The Utterly Perfect Purple Wedding Day of Emily & Nick at Eaves Hall With Some Seriously Splendid Images By Jonny Draper

Emily & Nick's Wedding was so beautifully planned, every detail had been carefully considered, the shades of Purples and Pinks used had been thought about and planned, I absolutely loved working with these two, it truly was an absolute joy, a very "together" couple who were always on the same page, creative decisions were made as a couple which is always a blessing, the result of course was a wedding day that felt relaxed, looked breathtaking with a totally blissful Bride & Groom!!!
My grateful thanks to the wonderful Jonny Draper for providing the majority of these stunning images, I adore working with Jonny as besides the obvious fact of his brilliance he always gives me images immediately and I'd far rather use his wonderful work than our own haphazard photographic efforts, Jonny has a great gift for story telling in his images, I love that he provides context great images that take you right to the heart and soul of the day!!!
Our Beautiful Bride and her Bridesmaid's were all getting ready in the fabulous  Bridal Lodge at Eaves Hall when Jason and our daughter Olivia caught up with them to present the Bridal Bouquets

The unveiling of the Bridal Bouquets
The Bridal Bouquet's handle was bound with the exquisite bridal gown fabric and fastened with a vintage brooch of clustered pearls
Jason presented our lovely Bride with her Bouquet

The Bridesmaid's Bouquets were in deeper tones including purple Calla Lilies, Lissianthus, Classic Hydrangeas and English Garden Roses

The Bridal Bouquet was in much softer gentler tones delicate nude pinks, rich creams and silver greys, I included English Garden Roses from David Austin; Keira & Patience with Equadorian Roses Faith, Blanchette, Quicksand, Mentha, Safi Blue, Memory Lane, Bombastic and Akito with fresh Lily of Valley, Classic Hydrangeas with Senecio and Albiflora
A Hair Palette Box of fresh individually wired and taped Roses, Lissianthus, Albiflora and Hydrangeas perfect for just slipping into a "Hair up" design

The Bride's Mum's Handbag Corsage
The fabulous Emma Draper MUA a lady of many talents was doing a wonderful job of the bridal make up, Emma & Jonny were lucky enough to be guests at this glorious wedding and were able to provide a huge amount of professional help and guidance throughout the planning and on the day itself
Emma also owns the award winning Love Bridal Boutique she helped Emily select her beautiful gown and even dressed her on the day

These next few images were taken by Jason and celebrate the Boutonnieres each one carefully put together to compliment both the Brides and Bridesmaid's Bouquets.
The super handsome Bride Groom Nick was wearing a Boutonniere featuring a Calla Lily and a cluster of Roses with Champagne Grass and Ivy

The equally handsome Best Man was sporting a colourful Boutonniere including Calla Lily, Rosemary, Lissianthus and a Rose bud

In the entrance of Eaves Hall a magnificently tall vase filled with Stocks, Roses, Dahlias, Lissianthus, Calla Lilies, Roses and Hydrangeas welcomed guests as they arrived

Back to Jonny's beautiful shots

The Ceremony was taking place in the dining room at Eaves where the great folks from Creative Cover Hire had swagged the ceiling and dressed the chairs sublimely
Our fabulous Baroque style candelabras were placed strategically around the ceremony room to create an opulent and luxurious atmosphere
Likewise our silver fruit bowls filled to overflowing with fresh flowers and foliages
The Registrars table was dressed with a magnificently traditional candlelit design

The beautiful Emily with her super proud Dad

Some more of our own pics obviously as Joony is in them!!!
The fabulous Banqueting Manager Hailey

Back to Jonny Draper's spectacular images

Huge Congratulations to Nick & Emily from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

The dining room had been transformed into a magical banqueting suite
Our stunning Candelabras looked magnificent in the centre of some of the tables
I loved these Hurricane lamp designs surrounded by fresh flowers

The fabulous Cake was created by the uber brilliant Joe & Janine from Specialized Cakes

Emma & Jonny Draper the ultimate Wedding Duo

Huge thanks to Emily & Nick for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers and to Jonny Draper for providing such wonderful images!!!


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