Seriously Sensational Summer Wedding For Rachel & Alex Featuring Some Stunning Images From Liam Crawley

This is one of my all time favourite weddings, I love the colour it's so sensational, this wedding was in the most vibrant shades, I love people and these folks were amazing, I love late summer sunshine, I love wheat fields and Marquees, I love beautifully kept and much loved country Churches, Beautiful Brides, Handsome Grooms and this wedding day had it all in bucket loads, but, and this is the thing, because you don't always get this, they had an amazing photographer the uber brilliant and talented Liam Crawley of CG Weddings by The Crawley's fame who has so generously provided many of the images throughout this posting, (I will, though I suspect it isn't necessary point out to you which images are his) our fabulous Ruby has taken all of the rest which are pretty good for a florist!!!!
Ruby presented the Bridal Bouquets and Bridal Bouquet carrying lesson, these gorgeous girls were absolute naturals
The Bridal bouquets were created in a myriad of shades, I used meadow, hedgerow and country garden blooms, I wanted the bouquets to have a hand gathered vibe...
The little Flower Girl had her Teddy Bear dressed with fresh flowers
The following few images are by Liam...
A Palette of fresh hair flowers, each one individually wired and taped ready to be placed in the Bridesmaids hair "Do's"
Each Bridesmaid had a unique combination of flowers in her hair
A beautiful Boutonniere of shell pink roses
The Bridal Bouquet's were finished off with a semi naked lace and jute handle
The Bridesmaid's Bouquets were vibrant and lush each one was different and unique

Back to our Ruby's images...
St Hilda's Church in Bilsborrow, one of the most beautiful and well kept Churches, we'd dressed the arch
The Church Gate was dressed with an exquisite floral heart
Our Mike was busy lighting all of the candles in the lanterns lining the aisle

We'd been to visit this Church a couple of weeks earlier so I'd been lucky enough to see the fabulous flower beds surrounding and leading up to the Church as a consequence we'd chosen flowers and colours to match creating a truly organic look

This is a full and voluptuous Church Door Arch, we included Hydrangeas, Roses, Peonies, Alliums, Sweet Peas, Craspedia and trailing Amaranthus
Some more amazing images from Liam Crawley....
Ruby & Mike pinned on all of the Boutonnieres 

Inside The Church we'd dressed with windowsills and ledges with jam jars filled with posies of fresh flowers in a all shapes and sizes
The Pew ends had gorgeous little Jam jars filled with fresh fragrant flowers and herbs hanging from ribbons

Back to our pictures....
The Bride Groom's rather special Boutonniere designed to compliment his Bride's Bouquet

A fabulously wild and vibrant design dominated by Eremurus, Delphiniums and Alliums sat on the Font at the back of Church and welcomed the guests as they entered this lovely building

On either side of the Altar two fabulous pedestals framed the space perfectly
Jam Jars of flowers dressed the Pulpit

The pedestal designs had a naturally wild and random feel to them
A more formal design on the piano

A lovely handbag corsage of Mimi Eden Rose Buds with Alfiflora Brunia and Hydrangea Florets

We'd dressed the candlelit pillars with fresh ivy and Peonies

The splendidly handsome Bride Groom Alex complete with Boutonniere
The Groom's Boutonniere of a Faith Rose with Mimi Eden, Mint, Rosemary, Craspedia and Oregano with fresh Rosemary, the stem was finished with lace and jute 

All of the Boutonnieres were completely different from one another


The utterly Fabulous Bride's Mum 
The Bride's Mum's handbag was dressed with fresh Rose Buds, Rolled petals, Albiflora Brunia and Oregano with fresh ivy

Some more beautifully atmospheric shots of the Bridesmaids arriving from Liam Crawley

The Bridesmaids Bouquets were in a naturally gathered style, relaxed as if we'd gone into a meadow and picked them, each one quite different from the others but all connected and complimentary

