Dan Kerr Bridal's Designer Day, Amy & an Anemone Wedding Bouquet

A gorgeous wedding bouquet of Mona Lisa Anemones, could things really get any more beautiful than this?
Oh yes they can add to the beautiful Anemone wedding bouquet the fabulous model and jewellery designer Amy Rhodes and you really are nearing perfection

Then put Amy in a fabulous Ronald Joyce Wedding gown at Dan Kerr Bridal's designer day at their Preston store and I think we can say we've arrived!!!

The vast array of spectacular Bridesmaid colours  looked perfect not only with the Anemones put this delicious four tier cake stand filled with floral confection in a myriad of shades
The selection of wedding gowns at Dan Kerr is beyond compare and these are just some of their stunning Roland Joyce collection

We'd dressed the store with some fab floral designs for this very special open day

They also have a fabulous selection of formal mens wear  too

Many thanks to Joanne & John for inviting us to Dan Kerr to see their brand new collections, it really was joy, we thoroughly enjoyed it!


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