A Quintessentially English Rose Wedding Day at Lytham Hall

The start of a very lovely afternoon, the completely beautiful Felicitywas marrying her Bride Groom Garreth at 4pm so there was lots of time for getting ready, as ever in the Wilkinson household there was a frisson of excitement, the girls from Richards Hair & Beauty and Jane & Ella from Pure Beauty were looking after the Bridal party when we arrived to present the bridal bouquets...
 English Roses were of course the order of the day a delicious combination of David Austin's finest including their brand new Rose Keira along with Patience, Rosalind and Miranda, I also included some delicate sprigs of fresh peaceful Olive, the choice of the Bride Groom, I honestly couldn't think of a more perfect foliage for Fliss
A very important Bridesmaid the uber lovely Kate, practising carrying her bouquet
Oh yes and the fragrance was absolutely heavenly!!!!
The family home was dressed with fresh flowers in every room to mark such a special occasion
Then Jason & I were off to Lytham Hall to put the finishing touches to the decorations there, the fabulous entrance was lined with candlelit lanterns on hooks, Bay Trees & Buxus Trees and on the steps some lovely Birdcages dressed with Miranda Roses
The fragrant Bay Trees were sprinkled with Miranda, Rosalind & Patience Roses 

Inside the magnificent entrance hall, a huge vase of very English country garden blooms sat on the central marble topped table, the Delphinium Elatum towered over the vase creating a dramtic look.
 Inside the Gold Room where the ceremony was to take place, delicate vases of exquisite fresh flowers adorned the Registrars tables, mantlepiece and windowsills
 On either side of the Ceremony space two ginormous vases of Delphiniums, Roses, Hydrangeas, Nerines, Molucella, Snowberry and Wax Flower Blossom graced the mirror tables.
On the backs of the chairs lining the aisle we'd arranged fragrant posies of Godetia, Roses, Hydrangeas and Thalaspi

Felicity's gorgeous Bride Groom Garreth, we'd created a special boutonniere of a Patience Rose, fresh Olive, Champagne Grass and rolled Rose Petals

The guests were given Boutonniere's of Ivory Roses and Olive foliage

 The Wedding Cake was so beautiful with a replica of the bridal bouquet created entirely from sugar paste flowers all hand made by Felicity's talented Bridesmaid Emma

The most glamorous Brides Grandma the ever youthful Molly wearing an ivory Rose with fresh Oregano

 The Rose Boutonnieres all ready to be pinned on

Emma carried a simple elegant posy of fragrant English Roses
 The Bridesmaids and the Bride's beautiful Mum arrived ahead of the Bride
 The Bridesmaid's Bouquets were in a delicate blend of pinks and ivories perfectly toning with their deep blue gowns

The professional photographer for the day was one of our all time favourites the lovely and seriously talented Lisa Aldersley, she really is an absolute joy to work with and her images are simply sublime.

 Some seriously beautiful people, Rebecka, Kate and the indomitable Matt Wilkinson from FY Fitness who, to be honest, is completely responsible for the beautiful bodies you see here on this posting

The most adorable page boy ever young Jake, who was wearing a miniature boutoniere of tiny white Rose buds and Oregano, perfect for a little person.
 Jake with his beautiful Mummy Cathy spotting the Bridal car approaching
 Fliss and her lovely dad Martin
 How completely and utterly gorgeous!!!
 Felicity's gown was by Lusan Mandongus and was supplied by the lovely Emma at The White Closet in West Didsbury

 The tension was building in the ceremony room...

 The wedding bouquet was so beautiful, light and delicate, fragrant and exquisite, fresh Lily of the Valley, Rose buds in all shades of pale pink and Ivory and English Garden Roses were combined with sprigs of Olive, and sweet scented Oregano.

Here come the girls!!!!




 Huge Congratulations to Felicity & Garreth from all of the team here at Flower Design Events


Fresh Rose Petal confetti is just wonderful every Bride & Groom should know how fabulous it feels to be showered with them, they are silky soft, cool and fragrant, just what you need after getting married!

Delicious Canapes were served by the team from Rowley's Catering


The Gold Room was now being transformed into the most elegant banqueting room, the lovely English Rose theme continued with low table designs on each of the tables
Elegant silver fruit bowls filled to overflowing with luscious Roses, Viburnum Opulus, Nerines, Hydrangeas, Godetia, Weigelia, Astrantia, Sedum, Olive Foliages and Astilbe

The table tops were sprinkled with fragrant Rose Petals and illuminated with tiny tea light votives

The top table dressed with a collection of simple tiny column vases each filled with an individually created posy of fresh flowers

An exquisite Miranda Rose with a soft pink Nerine sat on a cushion of Sedum with a peaceful stem of fresh fragrant Olive striving for the light

Elegant sprouting Larkspur, Thalaspi and delicate Floribunda Roses with Lime Green Viburnum Opulus bound with pale pink satin ribbon
The elegant wedding stationary was provided by Kelly at Flutterby Couture
David Austin's Rosalind Roses with fresh Olives

I adore this room it's simply the most elegant wedding breakfast room, the wall paper is hand painted consequently the room looks more beautiful when you can see it, we decided to keep the table designs low to celebrate the beauty of the room, the two vases are all the height that's needed.
The clean and crisp chair covers were provided by the fabulous Dawn from Creative Cover Hire
67 Lytham Bay Shrimp starters courtesy of Rowley's Catering
The lovely Lisa Aldersley, the uber gorgeous Sally Wilkinson & Me (Note to self, never ever again allow yourself to be photographed with beautiful women!)
The Courtyard was ready for the evening celebrations covered with a CK Marquee, The Hooper Band were just arriving as we were leaving and were by all accounts completely amazing
We decorated the courtyard with a plethora of lanterns and fresh flowers
This was one of those really special weddings that I always feel hugely privileged to have been asked to design and create the flowers for,  Sally (Brides Mum) is a very special friend of mine, she used to be our Bridal Coordinator before she "retired" to look after her ever growing family, we still miss her at FD!!!!!


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Jane, Maggie and I are looking at these in Majorca, we are over cone, thank you for your kind words xx xx

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