Music Is The Food of Love For Leanne & Tom's Wedding at All Hallow's Bispham & Bartle Hall's Balmoral Suite

This wedding was such a joy to work on, Tom & Leanne are such a fabulous couple, with the most exciting brief, Music, Romance, Melody and Rhythm were the order of the day, a warm vibrant colour palette of Burnt Oranges, Apricots, Rich Clotted Creams, vintage detail and the most wonderful families, I really couldn't ask for more!!!.....
The fabulous Wedding Bouquet carrying lesson was conducted by our Ruby, Leanne and her gorgeous Bridesmaids held their bouquets beautifully
The Bridesmaid's carried Bouquets of Apricot, Burnt Orange and Cream Roses, Hydrangeas, Sweet Peas and Asclepias

Ruby headed off to All Hallows Bispham to put the finishing touches to the flowers and to light all the candles in the lanterns outside Church
 One of our Spectacular FD Events Floral Hearts was hanging on the Lytch Gate to welcome all the guests as they arrived

We lined the pathway leading up to the front door with a series of lanterns and fresh fragrant posies hanging from our hooks
Posies of Vuvuezela, Bombastic and Vendella Roseswith fresh fragrant Sweet Peas and Hydrangeas

The Boutonnieres were lined up ready for Ruby to pin them onto their rightful owners.
The seriously special Groom's Boutonniere of a rolled Naranga Rose Petal with "4 Good" Rose Buds, Asclepias, Sweet Peas, Lily of the Valley, Champagne Grass, a Vuvuezela Rose and Champagne Grass to finish
The Groom's Men & Usher's Boutonnieres were all finished with different orange, ivory or apricot bespoke Ribbons and Lace, the Rose was one of my favourites Vendella with a Thalaspi and Asclepias blossom

On either side of the front door we arranged two fragrant Bay Trees dressed with English Garden Roses

The Floral Heart was luscious, filled with a "Frou Frou" collection of Peonies, Roses, Hydrangeas and Asclepias
Mum's Epaulette Corsage of Rolled sweet scented Norma Jean Roses with fresh Lily of the Valley, Astilbe, Alchemilla Mollis, Thalaspi, Hydrangeas and a flourish of Champagne Grass

Tom, Leanne's super handsome Bride Groom complete with his seriously splendid Boutonniere, which complimented his tie quite magnificently

Ruby pinned all of the boutonnieres on, each one perfectly placed

Fabulous Groom's Mum & Dad
The Bride's Mum & Bridesmaids all arrived in vintage style
The beautiful Bridesmaids were wearing exquisite apricot gowns, their fabulous bouquets complimented the style and colour perfectly
Here come the Girls!!!!....

The utterly gorgeous Bride's Mum was wearing an epaulette Corsage of Quick Sand Roses with Rolled Petals and Lily of the Valley, Thalaspi, Champagne Grass and Alchemilla Mollis and Ivy

The photographer for the day was the amazing Tim Emmerton

The Bridesmaid's Bouquets were a "Cocophony" of Roses, English Garden Roses from David Austin "Keira" & "Patience" with "Naranga", "4 Good", "Bombastic" & Asclepias, Lily of the Valley and Hydrangeas with some fragrant Sweet Peas for good measure
Our stunning and breathtaking Bride Leanne was next to arrive with her super proud Dad

The Brides gorgeous Parents

The stunning Bridal Bouquet looked good enough to eat a confection of Peaches, Apricots and Creams, gloriously vibrant English Garden Blooms
How fabulous is that gown!!!

The Church Cat was enjoying the service!!

Huge and Massive Congratulations to Tom & Leanne from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

The Celebrations moved on to The Balmoral Suite at Bartle Hall, the perfect party room

The Orchard Gardens just off the Balmoral Suite were bedecked with Bunting, Fresh Flowers and Candlelit Lanterns
Lanterns & Posies of fresh flowers on the outdoor tables

Inside The Balmoral Suite the tables were dressed with Leanne & Tom's favourite Musical Instruments alongside glorious posies of fresh flowers and candles in individually dressed with music sheets, lace and ribbons bottles, jars and vessels

The top table was utterly magnificent and featured Leanne's first Recorder and Tom's Trumpet

Our work here was done it was time to leave the party in full swing and head off for much needed cup of tea!!!xxxx Massive thanks to Tom & Leanne and both of their fabulous families!!!!xxx


Leanne said…
Jane and the team did an amazing job!! We can't thank them enough for taking our vision and turning it into something spectacular! All our guests made fabulous comments. Thanks again! We will miss our meetings! ! Love from Leanne and Tom xx

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