The Beautifully Elegant Dusky Pink & Blue Wedding Day of Emma & Jon at Beeston Manor

This was a beautifully elegant wedding day, the colour palette was soft and delicate with pale vintage pinks, blues and pretty ivory and white shades. We were lucky enough to have a fabulous Bride & Groom who were so well organised and had created a stunning Mood Board for us to work with and the results were just perfect. 
The bridal bouquet was rather special, Emma had provided a "Family Heirloom" an exquisite silver Bridal Bouquet holder or Tussie Mussie; a fine silver cone designed to hold the the wired stems creating a comfortable and cool handle for our Bride to hold, on a chain was a silver ring for the bride to wear on her third finger, ahead of her wedding ring.
We'd included a glorious combination of typically English blooms in this heavenly wedding bouquet; exquisite Roses, White Peonies, Sweet Peas, White Muscari, Ranunculas, Eucalyptus and Stachys, each flower and leaf was individually wired and taped by our expert team, a long and skilled task but the result is certainly worth the effort!!

The Bridesmaid's posies were created in our usual Flower Design Events Hand Tied style, we included, Roses, Peonies, Ranunculas, Sweet Peas and blue grey foliages

Our Ruby was in charge of the flowers for this beautiful wedding and along with Mike delivered and presented the Bridal Bouquets to our lovely Bride Emma and all of her Bridesmaids
 Ruby conducted the all important FD Events Bridal Bouquet carrying lesson, everyone did a wonderful job
Ruby & Mike headed off to meet the Bride Groom and all of the special guests to pin on the boutonnieres all of which were lined up ready 

The Page Boy's double Snowflake Rose Bud Boutonniere
 Beautiful Mum's Corsage of rolled Rose Petals and tiny Snowy Flake Rose Buds with Berries, Thalaspi and Ivy
 Mum's beautifully vibrant deep purple and violet corsage of Lissianthus, Thalaspi and rolled Rose Petals and Ivy
 Grandma's Corsage of Snowflake Rose Buds and Par Excellence Gypsophilia
 The Best Man's Boutonniere of Sweet Avalanche & Snowflake Rose with Stachys, Thalaspi and Eucalyptus "Baby Blue"

The Bride Groom's rather special Boutonniere featured fresh Muscari, Sweet Avalanche Rose with White Peony, Sweet Pea and a Snowflake Rose Bud
 Emma's super handsome Bride Groom the lovely Jon was first to have his Boutonniere in place
 Bride Groom's rather special boutonniere in palest pink and ivory
 The best Man complete with Boutonniere
 The Best Man's palest pink and ivory Boutonniere
 Super glam Grandma wearing her Snowflake Rose Bud Corsage

Mum looking beautiful with her deep purple corsage

Fabulous Parents looking super proud with matching Boutonniere and Corsage
 The ceremony was held at the fabulous Beeston Manor

Fresh Flowers greeted the guests at the foot of the stairs and posies of flowers on the windowsill halfway up
 Fresh flowers on the windowsill leading up to the ceremony room
 Exquisite White Peony and elegant Memory Lane Roses

 In the ceremony room two pedestal designs framed the Registrars table which was dressed with posies of fresh flowers in crystal and hand blown glass vessels

 Fresh Sweet scented Stocks with Ranunculas
 A Memory Lane Rose

 The Wedding Cake with fresh flower topper

 The Beautiful Bridesmaids were wearing pale Wedgewood blue gowns their bouquets complimented perfectly
 How Gorgeous

 Emma looked so fabulous!!

 Massive Congratulations to Emma & Jon from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

 Whilst everyone enjoyed celebratory drinks some of the ceremony designs were transferred on to to wedding breakfast tables to create a co-ordintaed look for the day

 Crystal Candlestick designs were the tall option for some of the tables
 Small posies of fresh flowers were arranged around the base of the candlestick

Our beautiful Crystal Cake Plinth topped with a bosom of fresh flowers including Stocks, Roses, Ranunculas, Muscari, Hydrangeas, Lissianthus and Sweet Peas

 We used some of the Bridesmaids Posies in glass vases on mirrors surrounded by tea lights on some of the tables
 The beautiful Wedding Cake dressed with a floral topper and with a cake corsage

The Top Table was decorated with a collection of Crystal Vases, Vessels and Cake plinths each one filled with a glorious array of fresh fragranced spring blooms, crystal candlesticks were placed in between the designs

Huge thanks to Emma & Jon for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers


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