Flower Design Christmas Wreath Making Workshops 2011, Images by Jonny Draper

The scene was set for the spectacular Flower Design Wreath Making Workshops 2011
We had lots of glorious goodies to dress the foliaged creations

Fabulous Ribbons & Bows for the final flourish

Dried Oranges and Cinnamon, the fragrance was heavenly
Baby Pomegranites
& Just the right amount of bling!!!...
The ladies and gents were all in position and raring to get started....

Aprons and rubber gloves on...
& they're off...

Chip, Chip, Chipping at their Blue Spruce

Some truly fabulous wreaths were beginning to take shape

Jason was offering a helping hand

Ruby busy helping the lovely ladies

Our Shirl was on hand to help with some serious bow making!

Time for the trimmings, Ribbons and baubles! Each creation totally unique

Jason sprinkling a little fairy dust...
The supper tables were dressed with our lovely Cranberry & Crab Apple Hurricane Lamps surrounded by wreaths of Spruce and Pine
The incredible Brothers of Swing arrived just in time for Supper and entertained our work weary ladies & gents

Huge thanks to all of our wonderful Wreath Makers (If you click on older posts after this posting you'll have an opportunity to Vote for your favourite Wreath), thank you to The Brothers of Swing and of course the wonderful and brilliant Jonny Draper Photographer par excellence!!!!!


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