The Most Fabulous February Wedding at Nottingham Catholic Cathedral & Trent Bridge Cricket Club: Zoe & James

This was such a wonderful and magical day, the beautiful Bride Zoe had been our "Saturday Girl" throughout school and then whilst she was at University studying to become a teacher as a result she became our longest serving Saturday girl ever.
 Zoe was with us long enough to become a fully fledged florist, besides her obvious brilliance as a florist, Zoe is quite honestly one of the most wonderful people we know, she has over the years become part of our family even joining us for Christmas Dinner on occasion (Though legend has it she can eat at least two Christmas Dinners), Zoe is without exception the most thoughtful, kind,  punctual, selfless person I know, she is also driven and has bags of self discipline and ambition and we are unbelievably proud of all that she has achieved.
So it was our great privilege to be able to create Zoe & James' wedding flowers and to be invited as guests to their beautiful Wedding Day
Jason and I were in Nottingham before breakfast and after setting up the reception flowers at Trent Bridge we were presenting our Zoe with her Bridal flowers whilst she was eating hers whilst having her hair done, hey we girls know how to multi task!!!!

Even though Zoe had seen this at least a hundred times before we did the all important FD Bridal Bouquet carrying lesson, Zoe and her Bridesmaids were naturals

The colour scheme was black and white, and though White Peonies Zoe's favourite flowers are truly out of season for February we moved heaven and earth to import some for her from Australia and her pleasure made them worth every penny!!!

The White & Black Bridal Bouquet included Peonies, Roses, Lily of the Valley, Black & White Calla Lilies, Hydrangeas, Viburnum Opulus and Black Viburnum Tinus Berries and silver Albiflora with Eucalyptus
After pinning on the Mum's Corsages and Dad's Boutonniere Jason & I headed off to The Cathedral to meet up with James, Zoe's seriously lucky and very lovely Bride Groom to pin on his Boutonniere and his Groom's Men's Boutonnieres
We lined up the Black Calla Lily Boutonnieres ready to pin them on the Groom and his Groom's Men

The super handsome Bride Groom James, complete with boutonniere.
 I have known James for many years and I turned un-knowingly into cupid introducing them to each other a good few years ago, James worked for Interflora at the time in their marketing department, I was a florist who worked as part of their product development team, Zoe came along to a Photo shoot organised by James as my right hand man and as soon as the two of them met romantic sparks began to fly
Zoe's lovely brothers Jordan and Adam

Jason & I got someone else to take our picture 
My lovely lapel corsage of fresh Lily of the Valley
Jason's Black Bacara Boutonniere
James' & Zoe's lovely Mum's
The beautiful Bridesmaids

The Bridesmaid's Bouquets of Paper Whites, Ranunculas, Avalanche Roses, Black & White Calla Lilies, Black and Silver Berries.

Our Zoe really did take everyone's breath away when she arrived ten minutes early at the Cathedral with her super proud Dad, I don't think we have ever seen a Bride look more radiant and beautiful!!!xxx

So although the ceremony was scheduled for 12:00 Noon Zoe had arrived early as a consequence the proceedings had to be paused whilst the bells chimed the hour!!

Huge and ginormous Congratulations to Zoe and James

Zoe and James were showered with confetti amid a shower of God's own confetti commonly known as snow!!

Zoe's Dad Paul and his wife Julie

Zoe's lovely Mum Jo with her husband Joe, such happy memories to treasure xxx
And with James' lovely Mum
Zoe's beautiful Bouquet included lacey blooms to reflect her exquisite gown

James was wearing a large Black Calla with a sprig of fresh Rosemary and elements taken from Zoe's Bouquet

The celebrations moved on to Trent Bridge Cricket Ground
Inside the beautiful historic wood panelled pavillion we enjoyed celebratory drinks and Zoe & James cut their magnificent cheese tower

In the banqueting suite upstairs the tables were dressed with goldfish bowls designed to represent "Cricket Balls" each table named after a cricketing position

The fabulous seating plan
Each bowl included Calla Lilies and grasses swirling and whirling around the interior candle
The top table was dressed with a series of Goldfish Bowls in various sizes

Each guest was given their favourite chocolate bar and given their favourite drink 


Anonymous said…
I don't want to be anonymous but can't figure out why! If you work it out let me know and I'll do again!

Oh my to make a pregnant woman cry!!! Was in tears before the first picture with those words!!! It only got worse the more pictures I saw!!! Jane your words are beautiful and touched my heart, the memories you captured just incredible! Love the one as we pause for the bells though had to laugh at all the rollers shots!!
I cannot thank you enough for our exquisite flowers....peonies especially but only I could be adamant about my request!!!! We are so glad you could do us the honour of making our special flowers and be there to celebrate our special day with us! So many wonderful memories from a day with family and friends, some sadly no longer here but your photos capturing the happiness will be fondly looked back on! I know Joe would have loved to see them...he had such a great day.
Thank you to you, Jason and to all the team for their part in making our day so special. We will treasure these memories for always!!
Love you lots
Your long standing Saturday girl slash grown up bride and mum to be, Zöe & James xxx xxx xxx
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