Magical & Wild Wedding at Hoghton Tower: Candice & John

Candice & John, aah every time I think about these two a smile creeps on my face, I think possibly it's the John bit that makes me smile the most, not that Candice isn't completely gorgeous and utterly smile worthy but, well, John holds a special place in my heart, besides the fact that he is super handsome he's also just so, well, so John!  John and I are old friends, he was Best Man at his equally lovely Brother Paul & Rebecca's wedding last year in Lytham (Link). We share a secret from that glorious day John & I, that just makes me smile, alot! I can't share it as that would be betraying a confidence, but lets just say it all "Ended Happily Ever After"
Inspite our chequered history, John together with his beautiful Bride arrived on our doorstep to begin  their own floral adventure, a foray into the world of floral wonderment, where rules are made to be broken as long as it fits your own style, John & Candice, have style by the bucket load, it's fab, it's a little quirky, but it's definitely them and I for one loved it!
Wool featured greatly, as did Birds (The feathered variety), a Wildness and a Naturalness that looked very much at home amid the stone and heritage of Hoghton Tower.
The Bidal Bouquets were a wild and mystical gathering of fresh Grasses, Herbs and wild'ish flowers clustered into bouquets bound with Hessian, Jute and Candice's own Wool

Verdi Gris Bird Baths filled with magical flowers grasses on the wondowsills

On the Registrars table a few clusters of Recycled bottles with wools, cotton lace and twine forming collars all filled with hand picked meadow style blooms and grasses in shades of greens, lavenders, deep purples and violet
Scabious, Sweet Peas and Peppermint

On the end chair lining the aisle bespoke and individual posies of fragrant Herbs were attached

Verdi Gris Candelabras on Verdi Gris Pedestal stands framed the ceremony space
The beautiful Bridesmaids were the first of the Bridal party to arrive
They each carried glorious Bouquets of Blackberries, Poppies, Sweet Peas, Grasses and Herbs

The totally fabulous Brides Mum was wearing a wrist Corsage of Thistles

Our utterly fabulous Bride arrived in vintage style

Candice looked so beautiful...

Massive & Ginormous Congratulations to the very beautiful Candice and the fabulous John
Our Bird Cage Card Collector
Enchanted Message Tree

The Great Hall was transformed back into a banqueting hall, the top table was the exact table that a loin of beef was knighted to become "Sir Loin" many moons ago
The Verdi candelabras were dressed with Mushrooms, Slipper Orchids, Mosses, Echiveras, Grasses and fragrant Herbs

I loved their fabulous Cake

Our lovely Olivia was looking after the wedding along with Charlie

Our Work here was done, huge thanks to our lovely Bride & Groom and their gorgeous families for choosing Flower Design Events


Candice Atkinson said…
Our day was made even more special by everyone at Flower Design. Huge thanks go to Jane and the team for the time, care and attention to detail that they put into our wedding. The flowers were simply perfect and every one of our guests commented on how wonderful they all looked.
Anonymous said…
Amazing .

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