Little Miss Sunshine & Mr Perfect aka Laetitia & Will's Magical Wedding at St Paul's Warton & at Bartle Hall

This was such an amazing Wedding filled with fun, love, romance, colour and an awful lot of Mr Men & Little Miss's, for those of you who visited my office while Laetitia & Will's spectacular "Mood Board" was in residence you will recall an abundance of vibrant colour, humour and above all Mr Men...
First off then the all important wedding bouquet presentation and carrying lesson, the lovely Laetitia carried a magnificently cascading bouquet of "Blue Magic" Vanda Orchids with Champagne Grass, Lilac Sweet Peas and "Blue Moon" Freesia
The Bridesmaids carried Posies of "Blue Magic" Vanda Orchids, Sweet Peas, Freesia and "Crystal Blush" Calla Lilies
The adorable Flower Girl's carried pomanders of vibrant fresh flowers in a myriad shades
Wedding Bouquet carrying lesson went superbly, these lovely ladies were all absolute naturals

The two Flower Girls were quite simply superb
We headed off to the Church, just a few doors down from the Bride's house to meet our lovely Bride Groom and his Groom's Men to pin on their Boutonnieres
The super handsome Bride Groom Will complete with "Mr Perfect" Cuff Links and the most fabulous Blue Magic Vanda Orchid Boutonniere
The Best Man with "Mr Happy" Cufflinks and a matching Yellow Germini Boutonniere

The gorgeous Groom's Mum with her Phalaenopsis Corsage
The Groom's Dad was wearing "Mr Bump" Cufflinks with matching Boutonniere

The Guests were all given Germini Boutonnieres in a vibrant array of shades
The lovely Phreya and Hailey
Inside St Paul's we'd arranged a deep blue "Baroque" Candelabra with Hydrangeas, Delphiniums and Roses on the right hand side of the Altar
On the ends of the Pews Jam Jars filled with Posies of Gerberas

On the left side of the Altar a glorious Candelabra filled with Green Hydrangeas, Green Roses, Green Hypericum and trailing foliages was standing on it's own pedestal

More boutonnieres of brilliantly coloured Germinis with Ribbons in different shades

Beautiful Flower Girl's Pomander

The Bridesmaids all looked amazing with their purple and ivory bouquets

Beautiful Flower Girl with her vibrant fresh flower Pomander

The truly lovely Brides Mum with matching Pink & Raspberry Corsage

Our beautiful Bride and her super proud Dad were next to arrive

So beautiful!!!

Beautiful Vanda Orchid Wedding Bouquet

Two fabulous Bay Trees dressed with a vibrant collection of Germinis framed the front door of St Paul's Church in Warton

Massive Congratulations to the very happy couple

Steve & Stephanie Ashton from Ashton Photography were in charge of capturing all of the magic, check out their amazing preview blog posting featuring this beautiful wedding Link

The celebrations moved on to the magnificent surroundings of Bartle Hall

The Windsor Suite was dressed with a glorious array of colour
The fabulous "Mr Man" Seating Plan
The Red "Mr Strong" Table a Huge Goldfish Bowl filled with vibrant Red Blooms
Mr Sneeze Table complete with blue Baroque Candelabra
"Little Miss Sunshine" Table

"Mr Tickle" Table
"Little Miss Chatterbox" Table

The Green "Mr Funny" Table with Green Baroque style Candelabra

The Top Table "Mr Bump"

As Jason and I passed our fabulous Bride & Groom in their horse drawn carriage as we were driving home....

Huge thanks to this fabulous couple, we had the very best time planning and designing the flowers for this wonderful wedding!!!xxx


The shot that is taken down the middle of the pews is certainly one of the best in the collection!

The glass jar with flowers in certainly is a modern twist on pew end flowers.

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