2012 Christmas Wreath Making Workshop at Flower Design Events HQ

Me & the less Big Guy were were ready to meet and greet our lovely Wreath creators for this years Wreath Making Fest in a change with tradition we moved from our usual venue of The Clifton Arms in favour of the slightly less expensive (& less warm)  surroundings of our own Work Room, we had an over full house for our first few sessions but a great time was had by all and a tremendous selection of magnificently magical Christmas Door Wreath's were created!!!!
Huge thanks to our wonderful friend the lovely Ben Glover for coming along to look after the refreshments throughout the workshops, we honestly couldn't have done it without him, a massive thanks also to the seriously capable "FD Flower Fairy" that is Ruby Cameron and the fabulous Josie Skilbeck for transforming our studio into a "Classroom" full of wonder and delight!!!!

 Round One the ladies were in position, let the Wreath Making begin...

 Camilla & Mrs T really got into the swing of things

 The lovely Charlotte in position A strategically placed to keep me calm throughout the first presentation
 Julie & Gill hanging on my every word I do love attentive trainees...

Rachael doing some really important needle trimming

 The first layer in we're off to a very good start!!!...

 "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"
 Just how glorious is this???
 and this...
 Oooh! they are all so fantabulous!!!
 Charlotte's was a thing of beauty!!
 "What Katie Did Next!"
 I absolutely adore this one the snowflakes look absolutely wonderful in it!!!
 Magical, the blue green ribbon combo is totally inspired I love it!!
 I am as you know very proud of Lili's Wreath!!!
 Mrs T's golden touch!! just beautiful
 Absolutely stunning...
 Then it got a bit more tricky we were overtaken by Team Adele!!!!!

Andrea was put in the "Naughty Corner"
 Michelle & Vicki were very studious
 Adele's gorgeous Mum brought along I think to keep everyone in order, she is an old hand at Flower Design Events Christmas Wreath making Workshops and she didn't dissapoint!!!

 The completely fabulous Adele, probably one of my most favourite Bride/Bridesmaids ever!!!!!

 Yes that's right Adele gets not one, not two, not three but four photographs in a row, she deserves it!!!!!
 The lovely Bride to be Vicki with her glorious creation

 What can I say "A Pro"

 Michelle's traditionally Red velvet bowed exquisite wreath!!

 Andrea, against all the odds she came up trumps, I think I saved the best until last!!!!!xxx

 Massive thanks to Ben for being our in house photographer , our work here was done, it was time to take our door wreath home and put it on our front door to welcome our own friends and family to "Thompson Towers"


Would love to be able to find a wreath-making workshop to attend! Your trainees' creations are just so lovely!

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