Beautiful Wedding Day in Shades of Grey at Mitton Hall: Charlotte & Stuart Featuring Some Rather Splendid Images From Lawson Photography

I loved this wedding I love this fabulous Bride the gorgeous Charlotte & her Groom Stuart, they have such brilliant taste, an eye for detail a desire to "Ski off piste" so to speak, their colour scheme was sublime and in no way linked to "Fifty Shades"  grey was their backdrop lowlight shade with vivid reds creating the dramatic highlights.
Our spectacular Bride Charlotte & I hit it off immediately, it was a bit like "Cinderella and the Glass Slipper" to explain; last September I visited One & Only Bridal Couture to spy their amazing collection for 2012, I found the most gorgeous Jenny Packham gown that I couldn't have loved more Link a very exclusive gown, a gown perfect for one of my textured bridal bouquets, I couldn't believe my luck when Charlotte described her "Fairy Tale" gown, by hook or by crook this incredible gown and I found each other, I call that fate & tremendously Good Luck!
Massive thanks to the incredibly brilliant Pete & Laura Lawson from Lawson Photography they have provided a huge number of the superb images on today's posting (The less good ones are of course ours taken by my ever reducing husband Jason)
Jason delivered the beautiful bridal bouquets up to "The Board Room" at fabulous Mitton Hall where Charlotte & the girls were getting ready!

The breathtaking gown was hanging up (Charlotte is now selling this exquisite gown as it takes up too much space, I've got my fingers crossed for a combination of liposuction and this gown in my XXXL Christmas Stocking) 

Charlotte's Bridal Bouquet included a heady collection of typically Maltese (To reflect Charlotte's Maltese Heritage) Alpine style materials, complete with Succulents, Kalenchoe, Jatropha Firecrack, Metalina "Silver" Roses, Silver Astrantia, Grey Albiflra, Silver Eryngium, Air Plants, Scabious Seed Heads, Fragrant Rosemary, Brodea, Nigella "Love in the Mist", Sweet Peas, Arabicum Chincherinchee & Eucalyptus 

The Bride Groom Stuart's rather special Boutonniere of Albiflora, a Metalina Rose, Silver Eryngium, Astrantia and Sweet Peas

The Groom's Men's Metalina Rose Boutonnieres with Albiflora & Eucalyptus leaves
Mum's elegant Corsage of Rolled Avalanche Rose Petals, White Agapanthus Florets, Astrantia, Nigella & Alchemilla Mollis
The scene was set in The Brasserie, with two of our elegant "Verdi Gris" Candelabras framing the Ceremony Space

Small Organic designs arranged in grey glassware were arranged on the Registras table

The Brides Father's Boutonniere included a splash of red Kalenchoe in his Metalina Rose Boutonniere

Stuart, Charlotte's uber handsome Bride Groom
The Bride Groom's Boutonniere
The "Verdi Gris" Candelabras looked magnificent in the Bay Window setting

Inside the magnificent lounge equally magnificent vases of Pussy Willow, Grey Mitsumata, Albino Proteas, Echnops, Kalenchoe, Thalaspi and lots more loveliness besides sat on the "End Tables"

Our Jason pinning boutonnieres on all of the Gentlemen
...And the Corsages on to the ladies

In the mean time our heavenly Bride was putting the finishing touches to her exquisite look

The Bridesmaid's Grey Bouquets complimented their grey gowns beautifully
I adore these Candelabras, the design was so natural as if the flowers and plants had literally grown around the candlestand
In the little grey glass pots, tiny garden of textured natural materials appeared to be growing
The Lawson's photography is magical, they seem to capture every moment so effortlesssly 

Massive Congratulations to Charlotte & Stuart from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

I do love this silver grey wedding bouquet

This really is one of my all time favourite flower images, taken of course by the wonderful Pete & Laura Lawson from Lawson Photography

The Ballroom looked so fabulous, the tables were dressed with a combination of high and low table designs, the top table was round and was placed "Centre Stage"
The Table designs were like little gardens, created in a selection of Verdi Gris containers, we all had great fun creating them, I loved the "Bird Baths'

The Top Table design was collection of small grey glass pots each filled with an individually created vegetative design

The Eiffel Tower wedding cake, superb!

In the Orangery our Grey Wicker Hurricane lamps dressed with a selection of "Air Plants" Astrantia and Sweet peas

Miniature "Verd Gris" Garden Urns again filled with a plethora of textured materials

The Mitton Hall legend the fabulous Dave

Our work here was done, massive thanks to Charlotte for choosing to use Flower Design Events to create her bridal flowers, I am blessed that we have since become friends and it is always such a joy to welcome her back to FD Events!!!!!xxxx
We can't thank the Lawsons enough for providing such an incredible set of images!!!


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