The Rather Special Fairy Garden Christening With Twelve Event Management at The Great Hall at Mains

This was a full on fabulous Twelve Event Management Event with all of the quality and magic we've come to expect from any occasion where Twelve are involved,  this beautiful baby girl's Christening was at The Great Hall at Mains. 
 A plethora of great event professionals were enlisted and the results were breathtaking, it was an absolute joy to work with the lovely Sam Barnett from Stardream, Dawn from Creative Cover Hire, Mark Jackson from Passion 4 Events,  Cam Scott and the great team at The Great Hall at Mains.
Our Enchanted Trees were dripping with floral jewels, Butterflies, Birds and Lady Birds
Beautiful posies of fresh Sweet Peas, Pink Roses and Hydrangeas covered over with glass bells alongside Baroque bird cages
Bird Boxes sat in the trees
Aerialists were performing 

Roses and Butterflies dressed the backs of alternate chairs

 Team Twelve's Chefs were hanging out on the toadstools, Paul Moss is a truly 'Fungi'

The aerialists poured Champagne hanging from a ring

 Outside in the garden fresh flowers and lanterns dressed the garden


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