An Exceptional Birthday Party & Master Chef Challenge Complete with a Myriad of Fresh Flowers

This is a bit of a tale, but I haven't let that stop me in the past!!!! back in November Jason and I were homeless due to the decorating of our house and my bad chest, so we were lucky enough to have some fabulous friends who took us in, for the first few days we made our home in one of the beauteous bedrooms at Number One St Luke's with the wonderful Mark & Claire our bedroom was booked out to paying guests so we moved into Northwood where our fantabulous friends Peter & Shannon allowed us to stay in their flat downstairs, so this is where our story begins the very last night of our enforced little holiday on St Annes Promenade, Shannon's amazing Birthday Dinner Party!!!!...
This was no ordinary Birthday Dinner Party, oh no this was a rather special event, fifteen of Shannon & Peter's loveliest friends were invited to a dinner party with a difference, we are all addicted to Master Chef  (The Australian version is our show of choice & preference), this particular Birthday Party show was of course in two scenes, upstairs a magnificent table was laid, an array of random fresh flowers were placed around the room
Bespoke designs created to provoke attention
 Vintage Tea Cups and saucers filled with fresh flowers
 Slates were provided with chalks for individual works of art to be created by the seriously artisti Anya

 Bottles were opened

 Orchids on a Petit Four stand

 Gerberas in a decanter
 Vanda Orchid in a Tea Cup

 The completely beautiful Birthday Girl Shannon with the equally gorgeous Ruby & Anya

Scene One was ready!

Scene Two was a different story, downstairs in the flat's Kitchen, a "Larder" to rival "Master Chef's" own was set up an array of "pudding" ingredients were displayed
 A selection of baking tins were made available

 The unsuspecting guests arrived and were divided into three teams of five, "Invention test"times were allocated, and chaos ensued, no narrative is required for these next few images, I'm sure you'll get the gist!!!...

When time was called we were allowed up stairs to enjoy some spectacular cooking from our wonderful hosts,  The "Master Chef" teams were of course providing the deserts, each person enjoyed some of each pudding and was allowed to vote without conferring and without voting for their own teams efforts...
They were all amazingly delicious a Mille Feulle of Pancakes, Chocolate, Raspberrries & Blackberries
A magnificent Sticky Toffee pudding with strawberries glazed in gold!
 A Lemon & Chilli drizzle cake dressed with fresh strawberries, with a side order of Cup Cakes

The Winning Team were announced "Janet, Robin, Me, Ruby & Jules" what can you say... Cheers!
Huge thanks to Peter & Shannon, not only for one of the best evenings ever but for allowing us to stay at Northwood, we are ridiculously lucky to have such amazing friends!!!!


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