The Beautifully Pink Wedding Day of Louise & Ryan at The Great Hall at Mains

Yesterday we had the great pleasure of creating wedding flowers for Louise & Ryan's stunningly beautiful Wedding Day, our beautiful Bride and her Bridesmaid along with their equally beautiful Mum were all getting ready at The Cartford Inn when Jason caught up with them to present their Bridal Bouquets
 Louise carried a magnificent Bouquet of palest pink Peonies, Roses, Ranunculas, Hydrangeas and Sweet Peas, her Bridesmaids all carried an all ivory smaller version of the Brides Bouquet
 Jason headed over the bridge to set up our flowers in time for the ceremony, the guests were greeted with a candlelit Birdcage design by the Black Board showing The Order of the Day
In the Ceremony space two of our huge designer vases were placed on pedestal stands at the foot of the aisle, each one was topped with a magnificent design featuring a profusion of scented stocks, Peonies Roses, Ranunculas and Hydrangeas with pearls draped throughout

Inside the vases we'd arranged a little cluster of Roses, Tulips and Ranunculas

                      Candlelit Hurricane Lamps and puddles of fresh fragrant Rose Petals lined the aisle

At the head of the aisle the Registrars table was dressed with clusters of Vintage vessels filled with posies of fresh flowers and the fireplace was framed by two of our fabulous Baroque Candelabras
Bell Jars on the Registrars table 
 Posies of Peonies, Sweet Peas and English Garden Roses
Our Baroque Candelabras were also draped with pearls

 Our super handsome Bride Groom the lovely Ryan complete with his rather special Boutonniere of a Keira Rose, Ranuncula and Sweet Pea

We pinned on the Boutonnieres and Corsages on all of the important guests
The lovely Bridesmaids were next to arrive wearing pale pink gowns and carrying their all ivory Bridesmaids Posies
 We used a luxurious collection of "Bowl of Cream" Peonies, Hydrangeas Roses and Ranunculas

 Adele, Chriss & Mel some of the fabulous Great Hall at Mains team

  Our stunning Bride the lovely Louise really did take everyone's breath away when she arrived at The Great Hall at Mains

 Louise with her super proud Dad

 Massive Congratulations to Louise & Ryan from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

This really was a full and voluptuous bouquet of delicious fresh Peonies, English Garden Roses, Ranuculas, Hydrangeas and Sweet Peas, we'd finished off the handle with a pearl encrusted satin band to compliment the detail on Louise's exquisite gown

 Whilst the guests enjoyed the celebrations a transformation was taking place in The Great Hall
 The tables were dressed with a combination of high and low designs
 Our Baroque Candelabra filled with Stocks, Roses, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Tulips and Ranunculas
 A Candlelit Birdcage surrounded by a profusion of Stocks, Hydrangeas, Roses, Tulips, Ranunculas and fragrant Eucalyptus
 The sensational designer vases looked equally as magnificent on a table as they did on the pedestal stands

 On the Bridesmaid's table their Bouquets were placed in vases surrounding a candlelit Bird Cage

 Along the top table a glorious array of crystal and blown glass vessels alongside tea pots and tea cups and saucers for our Beauty & The Beast Top Table Design
 Tea Pots filled with fresh flowers
 Silver Cake stand dressed with posies of fresh flowers
 Crystal decanters tied up with strings of pearls filled with Stocks, Sweet Peas, Roses & Peonies

Huge & Ginormous thanks to Louise & Ryan, I have loved meeting with you and creating these wonderful flowers, I am so thrilled for you both this really was a truly magical wedding day!!!xxxx


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