The Colourful Wild Summer Meadow Flower Wedding Day of Christina & Matthew at Jesus Church Troutbeck & Cragwood Country House Hotel Windermere

What a joyous wedding day this was, I adored Christina & Matthew, they are a terrific couple with equally fabulous families, I honestly couldn't wait to share the beauty of Christina's wild flower wedding bouquet with her, when I'd made her trial bouquet way back at the start of the season, I wasn't able to include Christina's favourite flower; Scabious, she was so thrilled it was included on the big day I got a great big hug and to be perfectly honest you just can't beat a hug on a Sunday morning!!!!

Christina's lovely Mum had arranged this beautiful vase of Pin Cushion Scabious straight from her garden it really was a delight
Before we left I had just enough time to pin on Mum's fragrant Freesia & Rolled blush pink Rose petal Corsage
We headed up the road to Troutbeck to dress this beautiful Lake District Jesus Church
We hung fabulous wild flower swags on either side of this typically Lake District slate Lytch Gate
We included a fabulously vivid collection of Grasses, Astilbe, Scabious, Hydrangeas, Rudbechia, Monte Casino, Achillea and lots more Meadow style blooms
Above the door we'd arranged two swags of dried Lilac branches with a heavenly garland of wild flowers, Brambles and grasses  wound through and tied on with a natural Calico ribbon

Attached to the ancient Lilac branches were Monarda, Brodea, Viburnum Opulus, Scabious, Setaria, Panicum, Astilbe, Nigella, Peppermint, Oregano and Blackberries

Inside this heavenly Church we'd arranged this magnificent all round Font Design to greet Christina & Matthew's guests, tall elegant and upwardly striving Delphiniums dominated the design, whilst a heady fragrant gathering of Dill, Love in the Mist, Marjoram, Achillea,  Sweet Peas and a thoroughly meadow style collection of wild flowers and grasses were arranged to complete an entirely well proportioned arrangement

Just infront of the Pulpit we placed a simply tied bouquet on the small pedestal
The lovely Church Flower Lady Rosemary had arranged this jug of Fox Gloves, Corn Flowers and Ladies Mantle in the corner of the stairs leading up to the gallery
The Boutonnieres and Corsages were lined up and ready to be pinned on

We designed the Pew End Posies to compliment the individually embroidered "kneelers", I spotted them when we'd visited the Church a few weeks earlier so I'd taken some pictures and the rest as they say is history 

The Bride Groom's special Boutonniere of Thalaspi, Panicum, Lily of the Valley, Oregano, Love in the Mist, Astantia, Sweet Peas and probably some other bits and pieces I've missed off the list!

First to arrive of course was Christina's uber handsome Bride Groom Matthew

I pinned on everyones boutonnieres

The adorable little Page Boy was wearing a miniature version of the Groom's Boutonniere
The fabulous Groom's Mum's Corsage of Albiflora, Zantedeschia, Hydrangea Florets, Snowflake Rose Buds and Nigella
The Gorgeous Groom's Mum
Our super glamorous Bride's Mum

The Bridesmaids Bouquets were individually created, quite different from each other yet connected by the style and collection of meadow flowers, herbs and grasses

The beautiful little Flower Girl carried a Magic Wand posy of fresh miniature flowers

Our utterly fabulous Bride with her lovely Dad were next to arrive

How beautiful and radiant!!!!

Christina's wild summer flower wedding bouquet

Huge Congratulations to the brand new Mr & Mrs Yardley from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

So as the guests congratulated our Bride & Groom the less than big guy & I collected all of the flowers from Church and loaded up our van, aiming to get to The Cragwood before the Bridal Party

What a magnificent view over Windermere
 Cragwood is a magnificent Windermere Hotel overlooking Lake Windermere

The Reception was held in adjoining dining rooms on "trestle" style tables, hand picked posies of wild summer flowers in simple glass vases were arranged along the tables

The Scabious Wedding Cake

Our work here was done, like the stealth florists we are we were heading off before our Bride & Groom arrived!!! Massive thanks to Matthew & Christina and their families for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers!


Jenny Yardley said…
Thank you Jane. I have just spent a lovely few minutes reliving the day through your glorious flowers and photos. Matt's mum

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