Hazy Summer Violets, Pinks, Lavenders and Ivory for Sarah & Peter's St Annes Parish Church & The Grand Hotel Wedding Day

 I absolutely love this wedding and more importantly I love Sarah and her amazing Mum the utterly fabulous and indomitable Penny, it was with a heavy heart that I handed over the presentation of flowers on the day to our super brilliant Ruby, (My eldest daughter was taken into hospital and I had to hot foot it to London on a "Only Mum will do" mission, the thing is I knew Penny & Sarah would forgive me, but I'm not sure I've forgiven myself, my darling girl is on the mend and back in Lancashire in the bosom of her only slightly smothering family!!!)
I was so excited to see Ruby's beautiful pictures of a truly magnificent wedding day, the Bridal Bouquets were in soft hazy Summery shades, toning perfectly with the Bridesmaid's rich purple gowns, the trick here of course was to ensure a seasonal vibe, keeping the colours within a strictly Summer palette; Blowsy Pink Peonies were teamed with glorious Lavender & Ivory Sweet Peas, Roses in vintage shades, Hydrangeas, Violet Lissianthus, Sweet scented Lily of the Valley, Rosemary and Astrantia....now for the wedding bouquet carrying lesson from Ruby
The girls were of course naturals, carrying their delicious bouqets perfectly
Our gorgeous Bride the lovely Sarah, so happy and relaxed....
Penny had ordered two fresh flower arrangements to dress her fireplace, we'd delivered them the evening before ready for visitors and Bridal preparations
Then Ruby headed off to St Annes Parish Church to meet Sarah's Bride Groom and his Groom's Men to pin on their Boutonnieres
The entrance porch looked warm and welcoming with a series of candlelit lanterns and fragrant posies of Peonies, Roses, Lissianthus and Sweet Peas completed by a froth of Pinkalina

Our Bride Groom Peter's Boutonniere of a Lily of the Valley, Fresh Rosemary, an Akito Rose with Purple Delphinum and Sweet Pea florets

The Best Man's Boutonniere in deep purple and ivory
Lovely Page Boy's Boutonniere of Snowflake Rose Buds, Lissianthus and Pinkalina

The fabulous Lytch Gate at St Anne's Parish Church was dressed with a luscious garland of fresh flowers and foliages
We Hung candle lit lanterns to keep Bees and Wasps at away and to create a romantic atmosphere
The fabulous Bride Groom Peter was first to have his boutonniere pinned on

I do love "Little Ushers" with Boutonnieres

Inside this magnificent Parish Church Penny and I had decided that the flowers should dress the focal areas, where all of the action would be, so lining the aisle we'd hung little buckets of fresh Peonies, Roses, Sweet Peas and Astrantia, leading to two of our majestic Pedestal Designs framing the actual ceremony space with two designs on the foot of the altar 

The Buckets of loveliness on the end of each alternate Pew create a fragranced walkway for our Bridal Party and the guests as they arrive inside Church
Our Pedestals are truly wonderful a very English celebration of Summer Blooms, Delphiniums, Hydrangeas, Roses, Stocks, blowsy Peonies and Lissianthus
The Pedestal Designs are created as mirror images of one another
After the ceremony these two beautiful pedestal designs were taken to The Grand to form part of the Reception designs and then on Tuesday they were taken up to Trinity Hospice for visitors and patients to enjoy there, so the pleasure goes on long after this auspicious day

Two bright vivid Altar designs, these two are left in Church after the ceremony for the congregation to enjoy

Ruby pinned on all of the Boutonnieres, ensuring the correct position

Beautiful White Rose Boutonniere with Rosemary, Delphiniums, Lissianthus and Pinkalina

Our Bridesmaids looked so beautiful and their bouquets toned perfectly with their gowns, the fabulous little Junior Usher looked so handsome
The Bridesmaid's Bouquets were a smaller version of the Bridal Bouquet and included soft summery shades of Purples, Violets, Pinks and Lavenders with Ivory High Lights, Peonies, Roses, Lissianthus, Sweet Peas, Astrantia, Lily of the Valley, Pinkalina, Euaclyptus and Rosemary

How Gorgeous!!!!
Our breathtaking Bride Sarah with her beautiful Mum were last to arrive and how wonderful did they look!!!

Sarah's sumptuous Summer Bridal Bouquet to tone with deep purple Bridesmaids gowns I included  fresh Lily of the Valley, Sweet Peas, Roses, Lissianthus, Memory Lane and Avalanche Roses, Astrantia, Hydrangeas, Astrantia, "Sarah Bernhardt" Peonies, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Galax
It's such a lovely long walk up the path way at St Annes Parish Church

Ginormous Congratulations to Peter & Sarah from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

I do love it when the guests want to go back into Church to take pictures of the flowers!!!

Ruby and Mike loaded up the van and headed off to the fabulous surroundings of The Grand Hotel where the Porch Posies and Pew End Buckets were used to decorate the Bar tables
A lovely Martini Glass design by the Electronic Seating Plan

Fresh Fragrant Rose Petals were strewn everywhere

Guest Book Table dressed with Fresh Rose PetalsThe Banqueting Suite at The Grand looked utterly magical dressed with a combination of high and low table designs a plethora of fragrant Stocks, Roses, Peonies, Delphiniums and Hydrangeas filled the room perfectly
Our tall elegant Crystal Candlesticks topped with a floral explosion of Summer blooms
On the base of the design on the table top was a collection of glasses dressed with complimenting Ribbons and posies of fresh flowers with crystal table sprinkles

White Sweet Peas
Purple Symphony Floribunda Roses
The Top Table was round and had a glorious low crystal cake stand in the centre topped with a profusion of floral lusciousness and surrounded by crystal vessels all filled with fresh flowers

The fabulous Church Pedestals were placed around the Room
The low table design alternative were these beautiful Crystal Cake plinths

Beautiful Astrantia
Lilac Sweet Peas
Sarah Bernhardt Peonies

                                                                       The Top Table Design

Akito Roses in a small Crystal vase
Lilac and Purple Lissianthus
Sweet Peas, Angels Cheek Peonies and Pinkalina
Sweet Peas, Memory Lane Roses and Hydrangeas

Huge thanks to Sarah, Peter and Penny for choosing Flower Design Events to provide these lovely wedding flowers!!!


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