautiful even in her dressing gown
 I loved making this Bridal Bouquet, it was just so seasonal, it's funny how quickly we seem to be moving into Autumn, I included the seed heads of Poppies, Cardifolium Leucaspernum Nutans, Thalaspi, Oak Leaves, Dahlias, Love in the Mist Nigella, Succulents, Dahlias, Delphiniums, Cornflowers, Helenium, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Pepperminta nd Eucalyptus
 The scenery really is glorious up there
 My lovely hubby was up the ladders at St Peter's Finsthwaite dressing the Lytch Gate
 Fresh Hops another sign of the season is such a great product to work with and our Jason loves it
 On either side huge bundles of fresh Eremurus, Delphiniums. Dahlias, Helenium, Craspedia, Monte Casino, Helenium, Alchemilla Mollis, Quercus,  Tana and Cardifolium Leucaspernum were tied to the gate
 The Lytch gate design was completed with some candlelit lanterns which just helped to keep the bugs away
St Peter's Church Finsthwaite

 A random collection of bottles and jars, pumpkins and books dressed the font
 Rebecca lined up all of the boutonnieres ready to pin them on to the Bride Groom and the all important guests as they arrived. Each boutonniere was entirely unique created using the same flower palette as the Bridal Bouquets, we'd bound them all with natural jute to suit the design perfectly.
 An unwired corsage of white Dahlia with Snowflake Rose Buds and Monte Casino
Matt's lovely golden Rose Bud Boutonniere
 Our Bride Groom's Boutonniere
 Jason pinned on our super handsome Bride Groom Tristan's Rose, Craspedia and Helenium Boutonniere
 The seriously sublime Ben complete with his Craspedia & Oak Leaf Boutonniere
 The utterly adorable Aodhan, who was wearing a Craspedia, Helenium and Love in the Mist boutonniere
 A wild flower Boutonniere created from Nigella 'Love in the Mist', Helenium and Craspedia with Quercus bound & tied with natural jute
 Golden Rose Buds with Quercus Boutonniere
 Sharon looked stunning and her un-wired corsage contrasted with her ensemble beautifully

The totally fabulous Bride Groom's Mum Marie, I love this lady she is first class!!xxx
 Sophie's beautiful little girl Thea wearing an 'oversized' headdress of Delhiniums, Helenium, Craspedia, Montecasino and giant Dahlias
 Page Boy Kitt (Sophie's gorgeous little Boy) complete with a Craspedia Boutonniere
 Loving Tristan's tie and waistcoat combination 

 Oliver was wearing a Cornflower & Craspedia Boutonniere
 One of our favourite people the lovely Rebecca we were lucky enough to create flowers for her fab wedding to Matt a little while ago 
 Just gorgeous....

 Rebecca and the lovely Michelle both wearing Rose Boutonnieres

 So many favourite people all on one day the utterly brilliant and lovely James Jebson, Photographer extraordinaire, we can't wait to see his images they are going to be amazing...
 Super glamorous Bride's Mum

A beautiful wrist corage of Blue Delphiums, Hydrangeas, Cornflowers and Love in the Mist
 The Bridesmaids were next to arrive and looked fabulous, we loved their chunky necklaces
 The Bridesmaid's Bouquets were again all unique and included a collection of Delphiniums, Dahlias, Hydrangeas, Love in the Mist, Cardifolium, Roses, Sunflowers, Cornflowers and lots more floral, Autumnal loveliness besides

 The truly beautiful Bride Jennifer looked breathtaking as her arrived at Church

 Huge & Ginormous Congratulations to Jennifer and Tristan from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

 The Brass band played 'Happy' how amazing is that!!!??

 The completely fabulous Matt and Rebecca here's a link to their amazing wedding blog posting from a little while ago

 Gorgeous girls...
 Beautiful Bridesmaid's Bouquets 

The festivities moved on the fabulous surroundings of Silverholme Manor on the Graythwaite Estate where the wedding was to be celebrated in this fabulous marquee, the catering was provided by the great folks from Karen Rhodes Catering
The tables were all dressed with chevron runners and collections of fresh flower posies all served up in individually dressed vessels, we used Pumpkins, seed trays and stacks of books to create texture and variations in height, Sophie's tea lights, table numbers, confetti, napkin dressings and mini bunting completed the tables magnificently 

 We loved all of the details created by our Bridal couple and their families, personal designs are always the best.
 Sophie had dressed the ceiling with helium balloons in shades of blue and red 

 We provided empty vases for the Bride & Bridesmaids to place their bouquets in

 We kept the posies to all one variety of flower

Our fabulous Bride & Groom
 Beautiful Bridal Bouquet in Blues, Oranges, Yellow and mustard shades

 We absolutely loved this cake

 The swags off the Lytch Gate looked equally fabulous tied toe the poles in the marquee

Our work here was done it was time for Rebecca & Jase to head for home, many thanks to the fabulous Thompson's and Peter's families we loved working with you all!!!xxxx


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