White Orchids & Roses: Pure, Elegant Simplicity for Frances & Andy's Bartle Hall Wedding Day

This wedding was such a joy, besides the fact that our Bride & Groom were lovely with fabulously good taste, we were at one of my all time favourite places Bartle Hall, working with the very best wedding professionals and if you thought things couldn't get any better I also had my lovely daughter Rebecca working alongside me, the perfect day!!!
 From the moment I saw the mood board Frances had created I knew it was going to be glorious, simple, classic, elegant with two dynamic signature flowers, the exquisite white Phalaenopsis Orchid and Avalanche Roses...

After presenting Frances with her bouquet of cascading Orchids I headed for The Windsor Suite where the ceremony would be taking place, the Registrars table was dressed with a waterfall of Roses and Phalaenopsis Orchids creating a dramatic focal point to the room, it was surrounded by elegant Candelabras dressed also with Roses and Orchids
Our Regency Candelabras with Delphiniums, Roses & Hydrangeas stood on pedestals framing the ceremony space perfectly
On both of the fireplaces candlelit designs of Roses and Phalaenopsis Orchids completed the opulent and luxurious atmosphere in the room

The Bride Groom's rather special Phalaenopsis Orchid Boutonniere
All of the Groom's Men were presented with a single Phalaenopsis Orchid Boutonniere

The uber handsome Bride Groom Andy complete with Phalaenopsis Orchid Boutonniere

Our lovely friend the fabulous Maxine Molin Rose was providing the exquisite music a perfect match to white Orchids
The lovely Hannah from Bartle Hall, welcoming the guests and asking them to take their seats ready for the ceremony in The Windsor Suite

Upstairs the Bridal party were all ready...

The totally breathtaking Frances along with her lovely son and Andy's beautiful daughter made their way down the stairs to meet with the Registrars

Huge Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Cooper from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

The Stunning Bridesmaid was wearing deep purple and carried a beautiful bouquet of deep purple Lissianthus, Hydrangeas and Calla lilies
Beautifully elegant Deep Purple Bridesmaids Bouquet
Whilst our Bride & Groom had some pictures taken and the guests enjoyed drinks and canapes in the bar & Garden Room, The Windsor Suite was transformed into a magnificent banqueting hall where the tables were dressed with a combination of high and low table designs
The Top Table illuminated by candles and overflowing with Phalaenopsis Orchids and Roses
Our Regency Candelabras dressed the tables elegantly 
Hurrican Lamps surrounded by Roses and Orchids created the perfect ambiance

As the guests made there way in to take their seats Rebecca and I took one last picture of such a beautiful room
Huge thanks to our fabulous Bride and Groom and their families for choosing Flower Design Events to create their beautiful wedding flowers


Anonymous said…
Jane and the team, you are the best!! Looking back on the photos makes me smile so much, the flowers were outstanding! Everyone commented. You were a pleasure to deal with, you made everything so easy and special. I can't recommend Flower Design enough. Frances. X

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