Lancashire Red Roses & Yorkshire White Roses Blended Together For Amy & Christopher's Fabulous Browsholme Hall Wedding Day Featuring Some Stunning Images From Dan Wootton Photography

This is such a lovely posting featuring a great couple and some truly magical images from the fabulous Dan Wootton Photography
Our Jason presenting the bouquets to the lovely Amy and her Bridesmaids

Amy put on her Mum's jacket so Jason could pin on her corsage

Throughout the posting a few of the images taken by Jason have squeezed there way in just to help tell the full flower story... 

The flower combination was chosen by our lovely Bride & Groom to represent their Yorkshire & Lancashire Heritage this "fusion" created a pink Rose, these together with some lovely Rosehips, Skimmia, Rosemary and Green Cymbidium Orchids were gathered together to create Amy's Bridal Bouquet captured here in these beautiful Dan Wootton images....

The Gentlemen's Boutonnieres were all ready and waiting at the The Ceremony Venue the seriously atmospheric Browsholme Hall and Tithe Barn

 Our Bride Groom Christopher was going to wear a white Yorkshire Rose before the ceremony and then after the Ceremony he changed to a Pink Rose to mark the marriage of Yorkshire & Lancashire 

Back to Dan's lovely images; Christopher, Amy's lovely Bride Groom wearing his Yorkshire Rose with a hint of Scottish Heather & Thistle, a "British Isles" combination

The beautiful Bridesmaids were wearing a soft Aqua shade and carried their Bouquets of Orchids and Roses perfectly

Inside the Tithe Barn looked so magical with candle lit lanterns and Red, Pink and White Rose Petals lined the aisle with two lovely Candelabras framing the Registrars table

Huge Congratulations to Amy & Christopher from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

Back to some seriously spectacular images from the lovely Dan Wootton

Whilst photographs were being taken the Tithe Barn was being transformed into a banqueting suite, the tables were dressed with a combination of high and low designs, our aged Verdi Gris candle lit candelabras were decorated with a swathe of fresh flowers wound around the stand

Our work here was done huge thanks to Amy & Christopher for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers and massive thanks to the amazing Dan Wootton Photography for providing so many lovely images.


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