Classically Elegant White & Green St Michael's & The Inn at Whitewell Wedding Day of Helen & Richard

Yet another mega posting, the completely gorgeous Bride & Groom Helen & Richard really did have the most perfect of days, it was the hottest day of the year with clear blue skies over the magnificent countryside surrounding St Michaels & The Inn at Whitewell, this area boasts some of the most stunning scenery in all of England.
Helen is one of our rather special Brides (Well they all are really) she has fantastic taste and an eye for detail seldom found, I loved her extremely thorough brief which also allowed us space for creativity and imagination, her "Mood Book" is legendary around FD Events, it gave us an insight into their style and made it a pleasure to design Helen & Richard's bridal, ceremony and reception flowers, we were in no doubt that these flowers were perfect for them, I hope you'll enjoy them too....
The very beautiful Bride Helen, looking pretty fabulous in her PJ's

The wedding bouquet holding lesson went brilliantly

Lessons in how to stand to achieve a model like stance ensued, Caroline from Unique Weddings was the fabulous photographer for the day she really was a pleasure to work with!

Over at St Michael's we were putting the finishing touches to lovely Lytch Gate garland

We'd dressed the arch over the front door and arranged Bay Trees complete with fragrant white Stocks on either side of the door
In the porch area heavenly posies of Stocks, White Hyacinths and Peonies were arranged alongside our lovely white lanterns

Inside this lovely little church we'd arranged two magnificent Church pedestals placed to frame the marriage ceremony
On the windowsills glorious little posies in lace dressed vases sat alongside our lanterns
These lanterns are really elegant perfect for this wedding
I used a delicate selection of English country garden flowers, Aquillega, White Blue Bells Scilla, white Avalanche Roses, scented Hyacinths and fresh Hostas in the vases on the windowsills

On the end of each alternate pew, we placed posies of Hostas, Hyacinths, Brodea, Bouvardia, Zantedescha, Stocks and Sweet William

The pedestals were truly glorious, White Delphiniums towered over the Alliums, fragrant Norma Jean Roses, White Peonies, Stocks, Antirhinnums, Phlox, Nigella, Hydrangeas and Philadelphus "Snowbelle" 
The font was dressed again with a magnificent array of English Country garden blooms

Norma Jean Rose, sweetly fragranced and voluptuous 

The Ushers arrived nice and early, we pinned on their Akito Rose Boutonnieres

Helen's super handsome Bride Groom Richard
The Groom's rather special Boutonniere included fresh Lily of the Valley, Champagne Grass, Dill, an Akito Rose, Alchemilla Mollis and white Hydrangea florets, the stem was finished with a diamante square buckle

The lovely Elsie in charge of all things at St Michael's
Fresh Rose Petals were strewn along the path  (I did sweep them all up the following morning)
Lanterns on hooks decorated the path too

The Lytch Gate was dressed with Roses, Hydrangeas, Peonies, Passion Flower trails and lots more loveliness besides
Helen's gorgeous Mum

The Bride's Mum's Corsage of rolled Rose Petals, Dendrobium Orchids, Hydrangea Florets and Alchemilla Mollis
The most adorable Page Boy complete with Buttonhole
The Bridesmaids were next to arrive and looked so beautiful in their pale green gowns

The Bridesmaid's posies included White Peonies, Sweet Peas, Brodea, White Bluebells, Roses and Viburnum Opulus together with a delicate collection of fresh foliages and grasses
We'd covered the handles with the same fabric as the gowns the effect was stunning

Helen looked radiant as she and her retinue strolled across from The Inn, completely relaxed and enjoying every moment, exactly the way it should be!

"Cheers" with the wedding bouquets!!!

Huge Congratulations to Richard and Helen from all of the team here at FD Events

Emma from The Inn was ready with pink Champagne for the Bride & Groom as they came out of Church


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