The Fabulously Wild & Wonderful Wedding Day of Jodie & Lee at Lytham Hall & in a Teepee at Staining Lodge Golf Club

What a fabulous couple, I know we're going to miss Jodie & Lee and what an amazing wedding day they had on Friday, these two had put a huge amount of time and effort into this wonderful day and it well and truly paid off...
Jason presented Jodie with her wild, hand gathered Bridal bouquet at The Shard
The Bridal Bouquet was created in a wild and relaxed style, we wanted it to appear as if Jodie and I had been for an early morning walk and picked the flowers still drenched in morning dew and bundled them up in to this delightful bouquet, I included Snowberries, Roses, Poppy Seed Heads, Thistles, Astilbe, Hydrangeas, Senecio, Anemones, Hydrangeas, Eucalyptus Pods and lots more Autumn loveliness besides
Jason headed off to Lytham Hall to meet up with Lee our fabulous Bride Groom and his Groom's Men to pin on their Boutonnieres
Each Boutonniere was individually created using a different combination of flowers, herbs, thistles and berries in each one, the stems were left naked and then bound and tied with jute.
The Groom Lee's boutonniere of Champagne Grass, Thalaspi, Eryngium, Wax Flower Blossom and Gypsophilia
A Corsage of Rolled Rose Petals, Ivy, Thalaspi and Gypsophilia

Two vases of Pussy Willow, Contorted Willow, Snowberry and Quercus were placed on the two tables framing the Registrars table in The Gold Room at Lytham Hall

This lovely Bell Jar incapsulating and protecting two beautifully exquisite and precious Roses depicting our Bride & Groom was placed on the Registrars Table
Jodie looked beautiful as she arrived along with her Mum and Bridesmaids
Jodie's Bouquet included a beautifully seasonal collection of Roses, Blossoms, Herbs, Foliages, Grasses and a plethora of Seed Heads and Berries
The Bridesmaid's all carried Bouquets of Gypsophilia

Massive Congratulations to Lee & Jodie from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

Bridesmaids Bouquets of Gypsophilia
The handle of the Bridal Bouquet was finished off with Jute, Lace and a beautiful Cameo Brooch (Our Brides own) the stems were left semi naked
Oscar Rowley with the delicious Canapes

Wild Autumnal naturally gathered Bridal Boquet
The Bride Groom's Autumn Boutonniere

The celebrations moved on to the wonderful surroundings of Staining Lodge Golf Club where two Teepees had been erected just off the Club House

Inside the Teepees the atmosphere was magical
The tables were dressed with jam jars and vessels filled with  posies of fresh flowers and Gypsophilia all set on jute or lace doilies with Candlelit Votives and fir cone detailing

Lee and Jodie had decorated some of their own jam jars with buttons, ribbons and string, we'd filled them with a myriad of autumnal produce, in this one we've included a Brassica, Dill, Rosemary, Sedum, Champagne Grass, Roses and Classic Hydrangea
Me and Ben from Rowley's Catering

The benches were draped with sheepskins
Along the top table the "Bell Jar" took pride of place with lots of lovely votives and posies dressing the front of the table
The Swags of Willow and Snowberry from the ceremony were attached to the poles inside th Teepee
We loved Lee & Jodie's slate table place settings

Toffee apple table favours yummy...

All of the details throughout were simply beautiful Jodie and lee had put a huge amount of themselves into this magical day, huge congratulations to them because it all looked glorious!!!

The Seating Plan was one of our enchanted trees, which greeted guests as the entered the teepee

At one end a fire pit was blazing away

Our work here was done it was time to leave, massive thanks to Jodie and Lee for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers


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