The Beautifully Rich & Regal Wedding Day of Emma & Adam at The Clifton Arms

We loved working with Emma to create her wedding flowers, she put together the most exquisite Mood Board in rich jewel tones, featuring Game Birds, English Country Houses and the great out doors with a bit of Downton Abbey thrown in for good measure.
 It really was a huge pleasure putting together these fabulously rich tones and textures, Emma's  Wedding Bouquet  was intended to look as if it had been gathered on a country walk in an Autumnal wood I included lots of "Backen" style ferns, Autumn Leaves, Pheasant, Grouse and Partridge feathers, contorted Hazel, Seed Heads, Grasses, Thistles, Berries and fresh Herbs alongside a plethora Roses, Classic Hydrangeas, Lissianthus & Delphiniums
Jason & our Ruby presented Emma's Wedding Bouquets and delivered the FD Events Bouquet carrying lesson
Our beautiful Bride was an absolute natural at Bouquet carrying
I wanted the bouquet to have a truly natural vibe complicated shapes, light and shade with an utterly earthy feel in direct contrast to Emma's beautiful wedding gown
Emma looked utterly breathtaking, a classical beauty with exquisite taste

Emma's beautiful Bridesmaid carried a smaller simpler version of the Bridal Bouquet, we covered the handle with midnight blue ribbon enveloped in black lace to match her gown perfectly
The Bride Groom's rather special Boutonniere incorporated Partridge Feathers, Rosemary, Ferns, Grasses, the most exquisitely perfect Amnesia Rose with a Thistle, Viburnum Tinus and Delphinium Volkerfrieden
The seriously lovely Bride's Father was wearing a Boutonniere of Eryngium Thistles with Viburnum Tinus Berries, Rosemary, Scabious and Champagne Grass, which complimented his midnight blue tie
Each of the Groom's Men were wearing different ties in jewel colours and we created Boutonnieres to tone or contrast perfectly
A Boutonniere of lovely Tamango Rose buds with Lissianthus Buds Rosemary, Viburnum Tinus and Feathers
A Beautiful Boutonniere with an Akito Rose, Rosemary, Thistle and Viburnum Tinus, bound with deep blue Ribbon and tied up with earth jute
Mum's Corsage of Rolled Amnesia and Avalanche Rose Petals, Blue Eryngium and Classic Hydrangeas
The Boutonnieres were all lined up ready to be pinned on
Each Boutonniere was finished off individually and all of them included Partridge or Grouse feathers

The Groom's Mum Looked lovely and her Corsage matched her "Grape" coloured ensemble
The very elegant and beautiful "Usherette" was wearing a lovely emerald green gown we'd created a Wrist Corsage in pale green blooms to compliment

The Clifton Arms is a truly magnificent venue steeped in old world charm with just enough modernity to keep it fresh and vibrant, the service there really is second to none, the  fabulous Victoria and Bernard do a wonderful job
The view from the front of the Hotel just prior to a magical sunset 
The Ceremony Room overlooks this beautiful landscape, our Bride & Groom would be exchanging vows in the bay window framed by two of our "Baroque" style Candelabras, the Registrars table dressed with a candlelit swag of beautiful Delphiniums, Roses and Hydrangeas
Our Baroque Candelabras overloaded with autumnal magnificence Purple Amethyst Calicarpo, Ruby Red Rose Hips, Black Opal Viburnum Tinus, Garnet Red Skimmia and Pearly White Snowberries were  like glistening jewels, all glossy and glorious

The Chairs were dressed by the great folks at Creative Cover Hire in a selection of vibrant shades, we'd arranged posies of fresh flowers on alternate Chairs lining the aisle
Deep Blue Delphinium, Purple Lissianthus, Black Bacra & Creamy Vendella Roses with Rose Hips and Thistles with Bracken like Coral Fern

The two Mum's looked so lovely and their corsages matched their ensembles perfectly

The Registrar was one of our all time favourites the lovely Carol

The fabulous Banqueting Manager Bernard was looking after this wedding for the Clifton Arms and always did a wonderful job
Emma's beautiful Bridesmaid looked so elegant
The beautiful Bride Emma with her super proud Dad

Huge Congratulations to Emma & Adam from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

Our Bride & Groom together with their guests headed off to the beach to enjoy the sunset and have some pictures taken

In the Ball Room the tables were dressed beautifully with a combination of high and low table centres

Low Designs featured Candlelit Hurricane Lamps surrounded by wreaths of Brassica, Roses, Delphiniums, Hydrangeas, Fir Cones, Feathers and other Autumnal loveliness

All of the tables were named after Birds

The Top table looked so lush and lovely with Guordes, Fir Cones, Autumn Leaves, Candles and fresh flowers

The Bar Tables were dressed with posies of fresh flowers

Our work here was done, huge thanks to the lovely Emma, Adam and their wonderful families for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers!!!xxx


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