Back to our images of the beautiful Bridesmaids
Fresh Lavender, Salvia, Peonies, Roses, Achillea Parker, Craspedia, Alchemilla Mollis, Viburnum Opulus Berries, English Garden Roses from David Austin, Peonies, Cornflowers, Sweet Peas, Blackberries and Scabious were all bundled together to create a whimsical Bridesmaids Bouquet
Fresh Roses, Alchemilla Mollis and herbs were simply pushed into the hair

This Bridesmaids bouquet includes sweet scented Stocks, Roses, Lysimachia, Poppy Seed Heads, Hydrangeas, Single Peonies, Floribunda Roses, Peppermint, Dille, Champagne Grass, English Garden Roses, Cornflower, Blackberries, Rosemary and Champagne Grass
The adorable little Flower Girl with her teddy bear

The completely gorgeous Bride, vivacious, happy and totally beautiful her wedding bouquet reflecting her happiness perfectly

This wedding bouquet was a garden in itself, an eclectic and vibrant collection of colour and variety, fresh English Garden Roses, heavenly Nigella "Love in the Mist", Peonies, Sweet Peas, Cornflower, Poppies, Grasses, Floribunda Roses, Achillea Parker, Craspedia, Lysimachia, Viburnum Opulus, Blackberries, Lily of the Valley  and loads more loveliness besides

Liam's heavenly images of the Bride's arrival...

Our images now as the Bride, her super Proud Dad and Bridesmaids head up the Church path to meet the Minister 

The arch of flowers framed the Brides entrance so beautifully

A seriously Bridght and Colourful Wedding Bouquet

Liam's lovely images inside Church

Huge Congratulations from all of the team here at Flower Design Events
Back to Ruby's pics....The arch of flowers still looked wonderful 

Rose Petal Confetti as captured by the brilliant Liam Crawley...

The Celebrations moved on to the wonderful surroundings of our Bride's family home where Marquees had been erected in the middle of wheat fields
The heart of fresh flowers had been transferred to the garden gate
Pew end posies hung on fence poles around the garden

Inside the magnificent Marquee we used a combination of high and low table designs
The beautiful Wedding cake was topped by a beautiful little posy of fresh flowers

The slate on the top table had been collected by the Bride Groom and was the perfect medium for the glass vases filled with vibrant posies of garden flowers to sit on 

Our spectacularly tall and vibrant Crystal Candlestick designs

The little posies that were all around Church were used all around the marquees and gardens


Fusion designs Tall Crystal Candlesticks with Rustic Meadow and country garden flowers on top
At the base of each of the crystal candlestick table stands we arranged posies of fresh flowers
Gorgeous "Wow" floribunda Roses
Vibrant Yellow Floribunda Roses
Fresh Purple Alliums
Low Crystal Cake Plinths topped with a "Bosom" of fresh meadow blooms

Sweet Williams

A plethora of fresh English Summer Blooms in individual vases set on the fabulous slates
"Ocean Song" Roses
Cream Stocks and Craspedia
Oregano & Cornflowers

Ornamental Blackberries, Creme de la Creme Roses and Achillea Parker

I do love this beautiful Cake Topper of meadow and hedgerow blooms, grasses and berries

Some more amazing images from the fabulous Liam Crawley

Our work here was done, massive thanks to Rachel & Alex and their wonderful families for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers!!!!!!!


Rachel Edwards said…
Thankyou again! The day wouldn't have been the same without our beautiful flowers. The flowers summed up exactly what we wanted for our, bright, country laid back rustic, lots of colour and textures, sunshine, and pretty! We were so very lucky to work with Flower Design not to mention our other fab suppliers that helped to make everything perfect... Sonara Parker make up, Liam Crawley (CG Wedding Photography), Karen Rhodes Caterers and Lulu Browns for my dress :) All faultless!!

Thankyou again Jane and all at Flower Design... we highly recommend you! xx

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