The Wild & Wonderful Hedgerow Styled Wedding Day at The Inn at Whitewell of Angharad & Scott

I really loved this wedding it was right up my "Country Lane" so to speak, I love the Bride & Groom and their amazing families, I love St Michael's and The Inn at Whitewell, I also love the theme, wild hedgerow gathered, country simplicity with creative detailing, in essence I love everything about this wonderful wedding day!!!!!
So the presentation of our hand gathered bouquets in the garden's of their fabulous Inn at Whitewell cottage, a more perfect setting I just can't imagine

In this beautiful Bridal Bouquet I included fresh Lily of the Valley, Sweet Peas, Oregano, Peppermint, Nigella "Love in the Mist" Thalaspi, Viburnum Opulus, Blackberries, Albiflora, Dancing Grasses and a perfumed collection of fresh Roses in a soft sepia colour range with just the tiniest hint of lavender and purple shades!

The fabulous Bridesmaids carried smaller versions of the Bride's Bouquet

Angharad's wedding bouquet was collection of grasses, herbs and wild hedgerow and meadow gathered materials, all bundled up beautifully and fastened with a jute tie and vintage brooch, perfect!!!
The Bride's Mum's Corsage of Pepper Mint, Delphinium Florets, Scabious Seed Heads, Monarda and Hydrangea Florets, the perfect combination for her lavender & milky Coffee ensemble

The super glamorous Bride's Mum
The gorgeous Bride's Dad
All of the Boutonniere's were created individually with an equally wild vibe, tied simply with ribbons or yarn and incorporating fresh flowers from the same palette as our Brides Bouquet

My team for the day, Josie & John, checking out the stepping stones
Our ridiculously gorgeous Groom, the lovely Scott, his Botonniere included Lily of the Valley a Memory Lane Rose, Peppermint, Oregano and Love in the Mist

St Michael's Church Whitewell, the venue for the marriage ceremony
On either side of the gate old Lilac Tree Branches were dressed with hand picked wild flowers and grasses

Inside I introduced a hint of red to compliment the decor of the Church, Ruby Poppies fitted the character of the designs and added that all important splash of colour

On the font a magnificent all round design of Typha, Gaggle and Reeds with some voluptuous Hydrangeas and Roses around the base
Tied Posies of random country blooms dressed alternate pews

The windowsills were dressed with wild posies and candlelit hurricane lamps

The special guests were presented with Boutonnieres

The Bride's Grandma & Mum looking lovely
Our inspiration for this glorious wedding came from the surrounding country side

The Bridal party walked to Church from their cottage next door

Our Bride Angharad looking breathtaking and her Dad was as proud as punch!!!
I adore this style of wild wedding bouquet, it has such a spontaneous vibe to it, so romantic!
The lovely Bridesmaid's were wearing flowers in their hair

The Flower Girl's Posy was an even smaller version of the Bridesmaid's posies

I included Purple Symphony floribunda Rose Buds, Albiflora, Oregano & Love In the Mist for the Hair flowers for the Bridesmaids

How gorgeous is this Flower Girl!!!

Huge Congratulations to Angharad & Scott

Our beautiful Flower Girl handed out the fresh fragrant Rose Petal Confetti

The Marquee was dressed exquisitely at The Inn at Whitewell, with tall vases down the central apex and low "Living Sculptures" around the outside edges of the marquee
These fabulously tall Hedgerow style designs look truly magnificent, each tall vase was filled with a collection of wood slices, bark, fragrant Star Anise and a selection of Mosses on top our dramatic creation of Contorted Hazel, Champagne Grass, Reeds, trailing Amaranthus, Poppy Seed Heads, Hydrangeas and Speregerii, small vessels of flowers and grasses were arranged around the base

The Seating Plan was arranged on a tree that appeared to have been struck by lightening, each table was depicted by a sprig of the fresh herb that each table was named after

The Pedestal design from Church looked equally as magnificent in the marquee
We placed the pedestals on either end of the top table which was dressed with random small vessels filled with posies of hand picked grasses and wild flowers

Jars of old fashioned sweets were the table favours

Chocolate Cup Cake Tower topped with amazing caricature of the Bride & Groom

Outside the marquee the sun was shining, we used the lanterns and windowsill posies to dress the marquee terrace

The Pew end posies dressed the balcony overlooking the River Hodder

The Lytch Gate swags dressed the staircase beautifully

The "Living Sculptures" were the low table centrepieces and involved lots of interesting materials, there were secrets to be found amongst the undergrowth, I love this sort of design, it really gives the guests something to look at and investigate

Paphiopedilum "Ladies Slipper" Orchids were the very shy stars of the show!

I do adore a wedding with lots of clever detailing, lots of heart and soul and this wedding had all of that in abundance, huge thanks to this wonderful couple and their families for choosing us to create their wedding flowers!!!!


Adele Eccles said…
Stunning Jane, your creations are amazing! I bet the bride and groom were thrilled xx

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