Gorgeous Wedding Bouquets & Jenny Packham Gowns at One & Only Bridal Couture

I love visiting One & Only Bridal Couture, this bridal store inspires me so much, I love their choice of designers, it's such an eclectic mix that I've decided to separate them, so this first posting is a homage to the exquisite work of "Jenny Packham".
 I'm sure I'm correct in saying that One & Only are the largest stockists in the country of this unique designers Bridal collection, so well worth a visit.

 If you, like me, love the world of Vintage bridal wear from 1920's Chic, The Raj in India, Hollywood Glamour to Shimmering Mermaids, One & Only and the world of Jenny Packham will simply blow you away to a fantasy land of bridal loveliness!!!!

I've chosen some bridal bouquets that I think work beautifully with these stunning gowns, for me this gown "Eden"has more than a touch of Art Deco deliciousness as a consequence the Bridal Bouquet of Vintage Roses including some fragrant English Garden Roses, delicate stems of fragrant Lily of the Valley that really depict the exquisite beading on the gown is the perfect accessory.
Sheree is the incredibly brilliant manager at One and Only, she has "The Eye" for putting the right gown on the right Brides, I respect her opinion and taste, she really is a very talented lady!!!

Seriously strong bold colours are used here in this "flapper Girl" inspired bridal bouquet of English Country Garden Blooms, Fragrant Lavender, Peppermint & Eucalyptus create the perfect backdrop to the luscious deep purple Delphinium Heads, Delicate plumes of Champagne Grass, Powder Puff Ageratum and Deep pink Peonies and Hydrangeas

A Bridal Bouquet of Fresh Peonies completely perfect for a Jenny Packham Gown
The bead work is just exceptional and adds a richness and finish to the gowns ensuring every Bride feels simply breathtakingly beautiful!!!

This very simple bridal bouquet of Vintage Roses and fragrant Rosemary would look perfect with some of the more creamier shaded gowns in the collection
Fresh flowers in vintage vases are scattered around the store
One & Only have a wonderful collection of bridal accessories
A single white Orchid
Liberata Tulips

Snowflake Rose Buds
Diamond Studded Ranunculas
Sculptured designs inside Goldfish bowls on the coffee table
Sheree with the stunningly beautiful Belita by Jenny Packham

A beautiful luscious wedding bouquet of White Peonies, Sweet Peas and Lily of the Valley

The Lovely Sheree with Petra from Jenny Packham HQ & Sancha
Sancha showing off this beautiful gown Amata by Jenny Packham

I love this very natural garden picked wedding bouquet in shades of lemon and lime

Huge thanks to Sheree, Joanne & Sancha for showing Jason & I their wonderful collection of Jenny Packham Gowns


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