The fabulous & Dramatic Wedding of Sam & Simon Myers at Rivington Church and Hoghton Tower Myers

This is such an amazing wedding day, I loved these colours and I totally adore the spectacular setting for the wedding reception the magnificent Hoghton Tower, first things first though; we caught up with the truly lovely Sam at The Mill Stone in Mellor where along with her lovely Bridesmaids our gorgeous Bride was getting ready, I presented Sam with her sumptuous bridal bouquet whilst she was having her hair done, only I lady can multi task at this level!!!! 

Sam's vintage pink wedding bouquet included some exquisite blooms, splendid English Garden Roses Miranda & Darcy, Equadorian Roses Sweet Avalanche & Amnesia, Cymbidium Orchids in a variety of shades of pink, Bouvardia, Wax Flower Blossom, Rosemary and Calla Lilies

The Bridesmaids stepped up to the plate and took to Bouquet carrying like professionals

In the mean time Jason was over at Rivington Church preparing to meet the Bride Groom Simon, This was a very special boutonniere which included fresh Blackberries, Sweet Avalanche Rose, Rosemary and Waxflower Blossom
Inside this glrious Church we'd arranged posies of fresh flowers on each alternate Pew End
The pedestal design looked luscious and full and included Delphinium Elatum such an elegant flower with a striving character perfect for Church pedestals and fabulous stem of huge Cymbidium Orchids, Godetai, Stocks, Roses, Hydrangeas and Sedum
On either side of the ceremony space we dressed the arch way with swags of fresh flowers

Our uber handsome Bride Groom Simon

The Bridesmaids looked completely stunning and their Bouquets complimented their vintage pink gowns perfectly

The Bridesmaid's vintage pink bouquets were created to look like smaller simpler versions of the Bridal Bouquet

The arrival of our very beautiful Bride!

Huge congratulations to Mr & Mrs Myers!!!

Over at Hoghton Tower Malcolm, Ruby & I were very busy
The drive up to Hoghton Tower is quite simply the most dramatic and magical 

So Malcolm's up the ladders and I'm the bottom giving instruction & holding the ladders

When Jason arrived from Church we added the lovely swags from the interior Arch to complete this fabulous Plinth in the middle of the courtyard
This is one of the most magical spaces we have the pleasure of working in, this Great Hall at Hoghton Tower is just splendid and even better dressed with some fabulous fresh flowers
This is the very famous table where the piece of Beef was knighted to become "Sir Loin"
The shades of vintage pinks was followed through beautifully throughout the reception
We decided on a combination of table designs all in aged cast iron containers with a verdi gris finish, the tallest were the lovely candelabras, then garden style small Urns and Bird Baths all were dressed with a combination of luscious materials

The thing for me about Hoghton Tower is that it's the "Real Deal" steeped in history and magnificence, it's truly authentic and as a result I feel it's essential to dress it sympathetically, using flowers that have depth and meaning in a way that you may expect Hoghton Tower to be dressed when William Shakespeare dropped in!!!

The top table design was traditional and totally in keeping with this magnificent historic table

The fabulous Church pedestal looked superb on the little raised area next to the Cake

The view of The Great Hall at Hoghton Tower from the Minstrels Gallery is pretty special too!

The Cast Iron Urns were filled to overflowing with English Garden Roses from David Austin, fragrant stocks, Freesia, Orchids, Bouvardia and Herbs

The delicious Cup Cake Tower was topped with a traditional Cake decorated with an elegant floral topper created to compliment the flowers throughout the wedding!

A very proud Mum with her two lovely Sons
By now of course all of the guests had arrived back at Hoghton Tower and the drinks reception was in full swing!

Sam's gorgeous wedding bouquet was holding up magnificently and looked just as beautiful as it had done when I delivered it!

Sam looked pretty amazing too!

What a truly gorgeous couple!

The candelabras were swathed in a floral garland of English Roses, Bouvardia, Agapanthus, Stocks, Orchids and Wax Flower Blossom

I loved the Luggage tag place settings

All of the details were sublime from this fantastic seating Plan

To vintage frames with family weddings

The Bird Bath table centre design with a luscious Vintage pink design
What a splendid wedding day this was at a magnificent venue with wonderful people, sometimes I just think I have the very best job in the world!!! Huge thanks to Sam & Simon for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers!!!


Anonymous said…
Now THAT'S what I call a wedding venue...Spectacular!!
Cannot get over how sweet & utterly charming all the pink florals are! Wonderful work!

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